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Extra Kratos Flywheels

Purchase additional Kratos flywheels here. By default, the Kratos unit ships with Medium and XL flywheels, covering a broad range of applications and individual sizes/strength.

Smaller flywheels are quicker to spool up and use with low intensity in applications such as rehab and recovery, or for smaller, untrained individuals. 


Please allow 4 weeks for flywheels to ship.


Size (Weight) Inertia (kg*m^2)

XL (11.94lbs) = 0.0617
L (8.3lbs) = 0.0297
M (5.88lbs) = 0.0149
S (4.16lbs) = 0.0074
XS (2.65lbs) = 0.0066

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write one!


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  • How do you make it expandable to 8 plates?

    There is an additional extender piece that will soon be able to be purchased on our site.

  • Where can I find an instructional manual for the Kratos? I am having difficulty installing up the wall mount setup.

    If your Kratos installation instructions were not included within your packaging, please email our Customer Service Division directly at;

  • Can a small flywheel be used with a strong individual for speed inertia without the band creating slack or binding?

    Yes, it can.  It's great for power and ballistic training.

  • Can more than wheel be loaded at a time to further customize the load?

    Yes, the Kratos will handle 4 plates and is expandable to 8.