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The Breath Belt


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Developed by NFL Player, Jesse Ohliger, the BREATH BELT was created to solve a 10 year bout with chronic hip and low back pain. Several unsuccessful rehabilitations and surgery consultations later with the "best" NFL and NCAA clinicians, Jesse was driven to find what was holding back his progress. This lead the relentless mission to help himself and countless other NFL and NCAA players with similar issues. Drawing from numerous modalities including unconventional movement, yoga, classical pilates, anatomy and breath work, the best Injury Prevention tool for anyone with a pair of hips was conceived.

After a year of consultations with an array of Doctors, Rehabilitation Specialists and Strength and Conditioning coaches, it became clear that all modalities were missing something to connect breath mechanics to optimal hip function - as they are tied systems. It became evident that a tool was needed help alleviate fascial restriction against gravity of the prime lumbar stabilizers, the PSOAS and QL.

The BREATH BELT is currently helping thousands of clients as well as numerous college and professional sports teams in corrective movement, rehab and Strength & Conditioning. It is widely used to help any coach or client quickly learn and feel the link between diaphragmatic breath mechanics and hip mobility - as they are tied systems.


The Breath Belt is a diaphragmatic training tool that turns on the abdominals, psoas, QA, and lats. It is and excellent tool achieve early success in any hip hinge movement.



  • INJURY PREVENTION via tactile breath cues
  • Promotes a BALANCED diaphragmatic breathing outcome thru the PSOAS, QL, Abs, Paraspinals and Pelvic Floor
  • The ACTIVE LENGTHENING to the abs & hip flexors alleviate fascial restriction to optimize ILIOPSOAS & QL Function. This turns ON THE POWER (glutes/adductors), lumbar spine decompressed, and abdominals supporting breath capacity, control & coordination are strengthened 
  • It's the only MOBILE BELT that strengthens diaphragm function & optimizes hip firing patterns-as they are tied systems
  • Designed to compress and support sacroiliac joints relieving stress and instability Instantly promotes neutral hip alignment for individuals with Anterior Pelvic Tilt, lengthening hip flexors & improving glute activation (HIP HINGE) Can be worn laying down, sitting or working out!
  • Patent Pending



  • Parasympathetic response
  • Posture improvement
  • Back pain reduction
  • Hip mobility & stability
  • Rotation Improvement
  • Improved breathing capacity
  • Diaphragm conditioning
  • Helps cue abdominals, QA, psoas, lats, glutes, and adductors



  • 10 built-in stabilizing supports & internal distraction sleeves designed to improve glute activation, help reduce lower back stress and improve posture
  • Secure, double-belt closure for customizable active compression
  • High performance fabric is lightweight, breathable & fabric infused to reduce odor
  • Allows full range of motion while supporting lower back during activity or sport
  • Wear under or over clothing


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  • After many uses accumulating sweat each time, it's beginning to smell. What is recommended for cleaning? Thank you

    Handwashing the Breath Belt in warm water with liquid detergent and hanging it to dry would be the best option.

  • Is the material hypoallergenic? Can I safely wear it under my shirt without causing an allergy?

    The material is not noted to be hypoallergenic.  However, we've not heard of anyone having an allergic reaction from wearing the belt.  Most athletes have worn them under their shirt without issue, but everyone is different.  So, if someone is known to have irritation, itching and issues from tightly worn garments that may rub, it would not be recommended for that person to use the Breath Belt under clothing.

  • Can I wear while deadlifts ?I usually get si pain hip flexor pain from deadlifts

    You can absolutely wear the Breath Belt while deadlifting.

  • I'm 6'5" with a long torso, 270# and 38" waist. Will this belt work for me?

    The BB Should fit comfortably to around waist size 40.  However, if you have any issues, we do offer returns.

  • Will this belt fit women with a 25"-26'' waist?

    According to Cassie in Customer Service (the smallest person here - 26-inch waist), the Breath Belt will fit, you just have to crank it down a bit.

  • Hello, Do you ship to the UK

    Yes, Breath Belts do ship internationally.  Those orders are fulfilled directly from the Breath Belt themselves.  All you need to do it enter the item into your online cart and fill out the shipping information.

  • Will this fit a size 34 male jean size? Will this fit slimmer people?

    The Breath Belt will fit 34 male jean size.

  • this font is too small n faint. i see nothing about size. what waist range will it accomodate?

    This was the answer that I received from the owner of the company; The BB Should fit comfortably to around waist size 40. There, or larger, visceral mass becomes an issue.  For example, the Offensive Line for the 49ers all have a BB, most have 38/40 or above and are proportional strong athletes. For Powerlifters, if there’s a stocky 38/40 with a big “power belly” it won’t go high enough above the belly button, if there are some ‘muscle’ love handles.  Regardless, we do full refunds if it doesn’t fit.

  • Where can i find those “distraction balls”?

    The Breath Belt recommends using rolled up socks, racquet balls, myofascial balls, tennis balls or lacrosse balls - depending on the level of firmness you are looking for.  Any of those items will work.

  • Hi What shipping service do I use to ship to Australia? Cheers

    Most of our international customers prefer to use UPS Worldwide Expedited Shipping, since that has most packages arriving within a week and also covers customs brokerage fees.

  • Can it be worn underneath traditional weight belts?

    In theory you could, however it would probably be uncomfortable.  

  • Does the belt come with lacrosse balls, tennis balls etc. to put in the sleeves to do the activation bit or does it have objects in place?

    The belt does not come with any additional objects or implements.

  • I’m wondering if this belt can be used during heavy lifts?

    It can, and it certainly won't fail. The difference is that it won't provide the same stiffness and support as traditional leather belt. 

  • Hi I have a few items and looking getting this belt.. 1.Is it meant to be used in competition. 2. Reading the information about I assume it helps create IP of the core when I breathe into my gut better then a lever belt.. 3. Will it help with keeping my spine more rigid and netural as Dr. McGill advocates in his publications.

    Hello,   I'll address the various questions in order:    1. Yes, this belt can be used in competition    2 & 3. A belt is meant to help increase rigidity around the midsection. It won't create intra abdominal pressure for you, but will help maximize it if you're doing it well. We have a lot of content around creating intra abdominal pressure on our video library on as well 

  • I'm a heavier guy 260 lower back issues age 43 I'm currently making calisthenics a part of my life. Wondering if this work work for stabilizing my core while still allowing movement.

    Yes it will, it is designed to help encourage proper breathing mecahnics not as a stiff brace.

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