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Welcome to the product page for the last power bar you'll ever buy, just because it's that good. For best experience in learning about our new generation barbells, please visit the mini site by clicking the link below.

This bar is our IPF spec, multi purpose, power bar. It I a 29mm bar, with aggressive but not overly sharp knurl, and standard powerlifting markings. 

What is it about our new generation bars that sets them apart? With a tensile strength of over 250k PSI and a rockwell hardness of 51 RC, this bar is harder than any other currently bar on market. What this means in practical terms is that the knurl won’t wear down over the years, leaving you with a bar that is performing sub par compared to when it was new. Even where the bar contacts the rack it will maintain that fine, tacky, aggressive knurl just like the day it was unboxed. 

The knurl itself is the other piece of engineering that went into this bar this bar that we are proud of. We wanted to create something that grabbed well but wasn’t so unnecessarily sharp that it cut your hands rather than grabbing. The knurl of our bar is finer than most barbells you will find, giving the knurl more points per square inch and creating more surface area  to create friction against. 

Lastly, another small feature to differentiate our bar is the center marks in the knurl. We wanted to leave the power bar with a continuous center knurl so as to not lose any of the grip effects for squatting, but still have marking to indicate the bars center for alignment purposes.

We fully stand behind our product and believe in it wholeheartedly, which is why each bar comes with a 5 year warranty against any type of manufacturing defect. What this means is if your bar begins to wear prematurely, we will repair or replace it free of charge.  While our bar does have a higher tensile strength – what this doesn’t mean is that we will warranty against customer induced damage such as dropping the bar into metal safety pins. Depending on many variables such as the height and weight used this is just simply too much force into one area of the bar to not cause permanent deformation.

Below are complete specifications for the bar, but make sure to click the image above to load the mini-site and read more about the bars. 



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  • if I buy a next gen power bar, can I get the upgraded chromed end caps as seen in Brandon Campbell fitness video?

    Yes all Power and Squat Bars will have new end caps on them.

  • For anyone who has this bar or experience with it during deadlift dose it have a ton of whip or minimal?

    Hey Enrique,

    This bar has very minimal whip and is comparable to other 29mm power bars

  • how does this bar compare to the Eileko power bar , rogue power bar or the titex bar?

    This bar will respond similarly to the aforementioned bars, but it has a much higher rockwell hardness/tensile strength so the knurling is going to last much longer. We also have a different type of knurl compared to these bars that creates more surface area than a standard bar which improves grip.

  • Hello, I've seen the video where your bar "eats" the competitors knurling, but I wanted to know which coating was on your bar for that test. Was it the bare, uncoated bar? The reason I ask is that it seems likely the zinc coating will rub off well before the extremely hard knurling wears down. How will that affect the longevity of the bar? Once the zinc is gone and the metal begins to rust, will the knurling still be virtually indestructible?

    Barring any metal on metal impacts, the zinc finish shouldn't rub off at all, but the test was done using an electroless nickel coated bar and even that didn't eat into the finish - however that is a harder finish than the zinc. Even if the bar was stripped of it's finish, it isn't going to affect the hardness at all and even with a patina the knurling will still last just as long.

  • Hi, what finish would you suggest that will look the best over time? I've had zinc from another company in the past and it wore badly in the grip areas. I have an air conditioned space, so normally I go with bare steel, but since that is not available, would black oxide retain it's finish well with maintenance? I plan on keeping this bar forever, so would like it to look decent when I pass it on to my sons. Ha. Also, do the different finishes change the knurl feel at all? Thanks!

    You honestly could not go wrong with any of our finishes.  They will age well and the knurl will not wear down.  As for the knurl feel, there is little noticeable difference between the different finishes.

  • Hi, will these bars be available unplated at any point? Thanks, Chad

    We are not offering an unplated version of the bar.  

  • For the nickel option, is the sleeve chrome or also nickel?

    It is also nickel.

  • Wanted to know the difference between the zinc, black oxide and nickel options?

    The biggest differences are going to be in color and corossion resistance. The black oxide is black, making that unique, but it is also the least corrosion resistant. It only has a mild corrosion resistance and is better suited for climate controlled environments. 

    The zinc and nickel are pretty equally corrosion resistant, but look fairly different. There are pictures of the two finishes for both the Duffalo bar and the Shoulderok. The zinc has a more blue-ish silver look to it, where the nickel has a shinier bronze look to it. The nickel is also significantly harder and more durable than the zinc finish as well. 

  • Greetings, I just a had a quick question about the electroless nickel coating. How is this compared to just zinc? I have not seen this offered before. Thank you for your time.

    The electroless nickel coating is a very high end coating often used in engineering parts. Most plating shops don't have tanks big enough to accomodate a barbell so not a lot of companies offer it. It will have a very similar high level of corossion resistance like the zinc, but it will keep it's shine a lot longer and is a harder finish.

  • is this bar available to purchase in the uk?

    We do and have shipped our New Gen Power Power Bar to the UK, UPS must be selected due to USPS not being able to ship this item due to it's length.

  • Is the power bar the bar you use for deadlifting?

    We are working on a deadlift bar, we are currently in the research and development phase for that particular bar. The Powr bar is a great all round bar for the Big 3 lifts

  • Describe the feel of the knurling between the 3 coatings

    The Zinc and Nickel are very simular with the feel of the knurl, the Black Oxide is the closet to a bare bar feel due to the fact that there is no added material from plating. 

  • Hi there, is there any knowledge about electroless nickel being less allergic to the human skin compared to galvanic nickel? I really like the look of the electroless nickel finish but I would like to gather more infomation about this topic before purchasing. Thank you and best regards Markus (from Germany)

    Hey Markus,

    To my knowledge there wouldn't be much of a difference, and if you have a nickel allergy I would recommend avoiding that finish.

  • If the knurling wears down, is it warrantied? I have unlined J cups that are notorious for eating away at a barbell's knurling, and I'm hoping that this power bar will not have the knurling eaten away as well

    The heat treat we do on the bar ensures that the knurlling won't wear away after a few months/year

  • Does this barbell come with the replacement chrome end caps?

    All barbell orders now ship with stamped metal endcaps

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