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Regular Anti-Fragile Floss Band

Note: This is for an individual floss band.

Introducing Kabuki Strength's newest product in the Anti-Fragile line...our floss bands! This is the lightest version of our Anti-Fragile floss band line, coming in at 1.0mm thick and 2" wide - it's perfect for providing medium to heavy compression on any joint or tissue. Don't be fooled by "regular", if you crank these bad boys, it can be quite a large amount of compressive force. 

Our band can be an essential performance tool in your gym bag. For athletes and practitioners looking to restore range of motion, proper joint mechanics, or simply aid in the recovery of injuries - the Anti-Fragile band is a proven method by which all these things can be accomplished. The use of this band goes hand-in-hand with our KMS philosophy - that is of correction under and via movement. You can use these bands while performing movements, and in fact we recommend this method of use. 

Specifications (for an individual band):

  • Length: about 7'
  • Width: 2"
  • 1.0mm Thick
  • Material: Natural Latex Rubber
  • Max Stretch: 150% of length

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write one!


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  • Could this be used for blood flow restriction training? Such as 4 sets of curls at the end of an upper body session?


  • Is this for a single one or is it a pair

    The floss bands sell individually.