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Monthly Coaching

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What’s Included?

  • Monthly Program Management – Every 4-weeks your program will be updated and delivered back to you in 24hr or less. This option is best for athletes who have experienced our Weekly Coaching option and who don’t have glaring movement problems.
  • Technique Feedback – Just like the Weekly option we will provide technique feedback during each check-in but, it doesn’t include full-blown movement coaching.
  • Athlete Dashboard – This is where you submit your training plan, videos, and any other feedback each week. You’ll also have links to our video library, Facebook group, and your Coaches calendar so you can schedule phone or Skype calls whenever you’d like.
  • Athlete Exclusive Benefits – Also on the dashboard you’ll have access to unique discount codes to our store that may be applied to equipment, apparel, or any other products in our store. You’ll also receive a free Lab membership.
  • 100% Individualized Training Plan – No stone is left unturned in our initial assessment. We look at movement quality, injury history, available equipment, days you want to train, sleep habits, hydration, and many other factors. All of this information comes together in your training plan specifically for you.
  • 50% Off All Educational Courses – As a client you will get half-off pricing for any Kabuki Strength educational course taking place throughout the year in various locations. Course registration fees range from $500 to $650 so the savings are substantial.


What Is Monthly Coaching?

A slight variant of our flagship Virtual Coaching service, Monthly Coaching carries all the same principles of long term athletic development and goal oriented training. The biggest difference in this service is rather than checking in once per week, you will receive your training plan in four-week blocks and check in once every four weeks after completing it. You still have the same access to unlimited email/skype communication, but your check ins will be less frequent. This makes this a service well suited for people who have been Weekly Coaching clients in the past, and are heading into an off-season period, or for those people who need slightly less individualized attention from week to week.


Something that sets us apart from other coaching services is that we are exactly that, a coaching service. This is not a template, or even just an individual program. Our goal is long term development of the individual and we try to cover all the bases for that as it relates to training. In addition to receiving an updated training program monthly, you will also receive an invitation to join our community, and access to Kabuki.ms. This option does not include a custom movement plan but your coach will still be available for technique reviews.


Remote coaching has some unique obstacles not present during tradition in-person coaching. Most challenges revolve around communication which is why we’ve created systems to manage multiple communicatory paths. We combine the objective information provided in your training log with the subjective information provided in your weekly check-ins to decide what needs updated and ultimately to determine how effective the training is.


Who Is This Service Good For?

Monthly Coaching is best reserved for individuals who are slightly more autonomous, who don’t require quite as much hands-on coaching, or who have previously used our Weekly Coaching. While we primarily work with strength athletes (powerlifters, weightlifters, strongman, etc.) this is a service that has benefitted individuals from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking to set a new world record or just looking to be able to pick things up pain free and continue to train and lead a healthy lifestyle, we are here to help you reach those goals. As this service is less involved from a coaching standpoint than Weekly Coaching this service is best used by individuals who feel comfortable making educated decisions during the course of a structured training plan.


Who is this appropriate for?

  • Athletes with previous virtual coaching experience
  • Athletes in an off season
  • People who are less interested in individual attention
  • Athletes who are very comfortable during the training process


The Kabuki Strength Difference

Coaching goes far beyond just a program. Once you become part of the Kabuki Strength Team you become the most important person to us. Your goals become our goals and we only have your best interest in mind.There’s just something special about having someone in your corner no matter what. Becoming a member of our team is like having someone you can always rely on to provide you with the complete support and objective feedback possible to support your goals.This is much more than what’s written in your training log. We are here to foster a relationship that is lasting. Normal training has many high points and equally deep low points. We want to experience all of it with you.


We’ve spent years pouring through scientific material to better understand what makes top performers in our field great. Through this effort and applying what we learn everyday to athletes across the world we’ve developed a truly unique approach that combines a clinically based movement system with scientific training practices.

We are a coaching and education company first. When you join our athlete roster you receive a data driven training program built 100% from scratch for you only. Your will be program fluid and we adapt to your needs as an athlete. At the end of the day our ultimate goal is to take as much off your plate as possible to allow you to completely focus on gaining strength, building muscle, being healthier, and moving better.

To learn more about coaching, visit our coaching site here.


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