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Power Rack



  • Original Kabuki X Ghost Laser Cut Branding
  • 3” x 3” x 3/16” thick Square tube frame
  • 43” between uprights
  • 90” tall Power Rack
  • Standard pin pipe safeties
  • One pair of patent pending Ghost Return Roller J-Cups
  • SSPC-S6 commercial sandblast, with zinc primer and black powder coat finish
  • Pull-Up Bar




  • Current Estimated Production Lead Time: 16 weeks
  • Klarna Financing is not available for this product due to an extended lead time. Please select a different payment method at checkout (credit card, paypal, etc)
  • Ships and fulfilled by Ghost Strong.  Racks ship via LTL Freight (typically a semi truck) to final destination
  • Click here for the Combo Rack HD


Ghost X Kabuki

When we set out to partner with an American manufacturer for our first major piece of weightroom equipment, we knew it couldn't be just anyone. After all, we design and engineer the highest quality barbells in the game, so it only made sense to find the crème de la crème in the rack world to team up with. 


The story of how Ghost Strong got started even rings familiar to our own story - owner Tim Grissel saw a need to improve on a standard piece of gym equipment that just wasn't cutting it - the J-Cup. Now, there is near-unanimous consent that not only is Ghost's J-Cup (included with this rack) the best in the industry, but their racks are a step above what anyone else is doing in terms of quality, functionality, durability, and aesthetics. All this to say, we can't imagine any other company to team up with than the incredible group over at Ghost Strong. 




Weight: 625lbs (1200lbs with Optional Weight Storage)


This rack is a beast. 50% thicker material than any standard rack and built to last for generations. Featuring standard Westside hole spacing, the rack fits common rack accessories from major manufacturers and includes pin pipe safeties as well as a set of our patent pending Ghost Return Roller J-Cups. 


Ghost Strong J-Cups and Roller

This is our bread and butter. Ghost Strong J-Cups aren’t your average J-Cups. They feature our patented Ghost Return Roller into the design. The Ghost Return Roller will accept all bar sizes from standard barbells, large squat bars and even 1.9” diameter axel bars. When you rack the bar onto a Ghost Return Roller, the shape of the roller rolls the bar into the perfect position and then the lifter can easily roll it from side to side to center the bar in the rack. 


Each J-Cup features a bar finish saving composite material on the racking area with the trademarked Ghost Head logo machined into the design. The rollers can be supplied with either a bar finish saving black composite material or a hardened steel roller that carries a lifetime guarantee. Additionally each J-Cup frame has interchangeable pin sizes to fir your rack. Made of 4140, zinc plated Chromoly, these pins look as good as they are tough.


As an added bonus, our J-cups can be swapped from side to side to allow us cambered bars like the Duffalo Bar.

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Ask a Question
  • Hi Do you ship internationally? (Australia)

    We are not able to ship Ghost Racks internationally, due to the size and weight of the product more than doubling the cost of the product, in most cases.  However, you can arrange for a private shipper to transport the product, if you wish.  Serious inquiries may reach out to Customer Service.

  • Can I get a blank backing plate (oe even a custom logo) on this rack?

    The Kabuki x Ghost racks cannot be customized.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • May I get a multigrip pullup bar with this rack?

    It can be added for an additional $450.00usd.  This order would need to be placed through Customer Service, in order for a draft invoice to be created within the order for the specialty item.  If you would like to proceed, please reach out to info@kabukistrength.com

  • Does the plate storage model come with 8, 10, or 12 weight pegs? I believe Ghost Strong originally started with 12 but now seem to be using 8 pegs. I think 10 would be the happy medium and compliment the Kabuki plate range of 45, 25, 10, 5, 2.5lbs plates.

    The plate storage for the Half Rack has 8 weight storage pegs and the Power Rack with weight storage has 10 pegs.

  • How long will these be available? Really hoping you aren’t selling them for a limited time only.

    We are planning on our relationship with Ghost Strong Equipment to be a long term commitment.  We just haven't decided on who is buying the rings yet. :-)

  • I want to confirm that the hole size is: 11/16” for 5/8” pins. If so, does that mean you are able to add other vendor attachments, such as Rogues Monster Lite attachments? If I am looking to get Safety straps, what depth would be recommended for this rack?

    Correct, they are 11/16" holes for 5/8" pins, so they will fit other products of that size. 

    The footprint of this rack is 54"x54", so that should help with deciding on attachment/strap sizes as well.

  • Will the j-cups be switched to the updated version when they're released?

    Each power rack comes with one pair of patent-pending Ghost Return Roller J-Cups.  If Ghost Strong updates the version they are using with their Power Rack, the same thing will happen with the rack that we sell.

  • Hi, what's the depth of the rack and does it have to be bolted down?

    The footprint of Power Rack only: 54” x 54” x 90-3/8” tall.
    The footprint of the Power Rack with weight storage: 54” x 79-1/2” x 90-3/8” tall.
    The Power Rack does not have to be bolted down, but it is recommended.

  • Will you be selling the Ghost Roller J-Cups separately? And if so, what are their dimensions (i.e. will they fit other racks)?

    We will not be selling the Ghost Roller J-Cups separately, at this time.  They can be found on the Ghost Strong site here; https://www.ghoststrong.com/fitness-products/j-cups/

  • Are you able to pick up the rack from the warehouse to avoid shipping costs?

    The racks are made by Ghost Strong in Iowa, so they cannot be picked up at The Lab to avoid shipping costs.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • What are the dimensions of the added weight storage? Is it pictured anywhere?

    The footprint of Power Rack with weight storage: 54” x 79-1/2” x 90-3/8” tall.
    You can see a picture of the Power Rack with the optional weight storage on the Ghost Strong site here; https://www.ghoststrong.com/fitness-products/rack/

  • Does Kabuki strength equipment provide any warehouse pick-up alternatives to avoid the high shipping costs? More specifically, asking about the KABUKI X GHOST power rack. Thanks!

    Any item that is manufactured by Kabuki Strength can be picked up at our facility, once it has been manufactured.  Just add a note to 'Order Notes' and let us know you'd like to pick it up and we will reach out via email to schedule you a time to come in.  Unfortunately, the racks are manufactured by Ghost Strong at their facility in Iowa, so it is not possible to pick those up at Kabuki Strength.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Hi, what’s the total foot print (with and without storage). Are the holes 1”? Could a grinded finish or just a clear coat be applied so it’s metal instead of black? Estimate on shipping to Vacaville, CA 95687? any amount of add ons or other purchases to get free shipping? Thanks! Awesome you guys are making racks.

    The total footprint of Power Rack only: 54” x 54” x 90-3/8” tall.  The footprint of Power Rack with weight storage: 54” x 79-1/2” x 90-3/8” tall.  The hole size is:  11/16” for 5/8” pins.  We cannot personalize this rack.  It will come sandblasted with the powdercoat finish that you see in the photos.  Due to the size and weight of the rack, we cannot offer free shipping.  I apologize for the inconvenience. In order to obtain a shipping quote, we need the full shipping address.  However, the easiest thing to do is to add the Power Rack to your cart.  Then, during the check-out process, you will enter your shipping address.  At that time, all shipping options for that location will auto-populate.  You may select the best option for you, based on rate and shipping time.

  • Do you have pictures of it with the optional plate storage?

    We don't have any photos of the Power Rack on our site with the optional plate storage, but there are some on the Ghost Strong site here; https://www.ghoststrong.com/fitness-products/rack/

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