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"The Lab" T-Shirt

Our newest shirt with the logo of our gym and home base, the Kabuki Strength Lab. The name "The Lab" comes from us using our gym as our own personal human performance laboratory to test our products and methods.


Printed on the softest cotton fitted Next Level shirts using sustainable methods in sunny Portland, Oregon. 

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  • I'm interested in buying the following: 1) Geisha Roller; 2) Boomstick; 3) Pain Pill; and 4) t-shirts (XL, L and medium). I am in Seattle but may be in Portland this week. Do you have these items available at your Lab? Also, do you have instructional videos or any upcoming seminars re tempering? BTW, love your website and what you folks are doing! Thanks much Mark

    Hey Mark,

    We do have painpills, and we can have a geisha roller on hand if you give us an exact date you think you'll be around. Currently all we have in stock are cosmetic blemish boomsticks, which are fully functional we just can't sell them as new generally due to imperfections in the finish. We also have plenty of tshirts on hand, but if you want to make sure we have a specific size/style available just let me know what ones you're looking at. Some of the tshirts on our website we don't stock here, and they ship from an outside fulfillment company that prints them as they are ordered, but all of our classic designs we have on hand. 

    Go ahead and shoot and email to me at info@kabukiwarrior.com with the date you will be coming down and we can work on getting you set up with what you need.

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