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SALE: First Generation Kadillac Bar


Please note: this item is the first version of our popular Kadillac Bar being sold at a discount. Click here to purchase the second, current version of the Kadillac Bar.

We're doing some major spring cleaning in the Kabuki warehouses, and our quest for more space means it's time to clear out our remaining stock of First Generation Kadillac Bars. What's the difference between the First Gen and current Kadillac Bar design? We're always looking for ways to improve our products, and it was in that spirit that we made several cosmetic and hardware tweaks to the first version of the Kadillac Bar to create the current version. When it comes to function, there is absolutely no difference between the First and Second Generation of Kadillac Bars.

The most significant features that distinguish the First Generation Kadillac from the Second Generation model include bolt design and the placement of the bar's iconic "X" central feature. We've updated both of these elements slightly, but the overall aesthetic of the Kadillac Bar remains the same!

Need a reminder of all the great design specs and ways to use the Kadillac Bar (whether it's the First or Second Generation)? Read on....


  • Cambered the same angle as the Duffalo Bar for increased range of motion.
  • Machined Sleeves allow the use of regular barbell collars and include our signature end caps.
  • 10°, 12.5°, and 15° grip angles promote optimal, stacked joint position and improve movement mechanics.
  • 15" (narrow), 22" (mid) and 29" (wide) distances between grips
  • Useable in both standard and reverse grip positions.
  • Plated sleeves and powder-coated center for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • American-Made in Portland, Oregon by a passionate team.

Important Notes

  • Ships in:  3-5 weeks
  • ALERT - Due to COVID19 & other issues, USPS delivery for international orders can take 30-60 days and may not have tracking updated after leaving the US.  UPS is not having these issues.
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Overview by Dr. Kelly Starrett

Listen to Dr. Kelly Starrett - Kabuki Advisory Board member and world renowned clinician - as he discusses the benefits of the Kadillac Bar.


Playground Physics Discussion with Chris Duffin

In this video, Chris Duffin takes a look a the physics behind the Kadillac Bar's primary features and discusses it's advantages over a standard swiss/football bar.



Versatile and Multi-Functional




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