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Introducing the Tactical Shoulderok - a breakdown, premium version of the popular Shoulderok we released to much acclaim over 3 years ago.
Make sure to check out the product page for the Shoulderok, which includes more details about its use and functions.



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  • what is the overall sizes of the tactical case please as I may have someone bring me one back to the UK

    the case is 34 x13 x 5.25 in. (LxWxH)

  • I’m 5’2” and just received my shoulderok. In an earlier Q&A you recommended using an adjusted grip for a user who was 5’4”. What is an adjusted grip? I could not find it in any of the videos .

    Rather than holding your hands tight to the bottom of the shoulderok (against the flared end) you can just grip it a bit higher up to allow for more clearance and a change in the leverage

  • Yo! can I get a threaded version of the V3 endcap to screw into the short handle of the shoulderok?

    Unfortunately the threads that we use for the V3 caps are a different size than the bottom part of the tactical shoulderok.

  • What’s the difference between this one and the other ShouldeRok ?

    The tactical shoulderok comes in two pieces and is more portable.

  • Has anyone ever tried to use the tactical model like a shorter Indian club?

    Hey Landon,

    People have experimented with that and it can be done, it's likely a little bit heavy for that purpose though

  • Just to make sure - a previous question was asked about Shoulderok V3 features applied to the Tactical Shoulderok. If I order one now, will it have the rounded IASTM end on it now? Thanks!

    Correct, all future shoulderok orders both tactical and regular will be the V3

  • Are you going to apply the Shoulderok [V 3] changes to the Tactical Shoulderok?

    Hey Raymond,

    All future tactical shoulderok orders will have this change, yes

  • Does a video come with the shoulderok tactical ?

    It does come with a link to instructional videos. If you purchased one just send an email to with your order number or the full name the order was placed over and we'll send it over to you.

  • I'm 5'4, will I be able to use without adjusting my grip?

    The shoulderok is 48'' in length so yes, you would be able to use it but it would likely be more comforable to do it with an adjusted grip.

  • Dear Sirs, How much is postage to the UK as I wish to order a shoulderok tactical....I recently recieved a broomstick which I am very happy with. Kind Regards Kevin Kelly

    Shipping to the UK is generally around $70. If you being to go through the checkout process it will give you exact costs to ship to your address

  • What is the weight capacity of the Tactical Rök? Can you load it up like the normal model? Thanks,

    Yes, the Tactical Rok can handle the same load as the ShouldeRok.

  • Following up on my question about knurling, how long is the top piece and how much does the top piece weigh?

    The 'head' where the weight is loaded is 24 inches and weighs roughly 5.5lbs without the nut and 6.2lbs with the nut attached.  The 'handle' is just over 14 inches, if you include the soft tissue bung that is attached to the end and weighs 3.2lbs.

  • Hi, I’m interested in this tool to replace my steel mace and steel clubs. Are both pieces knurled on the ends?

    Yes, the 'head' where the weight and nut are loaded has 6 inches of knurling and the handle has 14 inches of knurling.

  • can I buy one before it exists, as they sold out in like 5 minutes the last time they were available?

    I apologize, but that was a computer error when adjusting our inventory from negative 1.  That email should not have been sent, since we did not have them in stock.  At this time, we do not have a projected date of when the Tactical ShouldeRok will be offered.  However, when they do go back into production, there will be a substantial amount created, so you won't have to worry about them selling out quite so quickly.

  • I live in Portland, can I pick up in person at Kabuki Strength? If so, can I pay in person? Or should I still purchase online? Thanks, Joe

    Yes, you can come by the Lab and pay/pick-up in person! We are open during business hours 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

  • Any chace this is going to be avaliable in the nickle finish? Have to second the comments about a cap for this to be used as club! Is the attachment like in the wolf brigade video that makes it look like traditional mace avaliable?

    We do not have any plans to plate the Tactical Rok in any finish other than Black Oxide currently. I will bring up the end cap idea with our team and see if we can make it happened! We also don't have any plans for making a traditional mace attachment for the Shoulderok as one of it's distinguishing and most important features is being micro-lodable. 


    Yes the Tactical Shoulderok also comes with a rounded end

  • Is there a chance that you could add a thread in nob, so this could be used as a club as well as a mace? I think this would broaden the versatility as well as increase marketability.

    We appreciate the feed back and suggestions, we will be sure to take this idea to our shop manager.

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