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Micro Gainz 1lb Dumbbell Fractional Weight


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Micro Gainz plates' patent-pending design makes loading dumbbells, barbells, and other strength training equipment in smaller increments as easy as "snap and go."

Micro Gainz plates offer a great solution to progressing loaded movements by small increments--a game-changer when it comes to exercises like rear delt flyes that don't require a lot of weight to create a training stimulus. ⁣



  • Designed to clamp onto the handle of most dumbbells

  • Internal spring for optimal clamping power

  • Pieces riveted together

  • Made from strong sintered steel

  • Plates are 4.25” in diameter

  • Plates are 1/4” thick

  • Pressed in logo and weight

  • Plates accurate to specified weight by +/- 10 grams

  • Matte black coating

  • Made in the USA!



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