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Micro Gainz 1.25lb Fractional Weight


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Micro Gainz plates' patent-pending design makes loading dumbbells, barbells, and other strength training equipment in smaller increments as easy as "snap and go."

Micro Gainz plates offer a great solution to progressing loaded movements by small increments--a game-changer when it comes to exercises like rear delt flyes that don't require a lot of weight to create a training stimulus.



  • Designed to clamp onto the handle of most dumbbells

  • Internal spring for optimal clamping power

  • Pieces riveted together

  • Made from strong sintered steel

  • Plates are 4.25” in diameter

  • Plates are 3/8” thick

  • Pressed in logo and weight

  • Plates accurate to specified weight by +/- 10 grams

  • Matte black coating

  • Made in the USA!



Ask a Question
  • 1. The plates come in pairs. Does each plate weigh 1.25 lbs to equal 2.5 lbs (if both are used on the DB), or do both weight plates together weigh 1.25 lbs? thank you.

    One plate is 1.25lb so a pair of plates would be a total weight of 2.5lb.

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