Live Virtual Course | November 14-15


Location and Date:
November 14-15
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm
This fully-interactive, live course course will take place over Zoom. It will be presented by our coaching staff from our studio here at The Lab. A recording of the course and workshops will be provided for your review post-seminar. Slides, course links, and other information will be sent out the week of the course.

Course Overview:

The Advanced Athlete Preparation course is designed for you to learn how to combine scientific training methods with a clinically based movement system to build the best training plans for yourself and those you coach.


You will find out what has made the Kabuki Strength Coaches so successful in developing elite level powerlifters while also working with professional and collegiate athletes.


Over the course of 2 days (16 hours) we’ll teach you how to manage and evaluate:


  • Periodization models for long term planning
  • Balancing potentiation and maintenance loading during periodized training
  • The Kabuki Strength exercise classification hierarchy
  • How to choose the best loading parameters to match athlete qualification
  • Simplifying frequency, volume, intensity, and other training variables
  • Systematically developing work capacity
  • Unique leverages and how to address motor coordination opportunities
  • Autoregulation including RPE, velocity, and what type of athlete should use each


Our mission for this course is to expose you to the methods and systems that have contributed to the success of our athletes and give you the tools necessary to make objective, purposeful decisions while creating training plans for yourself and those you coach.


Check out this playlist to get an idea on the type of educational content presented in the Advanced Athlete Preparation course curriculum. Hit the icon at the top right to load the full playlist of videos.

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Ask a Question
  • Hey I’m just wondering if the advanced athletes preparation course is still available? It says Nov14-15.

    I apologize.  That was the last Advanced Athlete Preparation seminar that we completed.  We have not completed our seminar schedule for 2021 yet. As soon as we do, it will be updated on our website.  Thank you for your patience.

  • When it comes to this course would it be better to be taking this course while at the gym? Or can we do it at home with minimal equipment? Thanks

    This seminar is best done at home. We won't be doing as much movement-based work as compared to the Principles of Loaded Movement course.

  • Hello do you need to take the Principles class before you take this class?

    You don't have to take Principles of Loaded Movement before you take Advanced Athlete Preparation, but it does help if you do.  However, you must take both before taking the Coaches Certification in the future.

  • Hello, I am a PE teacher, wrestling, and strength coach. Unfortunately I have a time conflict (wrestling fundraiser) for Sunday Nov. 15th. Is it possible for me to attend Saturday then receive the video recordings for Sunday?

    Yes. Everyone who attends the virtual course will receive recordings of both days.

  • Hi! Is there a discount for student wanting to attend any seminars?

    You may use code VIRTUALPLM100 to save $100 on registration. 

  • Is this class eligible as CEC for ACE Personal trainers?

    We are not a direct provider.  However, people have submitted requests for CEU approval in the past to their organization after attending the course.

  • Hey! Was wanting to know if this is only taking place over Zoom and not in person in Burnsville, MN now. Thank you!

    I just spoke with our Director of Education and Coaching, Brandon Senn.  He stated that this course will be virtual this year and he will be sending an email out to all registrants to inform them.  Even better, the course will be accessible for 4 weeks after it takes place, so if you can't attend 'live', you still have access to the entire course for a month!