Sleep Coaching Workshop | April 11


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Location and Date:

April 11, 2020
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
Kabuki Strength Lab
14350 SE Industrial Way
Clackamas, OR 97015

Course Overview:

Presented by The Online Sleep Coach. For questions about this course, please contact
To learn all you need to know about the missing link in health, wellness and performance. Sleep is the one lever we can pull to influence just about every facet of our lives and the lives of those we work with. Whether the goal is general health, improved performance, body composition or a better quality of life, sleep will play a pivotal role. 
Despite this importance, Sleep often takes a backseat in the attention and focus it gets. This is especially true relative to exercise and nutrition. The goal of this workshop is help you be a part of changing the narrative on Sleep and helping the more than half of the population that is struggling with sleep. Typically, the only options available for these people are sleeping pills that come with serious health risks or a list of sleep hygiene tips that don’t amount to much. Sleep change and optimization requires an element of intent and coaching just like the other pillars of health.
It’s time we make a change and give Sleep the attention it so rightly deserves. This Workshop provides you all the tools you need to be able to do so.


  • The Case for Sleep Prioritization 
  • Sleep Research Reviews (Correlations with Health, Rehabilitation And Performance)
  • Anatomy And Physiology of Sleep
  • Circadian Biology And Optimization
  • The Pillars/Hierarchy of Sleep Optimization (Review and Process for Each)
  • Sleep Coaching Construct (Assessment, Step by Step Process, Medical Collaboration, Use Cases)
  • Practical Applications of Sleep Optimization And Coaching 
  • Sleep Disorders 
  • Sleep Trackers, Sleeping Aids and What You Need to Know 
  • Hands on Breathing Assessment for Sleep 
  • Review of Exercise And Nutrition Principles in Relation to Sleep
  • Special Populations And Special Situations And Practical Tips (Geriatric, Athletic, Jet Lag/Travel, Pediatric, Shift Work)
  • Practical Case Studies (Review And Role Play)
  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sleep/Misconceptions 
  • Sleep Marketing And Opportunities 
  • Q&A

Included with Registration:

  1. 50% off Online Certification Course (launching Jan 2020)
  2. Access to full video recording of workshop 
  3. Handbook on all things Sleep
  4. Practical Coaching Packet (Assessment materials, Sleep diary, Behavioral restructuring, Additional resources, Marketing materials)
  5. Discounts on a multitude of Sleep products and services


Ask a Question
  • Will you be offering virtual attendance as many of us are unable to travel at present?

    We are only the venue for this course and it is not part of our Kabuki Strength education system.  As stated on the course information page, this class is presented by The Online Sleep Coach. For questions about this course, please contact

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