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The PR Deadlift Bar

Bare Steel & Black Oxide Ships in: 8 weeks 

All Other Finishes Ship in: 12 weeks


Order Notes

  • Cerakote Bars are not allowed to be used on competition platforms in the USPA or IPL. If your bar is for platform use, please purchase bare steel, or black oxide.

A Bar Fit for the King of the Lifts

The Kabuki PR Deadlift Bar is the product of the same precision engineering that lies at the foundation of all of our bars, and we consider this bar the crowning piece to our competition-standard straight bar trifecta. The PR Deadlift Bar joins the 250k Squat Bar and the 250k Power Bar to complete a trio of bars each with knurling that has set industry standards, design that supports the heaviest of loads for the greatest feats of strength, and craftsmanship that makes every single bar we produce a true work of art.


Superior Knurling 

The PR Deadlift Bar boasts an aggressive knurl specifically designed to provide the lifter with maximum grip staying power. This bar’s knurling is sharp enough to support grip endurance but precision-spaced to minimize tears to the athlete’s hands.



The Perfect Bend

 Our deadlift bar has been painstakingly crafted so that it produces just the right amount of PR-busting bend. With a diameter of 27 millimeters, the PR Deadlift Bar will bend to the optimum degree before leaving the floor to put the lifter in a more mechanically-advantaged starting position. This bar was designed for serious lifts, and we're excited to see it in the hands of the best lifters in the world. 


Finish Options and Barbell Care

Bare Steel - The polished beauty of bare steel offers a knurl-showcasing, tactile quality that many lifters love. This finish requires a small amount of regular care to keep the bar in good condition. We recommend you apply a small amount of 3-in-1 oil with a soft cloth the barbell's clean, dry shaft and sleeves three times a year to help protect the bar from corrosion. Additionally, care should be taken to keep the bar protected from damp conditions. Horizontal or vertical bar storage is recommended to keep the bar off the floor and away from damp conditions. 


Black Oxide - The onyx sheen of black oxide is an attractive addition to any barbell roster. This finish requires the same upkeep protocol as we recommend for Bare Steel--apply a light application of 3-in-1 oil with a soft cloth to the bar 3 times a year and take care to keep it protected from damp or humid conditions. 

Cerakote - Cerakote is a ceramic based coating, originally used in the firearms industry for its excellent corrosion resistance and wear characteristics without excessive coating buildup. Cerakote is known for being a highly protective finish that stands up to the elements well. When cleaning chalk from the knurl on a cerakote bar, be sure to use a stiff nylon bristle brush, not a wire-bristled brush. 


Looking to step up your barbell care game? Add the Barbell Rescue brush to your order and protect your investment!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write one!


Ask a Question
  • Are there any plans to offer bars in stainless steel or other coatings such has chrome?

    There are not any plans to offer the Deadlift Bar in stainless steel or chrome.

  • What’s the best way to keep the bare steel from rusting? The only options when I bought were non corrosion-resistant, but I live in a pretty humid place, and our gym doesn’t have AC but I’d like to keep the bar from rusting as much as possible.

    You will want to apply a coat of 3in1 or mineral oil with a cloth all along the center bar and sleeves weekly.  The oil will help seal out moisture.  Also, make sure to remove any chalk/talcum powder (if used) from the bar after each use, since they give moisture something to stick to and will increase corrosion in those areas.

  • How are y'all going to email me today, May 30th, saying the Block Oxide is available when it isn't? Been on the wait list for six weeks just to not be able to order the bar I want. I won't be waiting another six weeks just to go through this again. Please let me know if y'all can fix this or I have to go somewhere else.

    Our Deadlift Bars sell out in a matter of hours and the black oxide bars in this batch sold out in less than 20 minutes.  The raw material used for the center bars is in extremely short supply across the US.  Anytime we can get our hands on that steel, we immediately release the bars for sale while they are in production.  We are hoping to source another few hundred bars worth in the next few weeks, so as soon as you receive the emailed alert they are in stock, purchase immediately.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Is it possible for me to pre order a bare steel deadlift bar? Thank you for your time.

    It is not possible to pre-order the Deadlift Bars.  There is a shortage of the raw material needed to create the center bar across the US.  We are only able to source small amounts every few weeks to create a few hundred bars at a time.  Since there is such a high demand for this bar, we want it to be fair for everyone by dropping only the amount of bars that we know we physically have on hand and are manufacturing at that time.  Please sign up for the alerts for the bare steel, black oxide or red cerakote with black oxide sleeve bars.  Those are our guaranteed staples for each bar release.  There will not be any nickel product being manufactured.  We hope to obtain more of the raw steel soon and have another Deadlift Bar drop in 6-8 weeks.

  • What does the blue titanium cerakote look like?

    We have not created a bar in this color yet, but here is a link to the actual color on the cerakote page;

  • What is the weight capacity on this bar?

    The PR Deadlift Bar has been tested without fail at over 1200 lbs.  This is just a static load capacity and the ultimate weight capacity is influenced by a number of other factors, such as bar velocity, weight, distance from center, and width of the points of support when the bar is lifted.

  • Why isn't the bar 250k psi?

    After extensive testing, this is the material we have determined to have the best characteristics for the application of a deadlift bar.

  • Double checking, the deadlift bar is 190k and not 250k correct? The knurl would be normal wear and tear for 190k correct?

    That is correct.

  • Can you please give brief descriptions of the different finishes (i.e. black oxide vs nickel)? For example is this "nickel" the same as electroless nickel? Also which finish would you say leaves a more aggressive feel, and which one would you say is more moisture resistant?

    The bare steel and black oxide finish offer no corrosion resistance.  Black oxide is a chemical process that turns the metal black, but is not actual plating that coats and protects the bar.  If you live in a humid atmosphere or an environment that is exposed to sea air, nickel plating is the safest option to select for this bar, since we do not warranty our bars against rust.  Regarding the knurling, the bare steel and black oxide options will have the most aggressive feel, but the nickel is not so thick that it will very negatively impact the knurl.

  • I was in the process of ordering the deadlift bar but nowhere in the order form does it give the option of which Finish Option to chose so I stopped my order. How are you guys gonna which Finish Option I want if I don't get a choice?

    You select the finish on the very first product page, previous to ever landing on the order form.  Go to the Deadlift Bar product page and near the top of the page - under the black Klarna box - you will see 'Finish'.  It is there that you select the type of finish you'd like on your bar.  After doing so, you will see the option, 'Add to Cart', in a red box below.  Select it.  If you see a box that tells you, 'Email me when the product is available', the item is out of stock and you can request to be on the emailed alert list, once they are entered into inventory.

  • What’s the difference between flexible and whip? More or less “flexible” than Ohio or Texas Deadlift bars?

    'Flex' is the amount that the bar will statically bend at a given weight when being moved from its resting position.  This is largely determined by bar diameter (standard), the weight amount, and the weight's distance from center.  'Whip' is how much the bar will oscillate or flex up and down, prior to settling to a point of equilibrium.  This is greatly influenced by the velocity at which the bar is moved.  Our Deadlift Bar is a bit more flexible than the Texas Deadlift Bar.

  • Hi I was wondering if I can still use two of my discount codes ( the 50 dollar survey and the krimson limited edition from bearfoot). I can’t wait for the official release.

    Unfortunately, our discounts are not 'stackable', so you would only be able to use one per purchase.  However, since we will probably be offering the Deadlift Bar at a special introductory rate when it is first released, discounts may not be able to be applied.

  • Does the bar have a good amount of whip?

    We wouldn't call it whip, but it is a very flexible bar.

  • Do you have a general idea as to when the bar will release?

    We have just received the raw material to begin making the bars, so we are hoping they will be complete in a few weeks!

  • What is the pricing for the deadlift bar?

    We will post that information on the site as soon as we have it available!

  • I prefer a less aggressive knurl for volume work. I've heard cerakote helps alleviate that sometimes. Does your cerakote coating change the aggressive feel at all on your deadlift bar? Thanks!

    Yes, cerakote or any thicker plating option will decrease the feeling of the knurl a bit on the bars.

  • For the Cerakote Deadlift bars, does the Cerakote change anything about the performance of the bar or is it just a coating ?

    It does not change the performance of the bar.  However, it is a coating that will affect the feeling of the knurling on the bar.  The knurling will feel 'softer' than a bare steel or black oxide bar.  The advantage to cerakote is that it is quite corrosion resistant, where the other two bar variants are not and will have to be treated with oil every so often to seal out moisture.