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The Trap Bar HD

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Trap Bar Ships in: 14 weeks

Bar Features

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  • Ships in:  14 weeks
  • Check to see our discounted limited blemish inventory here.
  • Thank you for your patience as we scale production of this high-demand barbell. Our engineering and manufacturing teams in Oregon are working around the clock to deliver our bars to you as quickly as possible.
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  • Bar Specs  

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Variable Handle Width

The Trap Bar HD features an industry first variable handle system that allows for a 23", 25", or 27" intra-handle width using swappable handle brackets. The standard bar includes 25" brackets and customers can use the checkboxes above to add a wider (27" width) or narrower (23" width) handle brackets. 


Built-In Bar Jack

The age-old struggle of loading and unloading plates from your trusty trap bar is over. We are proud to introduce a simple, effortless solution - the built-in bar jack. Our design features 2x inch-thick "legs" with tread to provide grip and stability when the bar is positioned in a vertical orientation for easy loading/unloading. We designed The Trap Bar to allow for an effortless transition from horizontal to vertical position, requiring minimal effort and taking advantage of human kind's earliest discovery - the lever. 


Swappable Grips

An industry-first, The Trap Bar by default comes with two sets of stainless steel machined, knurled grips. Both included sets are 29mm. The grips are easily swappable for your specific training needs. To add the 2" Love Handles to your cart, please use the checkboxes at the top of the page. Additional handles may be purchased here. Note: 1" and 1.5" handles are currently unavailable, but will be back in production in the future. To be notified when 1" and 1.5" handles are in stock, add your email to the form on this page.


  • Included: 29mm Set (Stainless Steel)
  • Optional: 2" Love Handle Set (51mm)


The Love Handles

Another industry first, the 2" Love Handles are an optional add-on for The Trap Bar that allows for both rolling (the grip will spin freely) or fixed usage. Each set of Love Handles includes adapters to allow for both rolling and fixed use.


Balanced Design

Visualize a regular trap bar with the low handles (see illustration). The bar is a flat plane, stretching out in the X and Z axis. The handles are typically positioned at the center of mass (COM) and center of rotation (COR), so that if the bar was centrally fixed on two points along the X axis, where the handles are, it would be balanced (assuming its weight distribution is even along the Z axis. In theory, if you hold a regular trap bar perfectly on-center using the low handles, it should feel balanced. Practically speaking, the low handles always feel inherently unstable due to the bar's inclination to dive one direction or another like a teeter-totter - forcing the lifter to self-balance using their wrists. The higher handles don't have this problem, and the bar is much more difficult to rotate forwards or backwards. For an extreme example of instability, imagine deadlifting on a trap bar with the high-handles, but upside down resulting in the fulcrum, or center of rotation, point being 6" below the center of mass. Any minor shift or movement, and that bar is going to rotate and fall right out of your hands.

Our simple solution on The Trap Bar was to introduce a minor 1/2" vertical offset for the low handles, placing them slightly higher than the centerline of the bar. This results in the same effect, but to a lesser extent, as the high-handles - the bar will have a tendency to return to center rather than dive forward or backwards. Think of a teeter-totter - it's an inherently unbalanced mechanism, just like a regular trap bar with low handles. Now, think of a swing - with the center of rotation much higher than the center of mass - it will always try to return to center.

Open Design

In an effort to make The Trap Bar as versatile of an implement as possible, we opted to open up one end of the bar while still ensuring it retains a fully-balanced design. This open design allows for much more variation beyond your standard deadlift, including loaded carries, split squats, RDLs, and lunges.  


This post demonstrates 16 different movement variations using the Trap Bar HD:

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Here’s 16 examples of movements that you can do with a lone Kabuki Trap Bar HD, proudly manufactured here in the USA by yours truly. Swipe to learn more. Thanks for the demos Coach @kyle_kabuki! - FEATURES - Unmatched versatility and build quality, our Trap Bar HD is found in the weight rooms of dozens of the top professional and collegiate teams. This novel bar design features swappable handle brackets to allow for effective, bio-mechanically advantageous use by athletes and lifters of all sizes. When you order, you will have the choice of narrow (23”), standard (25”), or wide (27”) brackets, as well as the ability to purchase additional ones. Of course, the bar still features swappable grips (comes standard with 1” and 1.5”) and our 2” rolling/fixed Love Handles are available as an upgrade. - In addition, the updated version of the bar features machined, zinc-plated sleeves which are detachable for reduced (up to 75% less) shipping costs. Of course, our stamped Squat Face end-caps come standard, along with a beefier, more refined 30kg design and 1500lb load capacity. The #KabukiTrapBar is available now at, link in story. - #kabukistrength #kabukiculture @kabuki_virtualcoaching - VISION: Help People Live Better Through Strength ▪️strength equipment ▪️research-based education ▪️world-class strength coaching ▪️charity

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Machined Sleeves

Unlike most trap/hex bars on the market, The Trap Bar features machined and zinc-plated sleeves with 17" of loadable space. To cut costs, many trap bars use off-the-shelf DOM tubing whose diameter is less than a standard olympic sleeve, resulting in them being incompatible with all standard collars. Another side effect of this is that plates fit very loosely on the under-sized sleeves, resulting in lots of shifting, movement, and clanging of the plates. 


Our sleeves are machined to tight tolerances like any other standard barbell, allowing for a snug fit for plates and compatibility with all standard barbell collars. The Trap Bar HD sleeves are detachable which allows for a compact design and reduced shipping rates.


American Manufacturing

The Trap Bar is fabricated, manufactured, and assembled in-house at Kabuki Strength Lab, our dual-purpose training space and manufacturing facility in the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon. Each bar includes a hand-signed card by the Kabuki Strength employee who assembled it.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews Write one!


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  • I'm looking at ordering the trap bar in the near future, and I'm curious about brackets. I'm 5'6" about 160#, with proportionally short arms. Am I better off with the 23" brackets or standard 25"?

    You will want to order the 25" brackets.  (If you lose 60lbs, the narrow brackets would be a better fit).  : )

  • Is there an option to order an extra set of feet with the bar? I was told that adding an extra set of feet helps with balancing the bar. Balance is my main concern compared to the Eleiko version. Thank you!

    Yes, we can add extra Trap Bar HD 'feet' to an order.  Please reach out to Customer Service at and they can create a draft invoice with the extra feet added and email it back to you for payment.

  • Are the end caps plastic. I often use a gym aware flex system and it won’t read the lift if the end caps are plastic. Thank you

    Our end caps are metal.  We also use and distribute the Gym Aware Flex VBT unit and it does just fine with our barbells.

  • What is the width between the bar jacks? What is the width of the "shaft" (the distance between the sleeves)?

    The distance between the bar jacks is 33 inches.  The distance between the sleeves from where they end is roughly 33 inches.  The distance between the sleeves from the beginning of the collars is roughly 43 inches.

  • What is the benefit of fixed versus rolling 2" love handles? Is one harder than the other?

    Yes, rolling handles are definitely harder and will challenge/train your grip strength in your hands and forearms.

  • Hello, I would like to purchase an additional 29mm set of handles. Is this possible; if so, how much and how do I order them? Thank you!

    Reach out to Customer Service directly at; and our CS Team can assist with those handles!

  • Hi Do you ship the Trap bar to the UK? If so have you a ball park cost? Cheers Steve

    In order to obtain a shipping quote, we would need the full shipping address.  The best way to obtain that estimate is to go to our website and add the items you want to your online cart.  Then, during the check-out process, you will enter your shipping address.  At that time, all shipping options for that location will auto-populate.  You may select the best option for you, based on rate and shipping time.  Most of our international customers prefer to us UPS Expedited, since that has packages arriving within a week of shipping.  If you have any trouble, please reach out to Customer Service directly at

  • For the standard handles, how far above center are the top handles located? I want to get a sense for how high off the floor the handles will be when deadlifting with standard 45lbs plates on the side. Thank you!

    When I set up the Trap Bar HD with standard brackets, using Kabuki Strength 45lb plates (which are 17.7" in diameter), the top handles were roughly 13.25 inches from the ground.  (Measuring to the center of the handle).

  • What is your lead time for the trap bar HD once ordered?

    If a piece of equipment does have a production lead time, it is listed near the top of the product page in the section titles, 'Order Notes'.  Please consult this section when ordering.

  • I train clients from small female 5 foot tall and guys 6 feet plus. What bar and grip combo would you suggest? Kind regards Col

    If you are asking about bracket sizes, it depends on the athlete's width and not height.  If your smaller athletes are 5 feet tall and under 110lb, they would be more comfortable using the narrow 23-inch brackets.  If your larger athletes are over 5'10 and 270+lbs, they will be more comfortable with the wide 27-inch brackets.  The athletes that fall in between will need the standard 25-inch brackets.  Most commercial facilities and trainers that work with a number of differently sized clients purchase multiple sized brackets.  You can add them to your cart at check-out.  Also, all Trap Bar HDs now come with 2 pairs of 29mm handles, which is the same as a Power Bar.  If you have any issues, you can reach out to Customer Service directly at;

  • Hello - I have seen a few videos where the bar tips forward and hits the ground if not being held, does this version balance the bar between the front and rear where the jacks are?

    The Trap Bar HD is balanced 'in hand', as in when you pick it up.  People tend to confuse the bar not sitting level on the floor with it not being balanced, but without either compromising the strength (thickness) of the center tube, or making the bar excessively heavy by adding weight to the backside, it was not going to be balanced on the floor.  Additionally, changing different handle and handle bracket combinations would also skew that balance, so we opted to balance it where it counts, which is when you're actually lifting.

  • Hello! I just purchased one of your Trap Bar HDs last week and will be very excited to receive it. My coach and I have a question: When the bar is loaded with a standard size olympic 45 pound plate (450 mm in diameter) and in the ready-to-lift position, what is the distance from the floor to the upper handle? On a conventional straight bar I think the distance is just about 9 inches (8.86 inches). My coach is curious if we need to use a pad of some kind in order to give me the same distance from floor to handle when I pull. Thank you very much, and I can't wait to get the bar!

    When the Trap Bar HD is loaded with our 45lb plates that are 17.7 inches in diameter, the upper handle is roughly 12.5 inches from the floor.  When the bar is rotated to the other side, the low handle is roughly 9.25 inches from the floor.

  • How do you know what width to choose?

    The narrow brackets were designed around a female athlete that was 5'0 and about 100lbs.  We also consider those our 'youth' brackets, since they are only 23 inches across.  Most athletes use standard-sized brackets, with 25 inches of space.  The wide brackets were designed around Chris Duffin when he was 5'10 and about 280+lb.  They are for 'football lineman' sized athletes and offer 27 inches of width.  If you email our Customer Service division at, with your height and weight, they can recommend a bracket size, if you feel unsure.

  • HI, I need the assembly instructions for the Trap bar hd. They were not in the box and I want to make sure the right bolts go in the right place.

    I apologize that the paper with the QR code for the Trap Bar HD instructions was not in your package.  Here is a link; 

  • I have your Trap Bar with the standard brackets. How can I order a set of the narrow brackets (without handles)? Thank you!

    All you need to do is reach out to Customer Service at; and they can create a draft invoice for you.  However, I'm pulling double-duty today and you will find that invoice in your email directly.  You may make payment when ready.  Enjoy your weekend and that Trap Bar HD!

  • Hello. I recently purchased the Trap Bar HD and I chose the standard 25" bracket. Is it possible to now purchase the 27" wide bracket on its own? I cannot find a way to only order the bracket on your website.

    Yes, you may purchase a different sized bracket at any time.  Customer Service can assist with creating a draft invoice for that item if you reach out to them at  However, in this situation, just check your email.  It should be there!

  • I would like to purchase additional 1.5 handles for the Trap bar.

    Excellent!  You may reach out to Customer Service directly at for extra handles or brackets for the Trap Bar HD.  They can create a draft invoice for the products and email it back to you, if you include your full name, shipping address and telephone number.

  • I am 6 foot 5 would you recommend the wide instead of standard for someone my height?

    Josh - more importantly, would be your width.  So, if you weigh more than 280lb, we would recommend the wide 27-inch brackets.  If you weight less than that, standard 25inch brackets would be recommended.  Reach out to Customer Service at, if we can assist with further questions!

  • Can I pick it up at your shop to save the shipping? If so, how do I do that?

    If you are local to the Clackamas, Oregon area and want to pick up your product, please reach out to Customer Service at;  They can help you place your order by creating a draft invoice with the shipping costs removed and the correct notes for our Shipping Manager to reach out when the product is ready for collection.

  • Can the trap bar HD be shipped to Japan? How long would the shipping be and shipping costs?

    Yes, the Trap Bar HD can be shipped to Japan.  Please note the production lead time listed in the 'Highlights' section, as well as the 'Important Notes' section on the product page.  The shipping time will be in addition to that time listed.  In order to obtain a price for shipping an item, you will need the full address.  Then, go to our website and add the item(s) you want to your online cart.  During the check-out process, you will enter your shipping address and all shipping options for that location will auto-populate.  You may select the best option for you, based on rate and shipping time.  Most of our international customers prefer to use UPS Worldwide Expedited Shipping, since that has most packages arriving within a week and also covers customs brokerage fees.  VAT and import taxes are the responsibility of the customer and UPS will collect those prior to delivery, if applicable.

  • Can this bar be stored sideways (vertically) in a storage rack?


  • I have a small exercise area so space is a big consideration.How difficult would it be to detach the sleeves on the trap bar for storage after weekly or bi-weekly use? Is the process similar to the transformer bar? Any estimation of whether there would be excessive wear to either bar if used thus way?

    It would not be difficult to remove the sleeves to the Trap Bar HD after use, although it is not as easy as the Transformer Bar.  The Trap Bar HD sleeves are attached with bolts and nuts, but are easily installed and removed.  We do it all of the time when we transport bars for trades shows and demonstrations.  It should not create excessive wear and tear on the equipment.

  • Offer military discount ?

    We absolutely have a military discount.  Military/Police/Fire & all First Responders receive a 7% discount off from most of the items in our store.  We no longer release the code to the public, since I found customers using it that were not affiliated with any agency/department/unit.  (Yes, this former LEO does check).  :-)  You can reach out to me directly at and I can take care of you there.

  • Do standard 2" olympic bar collars work on the trap bar or do you need to get specialty bar collars? Thanks.

    Standard collars do work.  Our sleeves are all machined to 1.959 +/- .010 (49.4mm-50.01mm).

  • What are the dimensions and total weight of the package when it is shipped out? I travel to Portland semi-regularly and am wondering if I might be able to check in the package at the airport to save on shipping.

    The package dimension and weight of the Trap Bar HD when packaged for shipment are; 25.25 x 6.25 x 44.5 inches and 77lb 14oz.

  • Is it easy to change the handle brackets?

    Yes, it only takes a couple of minutes to remove the bolts and switch them out.

  • Can I purchase brackets only? I purchased the standard handle bracket width earlier, but now need the wider brackets for larger athletes. Thank you.

    You can absolutely purchase brackets.  Just reach out to customer service at; and we can create a draft invoice for brackets.  (Or in your situation, just check your email and you will see the invoice I just sent).  I hope this helps!  :-)  ~Charlie

  • Has your engineering testing include considerations of female anatomy? I'm aware of the adjustable features of this bar but has your research include female-specific anatomy and proportions data? Thank you.

    The Trap Bar HD was tested across a broad variety of individuals, many of whom were female, but it is difficult to speak to "female specific", as that can vary a lot between individuals.  The narrow brackets were designed for anatomies of smaller stature and we used a 15 year old female athlete and Coach Cassie's 4'10/110lb frame as measurements during that process.  Adolescents and those athletes with a narrow frame can maintain proper arm position with the use of the narrow brackets.  I am a female athlete that uses the standard sized brackets, since that is what fits my 5'5/165lb frame.  We did our testing with many genders, ages and frame sizes to determine the widths of handles and brackets needed for proper lifting. The different widths are not specific for the female anatomy, they are for anyone who would benefit from having that particular grip.

  • How much does the bar weigh?

    Per the 'Bar Specs' portion of the product page, the bar weighs 30kg/66lbs unloaded.

  • I’m trying to find out the best way to evaluate whether I need standard or wide handles, how would I best evaluate the best set up? Additionally, what can you tell me more about the love handles? I’m not entirely sure how they might enhance my experience while lifting. Apologies if I missed it in the above information.

    The bracket width will depend on your size/width.  We sometimes refer to the 'wide' brackets as the 'NFL Lineman' brackets.  If you are a very wide human, they would be the best option.  When Chris Duffin was about 280lbs, he was a great size for the wide brackets.  (He is 5'11).  However, someone who is 6'3/190lbs would use the standard brackets - so it's all about width.  If you are still unsure, you can send me your height and weight and I can assist @ 

    In regard to your question about the Love Handles, anyone that has an interest in grip strength is a huge fan of these handles.  Especially the 'rolling' option.  They are most popular with Strongman competitors and big deadlifters.  They do make the lift harder, in my opinion.

  • It may seem a greenhorn question, but just to be sure & duly diligent: Will the Trap Bar HD accommodate these bumper plates?

    Yes, our sleeves are all machined to 1.959 +/- .010 (49.4mm-50.01mm), so they will accommodate all standard bumpers and plates.

  • Probably a silly question, but what is the purpose/benefit of the rolling handles? Thanks for the help!

    The rolling handles make it even harder to hold onto the bar during the lift, working your grip strength to the fullest.  Our Strongman competitors love the 'Love Handles' for this reason.

  • How should you determine if you need the standard, narrow or wide width?

    The narrow width bracket could also be referred to as the 'youth' bracket.  It is for athletes that are very small/narrow in stature.  For instance, someone who is 4'11/100lbs.  The standard width bracket is the size that most athletes use.  People from 5'4/165lbs to 6'2/220lbs.   The wide bracket was made for football linemen sized athletes.  For instance, someone that is 5'11/280lb to 6'4/260lb, etc...  If you need further assistance regarding bracket size, you can email customer service with your height/weight and we can help;

  • I’m looking into purchasing the trap bar HD. I live in BC Canada. What would the estimated dhipping costs be?

    In order to obtain a shipping quote, we would need the full shipping address.  The best way to obtain that estimate is to go to our website and add the items you want to your online cart.  Then, during the check-out process, you will enter your shipping address.  At that time, all shipping options for that location will auto-populate.  You may select the best option for you, based on rate and shipping time.  Most of our international customers prefer to use UPS Worldwide Expedited Shipping, since that has most packages arriving within a week and also covers customs brokerage fees.  VAT and import taxes are the responsibility of the customer and UPS will collect those prior to delivery, if applicable. 

  • Is the trap bar hd counter balanced when horizontal with weights on ?

    Hey Jesse,

    The trap bar is balanced in hand, and what we mean by this is that the low handles (like the high handles on all trap bars) are set off of the center of mass (the bar's center line) and will be balanced when lifted from the floor. 


    People tend to confuse the bar not sitting level on the floor with it not being balanced, but without either compromising the strength (thickness) of the center tube, or making the bar excessively heavy by adding weight to the backside, it was not going to be balanced on the floor. Additionally, changing different handle and handle bracket combinations would also skew that balance, so we opted to balance it where it counts, which is when you're actually lifting it. 



  • Hi. I am just wondering why and how you justify the cost of this bar. I mean, it looks fantastic, but I was very shocked at the price. Do you have any money back guarantees?

    Thank you for your inquiry.  We are a very small company here in Oregon.  Our barbells are designed, engineered and created on site by American workers using American made steel.  These are not barbells that are manufactured outside of the USA and then only assembled on site.  Our bars are fully created from raw steel by our skilled workforce on our machines.  The price is a reflection of that labor and engineering, the machines and facility needed to create the product, the market price of raw steel, etc...  To answer your question, yes we do have a money back guarantee.  Our return policy is listed at the bottom of our website, but I will also attach a link here;

  • Are the brackets also swappable? Or fixed based on width ordered? Thanks

    The brackets for the Trap Bar HD are swappable!

  • If we’re local to Portland, can we pickup our order rather than having it shipped?

    Yes, may of the items in our online store can be picked up at The Lab, rather than having it shipped.  You will need to let us know that you'd like to pick it up in person under the section called, 'Order Notes', when placing your order.  Please list your email address & telephone number there, as well.  Once your item(s) is ready, we will contact you to schedule a time for pick up.  Our system will still charge shipping at the time of purchase, but we will refund that to your original form of payment as soon as the product is in your hands.

  • Are you shipping this to india?

    We utilize UPS for the international shipping for our bars, so if UPS delivers to your area, the answer is yes.  The best way to find out is to add the item to your online cart, then enter your shipping address.  At that time, our site will auto-populate with all shipping options to that location.  Most of our international customers prefer to use UPS's Worldwide Expedited Shipping, since it also covers customs brokerage fees.

  • Did you replace the Kabuki Trap Bar I bought a couple of months ago with the Kabuki Trap Bar HD? Is the original trap bar defective?

    The original Trap Bar is definitely not defective, which I'm sure you have noticed during use.  We simply made a few changes to the bar to make it less expensive to ship and easier for youth and larger sized athletes to use.

  • wanted to order 2 sets of fat/love handles. is there a way to only order those????

    Yes, you have to go through our customer service desk @ usually, but I've created an invoice and just emailed it to you.  Make sure the shipping address is correct & make payment when you are ready!  ~Charlie

  • Is this available to Australians? Would love to get one!!

    Yes, this bar is definitely able to be shipped to Australia.  If you would like a quote for shipping, just email us the full address to

  • What benefit does the rolling grip provide? I don't see where any wrist flexion/extension would come in requiring the handle to roll like a normal barbell . Does it make any movements easier? Thanks!

    Rolling grips challenge your grip strength, more than anything. Because you are forced to press equally with your thumb vs your other fingers, it makes it much more likely for the bar to slip out of your hands.  Strongman and different strength sport competitors like this option for improving grip strength.

  • What's the max load rating?

    The bar capacity is 1,200lbs and the bar jack capacity is 800lbs.  Therefore, if you are going to load it with more than 800lbs, you will need to load the bar the traditional way without using the jacks.

  • Are you shipping this to europa?

    Yes, we can ship the Trap Bar to Europe.  Please select UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping at check out.

  • Are the included handles rolling or fixed?

    The handles that are included are fixed, but we do have a rolling handle option with the 2 inch handles.  Options are listed on the product page.

  • I didn't get any instructions with my Trap Bar HD....can you send me a pdf?

    Thank you for reaching out to us at Kabuki Strength and we apologize that the paper with the QR code for the assembly instructions was not included in your packaging.  Here is the direct link for the Kadillac and Trap Bar HD assembly instructions: