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The 250k Power Bar

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    • The legend returns, snag the power bar that rocked the iron world 4 years ago while you can! Limited quantities!  
    • American-made by passionate people using US steel at our manufacturing facility in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A barbell designed to last for generations.


    • Black Oxide Bars ship in 4-6 weeks.
    • Despite our best abilities and attempts, due to supply chain constraints and quality issues we are uncertain if the nickel finish power bar will be available for sale in the future.
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    • Cerakote Color Bars are not allowed to be used on competition platforms in the USPA or IPL.  Please purchase black oxide or zinc for platform use.

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Welcome to the product page for the last power bar you'll ever buy, just because it's that good. This bar is our IPF spec, multi purpose, power bar. It is a 29mm bar, with aggressive but not overly sharp Kabuknurl (our proprietary knurl pattern/type), and standard powerlifting markings. 


What is it about our new generation bars that sets them apart? With a tensile strength of over 250k PSI and a Rockwell hardness of 51 RC, this bar is harder than any other bar currently on market. What this means in practical terms is that the knurl won’t wear down over the years, leaving you with a bar that is performing sub par, compared to when it was new. Even where the bar contacts the rack it will maintain that fine, tacky, aggressive knurl, just like the day it was unboxed. 



We are very proud of the other piece of engineering that went into this bar - the knurl.  We wanted to create something that grabbed well , but wasn’t so unnecessarily sharp that it cut your hands, rather than grabbing. The knurl of our bar is finer than most barbells you will find, giving the knurl more contact points per square inch and creating more surface area in which to create friction.

Our New Generation bars are passionately made using American steel by state-of-the-art machines, and hand-assembled in Portland, Oregon. We design and manufacture these bars to function for life - bars you can proudly hand down to your children, and them to their children - making the world a better place through strength, generation after generation.



The attention to detail, material selection, construction quality, and performance of this bar place it in a class of its own, something we can say about all Kabuki barbells and products. We are passionate about doing things right, putting our customers first, and taking the time to craft something beautiful that we can all be proud of.


We fully stand behind our product and believe in it wholeheartedly, which is why each bar comes with a 5 year warranty against any type of manufacturing defect. 



Bars come with our beloved and unique stamped end-cap design that features the Kabuki Squat Face iconography as well as the weight of the bar and its country of origin (USA).



Metallurgy 101

Testing occurred throughout the entire development process for our new generation bars. Materials selection involved testing to determine the optimal steel alloy to use. Lots of testing was performed on the hardening process and figuring out a way to create the hardest bar while still allowing for whip and preventing the bar from snapping. The knurl took us many many revisions to figure out until we all agreed on the production version of the knurl – widely considered to be the best knurl in the industry. Overall this bar has been tested and retested many times with every feature and specification in mind.


In this video, our chief engineer and co-owner Chris Duffin discusses the metallurgy and science of barbells. He explains what the common numbers are data are used to describe barbells and what they mean practically in real-world performance. If you’re not convinced our bar is the best, this video will explain factually and objectively why it is.



Knurl Test 

This video shows a knurl test performed on our bar against a competitor’s power bar. The test had two components: 1) Our bar held stationary against a spinning competitors bar (on lathe) and 2) The competitor’s bar held stationary against our spinning bar.




All New Generation barbells are plated for corrosion resistance purposes. Below you will find more information about our 3 different variants. 



1. Black Oxide Bar with Nickel Sleeves

Black oxide or blackening is a conversion coating for ferrous materials, stainless steel, copper and copper based alloys, zinc, powdered metals, and silver solder. It is used to add mild corrosion resistance, for appearance and to minimize light reflection. We particularly like the gunmetal black finish it gives to the bar. It just looks badass in our opinion!


The Nickel plating on the sleeves is used in engineering applications where high wear, corrosion resistance, and hardness are needed.  Nickel plating is both more cosmetically appealing than stainless steel as well as significantly more corrosion resistant in like products than stainless steel! Nickel plating is more durable than chrome and will retain it's warm, mirror smooth polish for years until worn through.


2. "Blood Red" Cerakote with Black Oxide Sleeves 

Cerakote is a ceramic based coating, originally used in the firearms industry for its excellent corrosion resistance and wear characteristics without excessive coating buildup. This version features a signature Kabuki "Blood Red" color that pairs well with the gunmetal black oxide sleeves. Our newest, and favorite variant by far! 



3. Full Black Oxide Bar

 A gorgeous, blacked-out bar and our least expensive option. 




Limited Edition Cerakote Colors

For a time only, the Power Bar is available in two beautiful new cerakote colors--a subtle Smoky Graphite and a vibrant Bright Aqua. Both colors are accented by the chromatic glow of nickel sleeves. 


In-Depth Reviews reviewed the New Generation Power Bar soon after it was launched, and had this to say about the bar. Click here for full reivew.

"The Kabuki Strength New Generation Power Bar is the best power bar we've tested to date. Everything from the knurling to the tensile strength of the steel is superior to other power bars we've reviewed including our previous favorite, the Rogue Ohio Power Bar. If you're looking for the best, and are willing to spend money to get it, then this is a bar we highly recommend." also did a long, in-depth review on the Power Bar and rated it a 9.6 out of 10. You can read the full review here.

"The Kabuki Strength New Generation Power Bar is an outstanding all-purpose power bar that delivers performance and aesthetics. While it's a pricey barbell, it is a premium bar that will last a lifetime."


The GOAT himself, Ed Coan stopped by the Kabuki Strength booth when we were down at the US Open in San Diego a few years back and had this to say about our new generation bars (a prototype at the time)…



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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews Write one!


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  • For anyone who has this bar or experience with it during deadlift dose it have a ton of whip or minimal?

    Hey Enrique,

    This bar has very minimal whip and is comparable to other 29mm power bars

  • how does this bar compare to the Eileko power bar , rogue power bar or the titex bar?

    This bar will respond similarly to the aforementioned bars, but it has a much higher rockwell hardness/tensile strength so the knurling is going to last much longer. We also have a different type of knurl compared to these bars that creates more surface area than a standard bar which improves grip.

  • Hello, I've seen the video where your bar "eats" the competitors knurling, but I wanted to know which coating was on your bar for that test. Was it the bare, uncoated bar? The reason I ask is that it seems likely the zinc coating will rub off well before the extremely hard knurling wears down. How will that affect the longevity of the bar? Once the zinc is gone and the metal begins to rust, will the knurling still be virtually indestructible?

    Barring any metal on metal impacts, the zinc finish shouldn't rub off at all, but the test was done using an electroless nickel coated bar and even that didn't eat into the finish - however that is a harder finish than the zinc. Even if the bar was stripped of it's finish, it isn't going to affect the hardness at all and even with a patina the knurling will still last just as long.

  • Hi, what finish would you suggest that will look the best over time? I've had zinc from another company in the past and it wore badly in the grip areas. I have an air conditioned space, so normally I go with bare steel, but since that is not available, would black oxide retain it's finish well with maintenance? I plan on keeping this bar forever, so would like it to look decent when I pass it on to my sons. Ha. Also, do the different finishes change the knurl feel at all? Thanks!

    You honestly could not go wrong with any of our finishes.  They will age well and the knurl will not wear down.  As for the knurl feel, there is little noticeable difference between the different finishes.

  • Hi, will these bars be available unplated at any point? Thanks, Chad

    We are not offering an unplated version of the bar.  

  • For the nickel option, is the sleeve chrome or also nickel?

    It is also nickel.

  • Wanted to know the difference between the zinc, black oxide and nickel options?

    The biggest differences are going to be in color and corossion resistance. The black oxide is black, making that unique, but it is also the least corrosion resistant. It only has a mild corrosion resistance and is better suited for climate controlled environments. 

    The zinc and nickel are pretty equally corrosion resistant, but look fairly different. There are pictures of the two finishes for both the Duffalo bar and the Shoulderok. The zinc has a more blue-ish silver look to it, where the nickel has a shinier bronze look to it. The nickel is also significantly harder and more durable than the zinc finish as well. 

  • Greetings, I just a had a quick question about the electroless nickel coating. How is this compared to just zinc? I have not seen this offered before. Thank you for your time.

    The electroless nickel coating is a very high end coating often used in engineering parts. Most plating shops don't have tanks big enough to accomodate a barbell so not a lot of companies offer it. It will have a very similar high level of corossion resistance like the zinc, but it will keep it's shine a lot longer and is a harder finish.

  • is this bar available to purchase in the uk?

    We do and have shipped our New Gen Power Power Bar to the UK, UPS must be selected due to USPS not being able to ship this item due to it's length.

  • Is the power bar the bar you use for deadlifting?

    We are working on a deadlift bar, we are currently in the research and development phase for that particular bar. The Powr bar is a great all round bar for the Big 3 lifts

  • Hi there - I'm thinking about purchasing the Cerakote bar. It looks fantastic. Could you tell me how this will respond to being brushed? Will this impact the coating and is there a preferable way of removing chalk to avoid tarnishing the finish?

    We recommend using a brush with stiff nylon bristles.  Wire brushes have a higher chance of scratching.

  • Does this by chance ship to APO?

    Yes, we have been able to ship a Power Bar to an APO.  All current and former Military/Police/Fire/Emergency First Responders, please reach out to Charlie Ritchie at;, since you qualify for a 7% discount off most of the items in our store.  We no longer release a discount code to the public, since we found customers using it that were not affiliated with any agency/department/unit.  But, she is a former LEO herself and will verify qualifications.

  • Will the Nickel coating be a option in the future?

    We hope so.  Currently, the nickel plating is reacting badly to some of the production processes for the Power Bar, so the bars and sleeves that have returned from our plating vendor have not passed our quality assurance inspection.  We are working with our plating company to rectify this issue and as soon as we do, the nickel Power Bars will be available again.  Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline of when this will occur, but as soon as it does, we will announce it to our email subscription list and on our social media platforms.

  • Will the black sleeves peel when loading and unloading plates?

    Black oxide is a chemical process that turns the metal black, so there is no plating to 'peel'.  However, friction from adding and removing weight by sliding it along the sleeve will impact most finishes over time on all barbells.

  • How does the Red Cerakote Compare in Grip to the Nickel Finish? I wanted to get a Nickel Bar but it sounds like that is not going to be an option :(

    The cerakote feels very similar to the nickel plating.  It is thicker than zinc plating and the black oxide finish.  We are hoping to bring back nickel plating next year, once the supply chain constraints and quality issues are solved.

  • Given that the nickel isn’t an option anymore, I’m curious about the grippiness of the knurling with cerakote. The red looks great and all, but the main reason I’d buy the bar is for your legendary knurling. Yet having experienced other manufacturer’s cerakote options, it seems clear that the finish has a slight softening effect on knurling. How do you see the difference - or maybe, do you?

    The cerakote is a thicker, more corrosion-resistant finish and therefore does have an impact on the knurling.  If you prefer sharper knurling, we would recommend the black oxide finish.  This is a chemical process that turns the metal black, but offers little to no corrosion resistance.  If you live in a humid area, this would not be a good choice.  We suggest treating these bars a few times a year with a light coat of 3in1 or mineral oil, applied to the sleeves and center bar with a cloth.  That will help seal out moisture and keep corrosion at bay.

  • Are you discontinuing the electroless nickel option?

    We are not discontinuing the option, we are just unable to offer it, at this time.  We are uncertain when the supply chain issues will be resolved, which is why we chose to offer the new cerakote option.

  • Are the black sleeves on the red cherakote bar black oxide?

    Yes, the black sleeves on the red cerakote bar are the black oxide finishing.

  • Hello, Is the full nickel coating ever coming back?

    We hope so.  Unfortunately, despite our best abilities and attempts, due to supply chain constraints and quality issues, we are uncertain when the nickel finish will be available to purchase on our site.

  • Should I expect to see any wear and tear on the sleeve finish from constant loading and unloading of iron plates? Specifically the Electroless Nickel finish. Thanks!

    You will see some wear and tear over time, but it will definitely be less with the nickel finish, since that is the hardest form of plating we offer.

  • Will I damage the black oxide finish by using a steel brush to clean the bar?

    Yes, that is a possibility, but you may not notice if the only area you are using that brush is within the knurl where you handle the bar.  Otherwise, you can just wipe the bar and sleeves down with a light coat of 3in1 oil applied to a cloth a few times a year.  That will help seal out moisture and assist with corrosion resistance.

  • Describe the feel of the knurling between the 3 coatings

    The Zinc and Nickel are very simular with the feel of the knurl, the Black Oxide is the closet to a bare bar feel due to the fact that there is no added material from plating. 

  • I was wondering how thick is the electroless nickel finish? And what percentage of phosphorous content is it?

    The electroless nickel plating is 0.5 mil to 1 mil thick.   The phosphorus content varies.

  • Hello, may I ask how many kg is the ultimate bearing capacity of barbell bar?

    The Power Bar has been successfully tested with 1,500 lbs of static load.

  • Does the knurling extend all the way to the sleeves, or is there an unknurled section?

    The knurling extends almost all the way down to the sleeve attachment point.  There is about an inch of space on the bar that is unknurled adjacent to the sleeve.  You can see this in the photos that are on the product page here;

    Click the photographs on the right hand margin and you can see where the knurling starts and ends.  There are some unknurled spaces in the center of the bar, as well.  Only the Squat Bar is fully knurled across the entire bar.

  • Hello, I want to purchase your "Power Bar" in the black oxide. I have two questions: 1. I will be using this bar mainly for bench pressing/incline bench press. Is this bar the same specs as a standard bar used for bench press ( length, diameter, etc)? I do understand that the quality is superior. 2. Will the collars scratch and lose their color over time due to adding & removing weights?

    Yes, the Power Bar is a bench press bar that is both IPF and IPL approved and used on many competition platforms worldwide for bench press.  The sleeves may show wear and tear over time due to the addition and subtraction of weight, just like most barbell sleeves.

  • Plating option changed from bright nickel to electroless nickle. Has anything changed in the manufacturing process and the finish, or is this simple a name change

    Nothing changes in manufacturing when switching from bright nickel to electroless.  The color of electroless nickel is a bit more dull, but it has a better feel in the hands because it is thinner. Electroless actually bonds to the steel itself and has less of a chance of chipping. Most lifters like the feeling of electroless nickel on our knurling, rather than bright nickel.

  • How much weight can this bar hold?

    The Power Bar has been tested with 1,500 lbs of static load.

  • Hi thank you for every things you do over here for all people who love lifting weight , powerlifting and all kind of athletes. My question is about the power bar what’s it used for exactly I mean it’s for deadlifts or press , ?

    The Kabuki Strength Power Bar is a great all-around bar for squats, bench press and deadlift.  It is a stiff bar and used on many IPL and IPF powerlifting meet platforms around the world.

  • I have limited space in my workout room. I’d like a next gen bar with shorter sleeves, something about 12” long each and keep the 51” shaft width. Are custom orders available?

    We are unable to create custom barbells.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Hello, I was wondering if the Black Oxide Power Bar looks as awesome on the production ones as it does on the promo picture? If you were going to buy a Power Bar what finish or plating would you get? Or if someone like myself was going to fire in and purchase The Power Bar coming from an e-coat and bare steel barbell?

    The black oxide barbell is definitely a favorite.  However, black oxide is a chemical process to turn the metal black and offers little to no corrosion-resistance.  If you live in a humid environment, that could prove challenging.  However, if you use a cloth to apply a light coat of mineral or 3in1 oil to the bar and sleeves every couple of months, that should help keep corrosion at bay.  Black oxide does just fine for us inside The Lab here in Oregon.  Zinc plating would be a more protective option and nickel is our most corrosion-resistant option.

  • I have an edge fitness monolift (no UHMW like the rogue mono lift) on my power rack which I like to use when benching and squatting. Unfortunately the metal on metal has worn out the knurling on my current barbell. Will this eventually happen to the Kabuki powerbar over time or will the knurling last a lifetime?

    Our knurling will last a lifetime!  Take a look at the video Chris did testing our knurl against a competitor's bar;  Our Power Bar will hold up very well, no matter the rack you are using.

  • Which material will have the best resistance to oxidization.

    Nickel plating is the most corrosion-resistant, followed by zinc.  Black oxide is a chemical process and not a plating option, so it offers very little corrosion-resistance.

  • What lifts is this barbell designed for?

    The Power Bar is designed for all lifts.  It is most popular as a bench press and squat bar, but is also a good stiff bar for deadlifting and bent over rows.  It is used as the competition bench and squat bar on many USPA and USAPL platforms.

  • Do you ship to Israel ? And if yes, how it cost with with shipping Please contact me on my email

    In order to obtain a shipping quote, you will need the full shipping address.  The best way is to go to our website and add the items you want to your cart.  During the check out process, you will enter your shipping address and at that time, all shipping options for that location will auto-populate.  You may select the best option for you, based on rate and shipping time.  Most of our international customers prefer to use UPS's Worldwide Expedited shipping option, since it also covers customs brokerage fees.

  • What is the diameter of the sleeves on your power bar? Will they fit Ivanko Plates without being too tight? Thanks!

    The Power Bar sleeve diameter is 1.959 inches (+/- 0.010).  Yes, Ivanko plates fit the sleeves well.

  • Hi, I was wondering if you guys ship to Australia at all? If yes, i am interested to know how much the all in price (either AUD or USD) would be for the bright zinc version would be. Cheers, Franz

    We do ship to Australia!  In order to obtain a shipping quote, just add the item(s) you are interested in to your online cart.  Then when you get to the check out screen, enter the complete shipping address and our system will give you all of the options available and their cost.  Most of our international customers prefer to use UPS's Worldwide Expedited Shipping option, since it also covers customs brokerage fees.

  • What is the reason for the two center lines in the middle of the bar, compared to other bars have none ? Also which bar coating will you the best raw feeling ? Thank you !

    Hey Aram,

    IPF rules require a continuous center knurling, but we like the idea of the exact center of the bar being marked for the purposes of lining up properly, and that was just a way for us to continue the knurl through the bar while still marking the center. 

    As far as the closest to a raw feel, black oxide will definitely be your best bet. Zinc and nickel are both plating options that add metal to the surface of the bar, which can dull the feeling of the knurl slightly. Black oxide is just a type of oxidation or rust that they apply to the bar to blacken it, and doesn't actually add any additional material to the surface.

  • Is there a warranty on these bars?

    All of our bars carry a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect. Warranty against bending does not cover any bar which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, alteration, maintenance, storage, or handling by the user. Negligent or faulty use includes abusive dropping of the bar (i.e., dropping the bar on a box, bench, spotter arms or pins in a power rack, excessive dropping with insufficient or damaged plates, excessive dropping with iron plates, excessive dropping on concrete or similar surfaces, and similar usage). Any specific issues regarding a Kabuki Strength product with which a customer is not satisfied will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    That warranty information can be found here:

  • Hello, I am local to Portland and am thinking about buying a power bar, could I pick up at the lab if I order? How would I note this while ordering? Thanks

    When you place your order, there will be a box that asks for 'notes'.  State that you would like to pick up your order at The Lab in person and list your phone number & email address.  When your bar has been produced, our shipping dept will contact you to let you know that it's ready.  Unfortunately, our website still charges shipping at check out, but we will refund that portion of the charge when you pick up your bar!

  • I do a lot of standard powerlifting movements but every once in a while a get the urge to throw in some oly stuff ( maybe 1-2 times a week ) would you say this is a bar that can handle that?

    Yes, though that is not it's designed purpose, the Power Bar could be used for Olympic lifting, if the urge were to strike.  

  • Is the a 20kg version of the Power Bar?

    Good news - our New Generation Power Bar weighs 20kg! 

  • Hi there, is there any knowledge about electroless nickel being less allergic to the human skin compared to galvanic nickel? I really like the look of the electroless nickel finish but I would like to gather more infomation about this topic before purchasing. Thank you and best regards Markus (from Germany)

    Hey Markus,

    To my knowledge there wouldn't be much of a difference, and if you have a nickel allergy I would recommend avoiding that finish.

  • If the knurling wears down, is it warrantied? I have unlined J cups that are notorious for eating away at a barbell's knurling, and I'm hoping that this power bar will not have the knurling eaten away as well

    The heat treat we do on the bar ensures that the knurlling won't wear away after a few months/year

  • Is your electroless nickel the most durable coating you offer? Does it have higher hardness than hard chrome, zinc, and cerakote?

    Yes, the nickel plating is the hardest finish we offer.  It is more durable than the zinc plating, which is more durable than the cerakote finish.  We do not offer chrome as a finish option on any of our bars.

  • It says wait list, is there actually a list you can get on or do we just have to wait until they are back in stock

    The wait list is a place to enter an email address.  Once an item is entered into stock, an alert email is sent to all email addresses on that list to let people know the item can be purchased.  It is our recommendation to purchase as soon as the email is received, since some items sell out very quickly.