Transformer Bar [V3] [Blemish]

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First thing - make sure you click the red link above and read the full product writeup! The Transformer Bar is practically 3 bars in one. Using the first lever height, the bar's mechanics act identically to a Duffalo Bar and allows for a similar squat movement pattern as a regular bar. The Transformer Bar also acts like a regular cambered bar, and of course it is a fully adjustable Safety Squat Bar (SSB) with an industry-first adjustable camber angle and lever height. It allows the lifter to control the height of the camber (4 different settings) as well as the angle (variable by 30 degrees all the way around). 


Brand Kabuki Strength
Bar Weight 44 LB
Sleeve Length

16" Loadable Area


87.5" (Total Bar)

55" (Center Bar)

Finish/Plating Black Oxide
Steel Type 195 KSI Steel
Assembly Comes fully assembled 
Pad High-density foam (30kg/m3) + Synthetic Leather Cover
Manufactured United States of America (Portland, Oregon)


Review by Dr. Kelly Starrett

Review by Dr. Stuart McGill

The Transformer Bar Positional Matrix

Adjustable Lever Height

The weight horn also allows for 4 camber heights. The first one (A) allows for a position similar to a straight bar on your back (due to the height of the pad, the center of the sleeve in position A almost aligns with the center of the center bar). In combination with the 12 camber angles, these 4 heights allow for a total of 36 different positions on the bar. Name one other bar that can be used 36 different ways in a single movement like the squat?

12 Point Adjustable Camber Angle

This feature is the bread-and-butter of the Transformer Bar. A proprietary 12-angle bracket allows for 360 degrees of variation (30 degree increments) in angle of the weight relative to the lifter. Why did we do this? So the bar could be used as both a regular cambered bar, and a safety squat bar while still allowing for lifters to experiment and train in ways they’ve never been able to before! Here at the Lab we are constantly experimenting different, more extreme positions of the Transformer Bar and will share with all users what we discover. For now, be aware that you can have a bar in your possession that allows for functions and training methods previously impossible – so be careful and tread wisely! It’s an exiting bar and who knows what uses and methodologies we’ll discover in the future utilizing this bar!

Angled and Knurled Handles 

We machine-knurled and bent the handles for maximum comfort and performance. Knurl as deep as the best deadlift bars and a natural curve to allow for and promote maximum lat engagement and core stiffness. Unlike many specialty bar handles of this type, the Transformer Bar has a multi-angle bend in the handle to allow for a comfortable, stable, and powerful position on the lifter’s back and shoulders. Think about it, the shoulders/traps/back area where the bar sits (a specialty bar, not a straight bar) is typically not a flat surface…so why should the bar pad/handles be flat? Short and long answer – they shouldn’t. Almost every user who tries the Transformer Bar for the first time comments on how comfortable and stable the bar feels on their back.

Indestructible Shoulder Pad

We source the highest density and most durable foam (30kg/m3) that would still allow for a comfortable position on the lifters back. The foam we use is custom cut in-house to fit snuggly into the hand-stitched synthetic leather pad covers we had produced. No carpet underlayer here folks (those with other safety bars will understand). The material choice for the pad cover we feel is the best mix of reliability, aesthetics, comfort, and price that we can offer on this bar. Stay tuned for a genuine leather version to drop as well!

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • If I order a Transformer bar how long will it be before I receive the actual bar?

    You can email any questions reguarding order updates to

    They can help you with anything you need

  • What is the distance collar to collar please?

    The distance between the inside of each bracket is 51 inches

  • What is the distance between the two handles? Any idea when these will be available again. Thanks

    The distance between the two handles is 12 inches.  There is a 1-2 week lead time.

  • Are the handles threaded on, or welded to the bar? I do a lot of Hatfield squats and always remove the handles of the SSB bar while doing them.

    They are welded.

  • I just ordered a transformer bar and what to know the recommend storage method?

    It can be stored in a rack, or bar holder. Due to the black oxide finish being only mildly corrosion resistant it is recommended to be stored in a climate controlled dry area.

  • How long are the handles?

    The handles come out 22 inches from the bar center

  • What version is this? I've seen info on V1 and V2 versions.

    This is the V3.

  • What are the differences between V2 and V3? My local store has V2 stocked.

    The V2 was a version that had a machined end, but it was flat as opposed to rounded, but can still be used for doing soft tissue work. This was only run briefly and it's possible that they have the V1, which has an open end on the flared end.

  • Hello, Will you be making more transformer bars? I signed up for updates but would like to know if it will be back in production all together....we ordered the Duffalo Bar as well.

    Yes, the Transformer Bar is planned to be back in production at some point. We are working through some manufacturing and production issues prior to releasing it for sale.

  • How much weight can be put on the transformer bar?

    The transformer bar is rated for up to 1500 lbs 

  • Two questions: 1.0 - Is the Transformer Bar available with the genuine leather pad yet? 2.0 - Is it possible to remove/replace the pad cover just in case it does wear thin?


    The cover is completely replaceable, but that shouldn't an an issue as the material is fairly durable. 

    After our initial run of the bars we have opted to not have the leather pads just for logistical reasons of sourcing the material and having them made at a location separate from our current one.

  • Is there loose pieces for the ajustement or its all in one piece?

    So at each end of the bar is 12-angle bracket allows for 360 degrees of variation (30 degree increments) in angle of the weight relative to the lifter. this allows the bar could be used as both a regular cambered bar, and a safety squat bar among many others. These two cages are locked into place with screws.

  • Is there a warranty on the bar? And do you give military discount?

    We have a warranty for manufacturing defects. We do offer a military discount: MILITARY at check out

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