MWK Signature Series Wrist Wraps

Train Harder, Faster, and Safer with MWK Wraps!

Available for a limited time only!! 

AMM is excited to announce the release of the Midwest Kong (MWK) Signature Series Wrist Wraps, a tribute to Brandon “Midwest Kong” Copeland, to show our appreciation for all of his hard work and dedication, celebrating his success. MWK Wrist Wraps offer you stable wrist support when powerlifting, weightlifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFitting, or strongman training. MWK Wrist Wraps have no thumb loop, they feature a "Belt Loop Tightening System" that acts like a belt around your wrist. This allows for better blood flow to the hands and significantly improves comfort. MWK Wraps measure 20" long by 3" wide and are made from a special blend of high-grade 50% cotton, 40% rubber and 10% polyester which absorbs sweat and moisture, won’t cause irritation to your skin. Tested for strength and endurance.


Sold in pairs.
Belt loop.
Reinforced Stitching.
Total length of each wrap is 20 inches including velcro.
16 inches of fabric + 4 inches of velcro = 20 inches in total.
Width of each wrap is 3 inches.
Velcro has a width of 2 inches to secure your wraps.
50% cotton, 40% rubber and 10% polyester construction.


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