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Vitruve VBT Encoder

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Did you know Kabuki Strength is an industry-leading provider of Virtual Coaching services utilizing VBT as a primary autoregulation variable for strength athletes? Sign up for Virtual Coaching and get $50 off your VITRUVE VBT Encoder. Click here to learn more and to schedule a FREE strategy call with one of our coaches.



We are proud to partner with Vitruve (previously Speed4Lifts) to offer their Velocity Based Training device to our customers! Based out of Spain, Vitruve's mission statement is something we can get behind! 


The human body has a ceiling of performance, we are genetically predisposed to reach a level which we will never be able to exceed. But the reality is that 99% of people have not even approached to touch it. The only way to unlock our full potential is by knowing our bodies and working smart.


The Vitruve device is a Linear Positional Transducer device that provides a high level of consistency and accuracy in measuring bar speed (velocity). In a published study comparing various VBT devices, all experienced some level of error - however the Vitruve device was the only one in which the error was not variable. This means that data is output consistently under the same circumstances, ensuring quality, actionable data from session to session. Compared to VBT wearables based around accelerometers (inertial measurement), linear transducers like the Vitruve device, and other camera-based optoelectronic systems are much more accurate and consistent in their readings.



  • Vitruve Encoder
  • FREE: Roller Hook ($20 value)
  • Neoprene Bag
  • Velcro Strap
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Free App Download (iOS)
  • 2 Year Warranty 




  • Highly Accurate and Consistent Linear Transducer Type VBT Device
  • Validated in published research
  • User friend iOS app for iPhone or iPad, quick setup
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to Vitruve Encoder
  • Full raw data export support





Vitruve has changed the way we approach athlete development at kineticPro. It has elevated the environment and become a staple in our programming daily.

- Casey Mulholland (KineticPro Founder)


My favourite VBT system is Vitruve. It gives our athletes instant feedback, makes them compete more and improve their power output.

Zachary Fears (Oklahoma State)



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  • What is the shipping method for a Vitruve VBT encoder being shipped to South Carolina?

    The shipping method is whatever you select at check-out, but for such an important, high-value item, the very best option would be UPS.

  • so to set up a velocity profile on the competition powerlifts, i’m assuming i’d work up to a 1RM on all three lifts to record their velocities to create velocity zones correct? is there any information out there to fully utilize VBT?

    Our VP of Athlete Experience/Head Coach, Brandon Senn, actually wrote an article regarding this subject.  Here is a link;

  • Can you provide a summary comparison of the software features for the FLEX and Vitruve and the relative benefits of each? And other than the cost differential, why you would choose one technology over the other. Thank you.

    They are both premier velocity units from the best companies in the industry, which is why we chose to carry both brands.  The general features including what information displayed on the apps are similar.  What they are actually testing and measuring are the same.  The main difference is how are you will be using the devices - however, both devices will work for all types of training.
    The Flex device is not tethered, meaning it is not connected to the barbell and the ground by a string.  This makes it more versatile for dropping movements or ballistic type movements.  In other words, this is a better device for Olympic lifting.  It does not have a display on the device, so you must read the data on the app.
    The other unit (the Vitruve) is a tethered unit, so it attaches to a plate on the floor and uses a string essentially to connect to the barbell.  Although it will work with Olympic lifting, it is generally a better device for powerlifting - other than the attachment string can get in the way of some side-spotting.  It has a read-out display on the unit and similar information to the Flex is available on its app.

  • Is the app only compatible with iphone? Is it still possible to use the device with android? Is it possible to export data to excel or manually key in data to excel?

    You can use this product with an android.  However, the app does not export data to Excel.

  • Looking at the Vitruve device specs, it reads the string length Is 3.2ft. Is this suppose to read meters, 3.2 ft seems a bit limiting?

    I apologize.  We checked with the company and the string length is 2.5m = 8.2 feet.

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