PAL - Pioneer Adjustable Lever


The Pioneer Adjustable Level [commonly abbreviated as PAL] is a patent-pending innovation on the standard lever belt buckle that allows for granular adjustment of 1/2" spacing, allowing for much better/more efficient control and variability of belt tightness for training purposes.


This branded version of the PAL features our signature squat face laser printed onto a semi-gloss black powdercoat finish. Purchase the PAL standalone here or as an add-on to our signature {anti-fragile} or embossed leather belts. 




  • 1/2″ tightness settings
  • Interchangeable with most Lever Belts
  • Alleviates the use of a Screw Driver
  • USPA Approved



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  • Do you guys give a active duty army discount?

    We absolutely have a military discount.  Military/Police/Fire & all First Responders receive a 7% discount off from most of the items in our store and the Pioneer products do apply.  All we need to create a draft invoice for you with the discount applied is a copy of your military/VA ID or DD214, a shipping address, phone number and the list of the items you would like to purchase.  You can also email directly from your military/department/agency email address as proof, if you are still active.  Please send the proof of service and order information to and she will create a draft invoice for payment.

  • Will this work with an inzer 13mm belt?

    According to Pioneer, the PAL works with 'most' 13mm belts.  However, if you receive it and it does not work with your particular belt, you can return it to us directly for a refund.

  • Will this work with an inzer or Rdx belt?

    The PAL will probably not work on the RDX, as it is a pretty pliable belt.  According to Pioneer, they have had lots of customers say Inzers are a go.  They may take a bit of retrofitting, like widening the holes, but nothing major.

  • Can I use this with the shaved leather belt?


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