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Virtual Coaching - Movement Coaching

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What is Movement Coaching?

Movement Coaching is designed to parallel a good training plan. Our Coaching staff works 1 on 1 with Movement Coaching clients to improve technique, decide which style of lifting is best for them, provide corrective interventions, all while working to develop strategies for long term improvement.

Although we do not treat or diagnose injuries, athletes who have been through the proper rehabilitative processes may start with Movement Coaching as a return to play strategy prior to starting Weekly or Monthly Coaching.

We look at the quality at each individual’s foundation of movement and seek to refine, constantly moving in the direction towards movement mastery. Your coach will create an individualized Movement Plan that will challenge you to develop better kinesthetic awareness, improved motor control of posture and technique, rebuild or strengthen foundations, all in efforts to transfer these foundations of human movement into optimal performance.

Movement Coaching is a principles-based approach to biomechanical improvement. We’ll work through our movement hierarchy of Breathing -> Bracing / Spinal Mechanics -> Feet / Ankles -> Hips / Shoulders while simultaneously working on specific cueing strategies and loading recommendations for your training plan.

Who is this service good for?

  • Competitive and recreational athletes seeking individualized prep drills for training days, active recovery days, and/or non-training days.
  • Competitive and recreational athletes seeking refinement in their strength training movements.
  • Individuals returning to “play” following injury and rehabilitation.
  • Any individual at any level of strength training seeking guidance to learn technique and improve kinesthetic awareness for sport specific movement.

What does it entail?

A movement assessment typically submitted in the form of recent training footage (if barbell lifts are not possible, we will request specific assessments). We’ll take the information gathered in your intake form and review your video assessment and assign your base plan. The Movement Plan will include links to our private video library, descriptions of each drill, how often and how much if each drill to perform, and strategies for long term improvement. You’ll work weekly with your coach to make sure there is a consistent feedback loop and to fix the areas of opportunity sooner than later.

Our coaching staff has the ability to assess exercise and human movement for areas needing refinement and seek to coach individuals in the field of strength training. Our coaching staff does not diagnose injury or provide injury rehabilitative services. Please seek out the appropriate medical attention for an injury you may be experiencing to receive professional medical diagnosis.


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