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    IASTM, or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a myofascial release (massage) methodology developed by one of the largest and strongest men in the world - Donnie Thompson. Besides being a famous powerlifter and the first human to lift 3,000 pounds total in the squat, bench press, and deadlift, Donnie is also a world-renowned rehab specialist sought-after by countless athletes in different sports and disciplines. Why? Because he came up with a method that allows for the traditional effects of a time-intensive, hands-on deep-tissue massage in a drastically shorter period of time. Read more below...

    Watch videos on the Pain Pill and  IASTM via the image link above! 
    Watch videos on the Boomstick and IASTM via the image link above and check out this introduction to tempering and self-use video:


    What if you could get the same effects of a 60 minute deep-tissue massage in only 5 minutes? This sounds like a gimmicky tag-line that's too good to be true, right? 

    It's not.  

    So how does it work? Quite simple actually, it's a weighted device (44lbs) which allows for pressure to be placed on a specific area via the contoured ends and modulated by either pushing against the implement or resisting it. Additionally the knurled middle part of the implement can also be used to both put pressure against the skin and twisted to provide a shearing effect to the tissue and fascia.

    Thousands of our Pain Pills have been purchased by athletes around the world - enabling them to spend less time on body maintenance and more time training or competing. We've also seen many massage practitioners implement this tool and technique as a way of increasing both the effectiveness of their work and the amount of work they can do at a given time. 

    The best part? You don't have to be an athlete, coach, or massage therapist to use this tool. It's friendly enough to be used by anyone, either on themselves as the subject or on another person. We provide video tutorials displaying the use of the Pain Pill as well as other resources for proper use of the tool and method. 

    Alright then, maybe you're sold on it. But isn't it just a shiny and smooth piece of steel? Why does it cost as much as it does? Unfortunately the cost of raw steel and having it professionally milled is quite steep, if you don't believe us feel free to go to a metal fabricator and ask how much a Pain Pill would cost as a one-off piece? Let's just say it's going to cost quite a bit more than our price. Besides this, you are not just paying for the tool itself, but the knowledge that comes along with the Body Tempering method as well as content that we are continuously producing and releasing for our audience and customers. 

    Your purchase includes:
    Coupon for 20% off your subscription to
    - Additional videos to Move Better, Train Smarter, and Get Stronger
    - Indexed video library with hundreds of movement, cueing, corrective videos.

    You can read more about IASTM on Muscle & Fitness or in this podcast with Donnie and Legendary Coach Joe Defranco.

    Kabuki Pain Pill

    Common Uses:
    - IASTM or "Body Tempering"
    - Targeting Trigger Points with Contoured Ends
    - Shearing of Fascia and Muscle Tissue

    Video with Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD 

    Longer Interview with Kelly Starrett on the Boomstick and Pain Pill

    Results like the following video have become "run of the mill" with this product.  We have consistently seen the same results repeatedly.

    More Info
    This new product was developed by our product engineers at Kabuki Strength in conjunction with World Famous Strength Coach, Donnie Thompson. The Pain Pill is a body tempering tool for all serious athletes and is best used individually or with a teammate to diffuse and break up muscle and adhesive tissue. This highly anaerobic tool allows myofascial release to be done in seconds instead of hours and will allow the muscle to perform at its best.
    "When it comes out of the box you can tell no stone was left unturned and every detail has a purpose. I really like the weight of it and the knurl through the middle is just sharp enough to create shear across the layers of soft tissue without being too aggressive. I like the diameter and the ends do a very nice job of helping you get deep into the shoulders and hips. It is very easily maneuverable for personal use and so far the people I've used it on it has really saved me the overuse of my hands and I can back of the pressure or really lay into them when necessary. As someone who is a practicing chiropractor and a lifter I am always searching for tools that help me address the soft tissue aspects of treatment without creating even more stress on my own body. Top notch."
    Travis Jewett, DC
    MWOD Seminar Staff
    The Pain Pill is a perfect complement to the Thompson Geisha Roller as body tempering device. This 44 lb. high-grade steel tool is highly effective as a body-tempering roller for the smaller extremities.
    The weight and perfectly contoured ends are designed to optimize use for targeting specific trigger points when used on yourself, or by a body worker or clinician. There is not a better tool for targeting the deep tissue and effectively releasing key trigger points in the pecs, shoulders, subscap, hamstring and more.
    The knurl isn't just for grip, its mild enough not to cut the skin and allow it to be twisted  providing a shearing effect to fascia and muscle tissue.  
    The Pain Pill can be used pre or post workout to prepare the muscle for training or to assist in post training relief. To defeat hypertonicity, you need the Pain Pill.
    All Boomsticks are now Zinc-plated
    A quick note on shipping costs...
    (we recently re-negotiated our shipping rates due to increased volume thanks to customers like you. As a result, you will see a savings of around 50% on shipping for heavier equipment like this product via UPS Ground)

    We are proud to announce a partnership with Kustom Kit Gym Equipment! Kustom Kit is a UK-based manufacturer of strength equipment and we have partnered with them to produce Boomsticks and PainPills and offer them to our European customers without the typical egregious shipping rates from the US to Europe! The Boomsticks/PainPills produced by KK are identical to those produced by us here in the states, the only difference to you is the amount you'll be saving on shipping! Rates vary from £10 in the UK, to between £10 and £20 for most of Western/Central Europe and slightly higher going further east! 

    Norway/Sweden/Finland customers may have to pay an additional "remote delivery" surcharge.

    European Boomstick/PainPill customers can follow our regular checkout and will see the extremely discounted rates after inputing their shipping address. Please note that all other products will ship from our facility in the US and standard international shipping rates apply.

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    • Rough price for boomstick to get posted to australia?

      To give you a shipping quote, I would need your exact address.

    • What are the pros and cons in discussing which one to buy, the boomstick or pain pill? I work on all varieties of athletes from my small Olympic gymnasts and figure skaters to all my large NFL athletes. I want to give this a shot but not sure which to start with.

      Typically we recommend the Boomstick to first-time tempering users, as it is much more friendly to handle and use. It also works more effectively in getting into hard-to reach areas such as the sub-scap and anterior lat insertions, whereas the bigger Pain Pill is more effective for larger muscles like the pecs/quads. 

    • What does the zinc treatment do for the pain pill

      The zinc plating is very thin metal coating that goes over the product, it won’t change the function at all but it will prevent the product from rusting and keep it cosmetically nice for a very long time.

    • Can you manipulate either of these by yourself ?

      Absolutely. There should be a video in the description of both products with a brief synopsis of using them on yourself.

    • Hello, do you guys ship the pain pill/boomstick to Germany? Best regards

      We do!

    • I'm thinking about purchasing Painpill/boomstick. Which one would you recommend if I must use it on myself?

      Absolutely! The Boomstick is much easier to handle and use on one's own self without help, being half the weight of the PainPill. There are many techniques that just can't be done without the help of another person, so keep that in mind and find a super buddy to help! 

    • I currently own a boomstick and was curious the size difference in the painpill. I know it's 22lbs heavier but what are the dimensions?

      The pain pill is a 3 inch diameter and the same length, with the knurling along the same length as the boomstick 

    • I weight at around 195lbs so I usually use a 45lb barbell to perform shearing and soft tissue mobility on quads hams, and around the shoulder pec attachment. The question is, would the boomstick be more useful or the pain pill? I'm involved in crossfit and I'm usually rather tight. Thank you

      The diameter of the painpill makes it better suited for larger muscle groups or larger individuals and is a little too wide to work on some of the smaller musculature of the body (upper back for instance) where as the boomstick is much more versatile 

    • Can I pick up my order?

      Please email with your order info and we can get that arranged for you. 

    • Whats the difference between the pain pill and the boomstick?

      The PainPill is 44 lbs and the Boomstick is 22lbs. The PainPill is also larger in diameter than the Boomstick by about 1 inch. 

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