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Sunami Hormone Optimizer

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  • Elevate Low Testosterone Levels

  •  Increase Libido/Sex Drive 

  •  For Men and Women

  •  Increase Erection Frequency

  • Increase Semen Volume

Optimize your natural hormone production while sending your
libido into overdrive with Sunami!

Sunami is the only "hormone optimizer" available that is formulated to elevate hormone production/levels in both men and women. Sunami is formulated to raise low to low normal/normal testosterone and dopamine levels in men and balance estrogen/elevate low free testosterone levels in women. Sunami will not produces "high test levels" in women, just help elevate low free testosterone levels which is a common problem in women with low motivation, drive, and libido. 

For those of you over 28 years old, you may have noticed the effects of reduced hormone production that seem to accelerate right around 28-32 years old (and older). At this age your progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone levels start to decline at over 2x the rate they were declining between your younger years of 21 to 26 years old. Recovery from exercise is slower, bodyfat increases, motivation, strength, mental focus/clarity, overall mood and daytime energy might seem to be "not what it use to be." Sunami helps restore/balance hormone levels to what they were in your early to middle 20's helping to combat age related decline in hormone production and the symptoms associated with age related declining hormone production. For those of you who are a fan of "Raw Test," our pregnenolone, DHEA, ginseng product, you will love Sunami. 

When it comes to increasing libido/sex drive nothing out performs Sunami! Sunami takes most users from "not tonight, I'm tired/stressed" to "when can we have rounds two and three?!" The beauty of Sunami is its libido boosting effects are equally as strong for both men and women! Sunami is the only hormone optimizer/libido booster on earth that works for both men and women. 

 What Sunami™ can do for you:

 -Elevate low to low normal testosterone levels
-Send your libido into overdrive
  -Increase Semen Volume
-Improve erection hardness and frequency 
-Elevate Mood
-Raise/Improve libido while "On  Cycle"  
-Quickly restore HTPA activity "Post Cycle"
-Greatly amplifies the results of DIESEL TEST
- Amplifies the results from any herbal test booster
-Helps prevent libido drops during times of stress
-Increased Mental Clarity 
- Reduce High Cortisol (stress hormone)
- Increases Motivation/Drive/Assertiveness


 - Balance/Elevate low testosterone levels
-Send your libido into overdrive
  -Correct Estrogen Dominance
-Elevate low Progesterone/DHEA/Estrodiol levels
-Help prevent that "soft" look associated with high estrogen levels
-Reduce Mood Swings during Menstrual Cycles
-Increase Motivation/Drive/Assertiveness
-Helps prevent libido drops during times of stress
-Increased Mental Clarity 
- Perfect for menopausal and post menopausal women
- Reduce High Cortisol (stress hormone)
- Increases Motivation/Drive/Assertiveness



Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.


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