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New Generation Power Bar [Pre-Sale]

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For best experience in learning about our new generation barbells, please visit the mini site by clicking the link below.

NOTE: This is a pre-order for a bar based on the delivery timeline.

NOTE: International customers - Please select UPS for shipping, the length of these bars prevents them from being shipped via USPS 

NOTE: Pre-Sale pricing is discounted 10% off retail price. 

The long awaited release of our Power Bar is almost here! After a year of design, engineering, testing and retesting - we finally have settled on a production version that satisfies all of our expectations and quality/performance standards. 

Below is a timeline of where we are in the production process, as well as complete specifications for the bar. 

This is a PRESALE, which means you will receive your bar based on the pre-sale timeline and based on the sequence in which orders were received. We are planning on starting to ship pre-sale units between November 1 and 15.


Brand Kabuki Strength
Bar Weight 20 kilograms (calibrated) 
Length 86.5" (Total Bar)
Steel Type SAE Aerospace-grade Steel Alloy
Tensile Strength Between 250,000 and 258,000 PSI (certification available by request)
Material Hardness HRC 51 (certification available by request)
Bar Diameter 29mm
Knurl Type Proper powerlifting knurl, indestructible
Center Knurl Yes
Knurl Marks Powerlifting
Sleeve Coating Zinc
Loadable Sleeve Length 15.625"
Hardware Bushing
Warranty Lifetime
Origin Manufactured in the USA using American Steel

Questions & Answers

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  • Greetings, I just a had a quick question about the electroless nickel coating. How is this compared to just zinc? I have not seen this offered before. Thank you for your time.

    The electroless nickel coating is a very high end coating often used in engineering parts. Most plating shops don't have tanks big enough to accomodate a barbell so not a lot of companies offer it. It will have a very similar high level of corossion resistance like the zinc, but it will keep it's shine a lot longer and is a harder finish.