New Generation Squat Bar

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  • International customers - Please select UPS for shipping, the length of these bars prevents them from being shipped via USPS 


For best experience in learning about our new generation barbells, please visit the mini site by clicking the link below.

This is our specialty squat bar, a thicker bar designed specifically for squatting to reduce the oscillation of the bar. This bar is fully knurled across the length of the bar with the exception of the center mark and standard powerlifting marks, 32mm in thickness, and 95 inches in overall length.

What is it about our new generation bars that sets them apart? With a tensile strength of over 250k PSI and a rockwell hardness of 51 RC, this bar is harder than any other currently bar on market. What this means in practical terms is that the knurl won’t wear down over the years, leaving you with a bar that is performing sub par compared to when it was new. Even where the bar contacts the rack it will maintain that fine, tacky, aggressive knurl just like the day it was unboxed. 

The knurl itself is the other piece of engineering that went into this bar this bar that we are proud of. We wanted to create something that grabbed well but wasn’t so unnecessarily sharp that it cut your hands rather than grabbing. The knurl of our bar is finer than most barbells you will find, giving the knurl more points per square inch and creating more surface area to create friction against.

We fully stand behind our product and believe in it wholeheartedly, which is why each bar comes with a 5 year warranty against any type of manufacturing defect. What this means is if your bar begins to wear prematurely, we will repair or replace it free of charge.  While our bar does have a higher tensile strength – what this doesn’t mean is that we will warranty against customer induced damage such as dropping the bar into metal safety pins. Depending on many variables such as the height and weight used this is just simply too much force into one area of the bar to not cause permanent deformation.

Below are complete specifications for the bar, but make sure to click the image above to load the mini-site and read more about the bars. 




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  • The quality of your duffalo bar brings me here first to purchase a new bar. I’m looking for a bar i can use to squat and perform OLY lifting with. Please help

    Thanks for the interst in the Duffalo Bar! It's a great tool for back and front squats, as well as bench and incline pressing. However to be honest I would not reccomend this bar for movements such as clean/snatch/jerk and there variations. We are looking into producing a specific Olympic bar in the distanct future, but I don't want you to purcahse a bar that dose not fit your needs.

  • Does the knurling go across the entire bar, or are there gaps where the bar sits on the rear delts?

    The bar is not knurled over the entire length, there is a 12 inch piece of center knurling, a 5 inch gap on each side of that, and then 16 inches of knurling to the outside of the bar. 

  • I was wondering if the knurling extends the entire length of the bar (with a center mark and two side marks, i.e. the Texas Squat bar, etc) or is the knurling like the regular power bar?

    It is knurled like a regular power bar.

  • Your bushings - How do they compare to needle bearings? Does the bar require maintenance? The pic of the bar by itself - what finish is it? Do you have a pic you could post of the bar in each of the three finishes? Thank-you!

    As for the bushings vs. bearings, the bushing doesn't let the bar spin as much.  However, the bushings are much stronger.  

    The bar does not require any maintenance.  

    We will have pictures of all three finishes soon, but if you want a picture sooner, the finishes on our duffalo bars are the same, and are available on our website.

  • I forgot one other ? - Sorry . The end of the bar - Does it have a hex bolt or snap ring for disassembly? I look forward to receiving your answers. Thank-you very much!!

    It uses a snap ring.

  • could you please explain the types of finishes with the pros and cons of each. And then would you mind giving me your own personal preference? Thank you! Cant wait to order the bar!!!

    Hey Kim,

    The zinc and electroless nickel finishes are the most corrosion resistant and won't ever rust. The black oxide is mildly corrosion resistant and will be fine in climate controlled environments but can still rust in humid ones. The electroless nickel finish is technically harder but we've never had issues with any of our zinc products during regular use. It will also keep it's shine for a lot longer than the zinc will.

  • Is bare steel an option?

    Hey Steven,

    We've chosen not to offer an unplated version of these bars, so clear zinc will be the base finish

  • Dead Lift Bar , WHEN ?

    Right now the planned release date is in mid-December.

  • 32mm bar is very hard to find, please take my money love sam


  • where is it being shipped from state? I want to estimate time it takes to get it

    We do currently have squat bars in inventory. For an exact answer email with your desired plating option and they will let you know.

  • Can this bar be shipped to an APO address

    Unfortunately the bar is too long to be shipped via USPS and so we won't be able to ship it to an APO address unless they also have service from UPS. 

  • The nickel is Sold Out but what's the price?

    Nickel Squat Bars are $799.99

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