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Kratos Flywheel - Dual-Axis Inertial Training


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    Click the image above to learn more about Kratos! This product page contains basic information, to get the full experience you'll want to visit the Kratos page. If you have any questions about the Kratos, use the red support button below to reach our customer service team or submit a question via the grey "Question" button above. 



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    • Wall mount version ships in 2 boxes, rack mount version ships in 1 box.
    • All accessories including selected belt ship separately. 



    1. Wall Mount OR Rack Mount Bracket (choose one)
      1. Wall Mount includes tube, wall mount anchor, and remote anchor loader.
      2. Rack Mount includes standard 3" hole spacing rack mount anchor, remote anchor loader, and deck anchor. Compatibility Details
    2. Belt Squat Belt OR Front Squat Harness by  Spud (choose one) (sizing)
    3. FREE Angles 90 Grips
    4. Medium and XL Flywheels (purchase more here)
    5. FREE 6 months of access to Kabuki Education's Video Library
      1. Kratos Exercise Videos

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    Hypertrophy Training

    There are many pathways and strategies for stimulating muscle hypertrophy. Of them, mechanical tension, total volume, and metabolic stress are the primary catalysts. The Kratos excels at stimulating metabolic stress under high mechanic tension making it an unconventional yet effective tool for hypertrophy training. The Kratos may be used as a standalone device however it can be a formidable 1:2 punch when combined with traditional barbell, dumbbell or machine training. Traditional methods of training emphasize concentric muscle load to produce an overloading hypertrophy stimulus whereas the Kratos provides an overloading eccentric muscle load. Combining these two types of muscle loads will provide a much greater stimulus than if you were to target a single type.


    Sport Specific Strength Training

    One unique application of the Kratos is in grappling sports such as wrestling, and the various subdivisions of MMA. Combat sports require athletes to resist movement of an opponent. At the physiological level this movement resistance is translated as isometric/eccentric muscle load. Resisting the force of an opponent can be simulated on the Kratos through the overloading action of the flywheel. In practical terms the stored energy in the flywheel feels like a constant force pulling on your body while you are performing exercises. This is far different than a standard cable machine or free weight implement where the load is static.

    An emerging area of study for eccentric overload training is teaching movement deceleration. Deceleration is a primary component to agility and change of direction for field sport athletes. The Kratos may also influence post activation potentiation (PAP) by providing a significant neural response during eccentric overload. Overloading this phase of movement may prime the nervous system before jumping, bounding, or doing other explosive type exercises. This neural priming allows users to express greater power output when external load is removed.



    The ability to change the intensity of the Kratos without having to switch between different machines, bars, or weights makes it a perfect candidate for applying time under tension training techniques. By using variable load management, you can effectively perform very hard total body exercises over a longer period of time. To do this with traditional implements you would need to combine different dumbbells, bars, or machines to effectively scale load. The benefit of the Kratos is the ability to sustain continuous work without taking time to transition to different implements or weights. This will lead to higher training density which should be a primary goal of anyone who wants to improve their conditioning. Greater training density ultimately means your time in the gym will be spent efficiently.


    Rehabilitation and Recovery

    When it comes to exercise intervention during rehab and recovery scaling load is one of the first variables strength coaches and clinical experts will adjust. A unique advantage the Kratos has is letting the user adjust load based on effort and how challenging they feel the stimulus is. This is more of an agile approach to scaling exercise load than traditional fixed training implements such as barbells and dumbbells. Specific case studies involving lower back injuries show benefit of the Kratos to re-introduce load by limiting the total axial force through the spine. Other unique strategies include reintroducing load to tendons without relying on excessive amounts of concentric muscular action. Because the Kratos overloads the eccentric portion of movement users are able to target connective tissues post injury with much higher eccentric loading than would be possible with barbells, machines, or dumbbells.



    Rack Mount Compatibility


    The rack mount version of Kratos fits most standard racks with the following common characteristics. If you are unsure about fitment, please email our customer service team via the red button below.


    • Standard 3" square tube rack
    • Standard 2" hole spacing
    • Standard 5/8" hole diameter
    • Unobstructed base


     Belt Squat Sizing


    • Small (45" long, 3.5" wide)
    • Medium (45" long, 5.5" wide)
    • Regular (54" long, 5.5" wide)


    Front Squat Harness Sizing


    • Small (80-150lbs)
    • Large (150-225lbs)
    • XL (225-325lbs)
    • XXL (350lbs +)



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      12 month warranty; not including wear items (bearings, straps, pulleys). Warranty does not include any cosmetic blemishes that could result from use or damage from misuse.


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      Ask a Question
      • What warranty does the Kratos include?

        12  month limited warranty, not including wear items (bearings, straps, pulleys). Does not include warranty against any cosmetic blemishes that could result from regular use or damage from misuse.

      • What is the inertia per wheel measured in KG squared?

        XL (11.94lbs) = 0.0617
        L (8.3lbs) = 0.0297
        M (5.88lbs) = 0.0149
        S (4.16lbs) = 0.0074
        XS (2.65lbs) = 0.0066

      • does this come with a flywheel? if so which size does it come with?


        1. Wall Mount OR Rack Mount Bracket (choose one)
          1. Wall Mount includes tube, wall mount anchor, and remote anchor loader.
          2. Rack Mount includes standard 3" hole spacing rack mount anchor, remote anchor loader, and deck anchor. Compatibility Details
        2. Belt Squat Belt OR Front Squat Harness by  Spud (choose one) (sizing)
        3. FREE Angles 90 Grips
        4. Medium and XL Flywheels (purchase more here)
        5. FREE 6 months of access to Kabuki Education's Video Library
          1. Kratos Exercise Videos

      • Hi, I have purchased the Kabuki Trap bar HD as well as the Kadillac bar and had them shipped to Canada no problem. I went to order the Kratos Flywheel system, and it says that it won't ship to Canada? Is there some way you can help me with this as I would really like to purchase this product.

        We do ship the Kratos to Canada and I had no problem having the shipping populate using the previous address we had from you on Woodpecker Drive.  Please email Customer Service directly at info@kabukistrength.com with which Kratos unit you would like to purchase (wall mount or rack mount), which free accessory you'd like with the size (belt squat belt or front squat harness) and any other add-ons you would like to buy.  If your telephone number or shipping address has changed, please let us know.  Our Customer Service Agents can create the draft invoice for you and email it back for payment.

      • How much to ship one of these to Sydney Australia?

        In order to obtain a shipping quote, you will need the full shipping address.  The best way to obtain that estimate is to go to our website and add the items you want to your online cart.  Then, during the check-out process, you will enter your shipping address.  At that time, all shipping options for that location will auto-populate.  You may select the best option for you, based on rate and shipping time.  

      • Any word on you development progress on you 3x3 1 inch compatible rack hardware mounting version that was mentioned. I have a rogue rm6 2.0 and as much as strapping down a wall version to an upright would be reasonable it would be preferable to wait for rack mounted option depending on your progress and potential wait time.

        Kratos has stated the conversion hardware is about 2 months away from release.

      • Is the platform easily detachable for storage? I’d like to get a wall mount system but need to be mindful of space.

        Yes, the platform easily detaches from the wall mount or rack mount, so it can be moved when not in use.

      • Is this compatible with the pr4000?

        The Kratos rack-mount version will fit racks with the following; 

        • Standard 3" square tube rack
        • Standard 2" hole spacing
        • Standard 5/8" hole diameter
        • Unobstructed base
        If this describes your rack,  you are good to go! 

        Another option is using ratchet straps to secure the rack-mount or wall-mount Kratos to a rack, or support post - if your rack is outside of the specs.

      • How much does the whole set-up weigh? Also wondering about the materials, what kind of rope/rope clamp/bearings do you use? Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

        I reached out to Kratos directly to have them answer your questions.  The Kratos weighs about 60lb, without the flywheels.  Regarding the components, Kratos uses high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the forces generated.  The Kratos warranty covers manufacturing defects for 12 months after purchase; not including wear items (bearings, straps, pulleys).  It does not include any cosmetic blemishes that could result from use or damage from misuse.

      • whats the shipping box dimensions for wall mount wersion?

        72" x 3" x 3" and it weighs 18lb.

      • Is this suitable for strength training and power lifting

        Absolutely.  Inertial training is good for all athletic endeavors.

      • Hi, Does the Kratos need any kind of maintenance over the time?

        The strap will need replaced at some point, but that's really the only maintenance required.

      • What are the dimensions of the platform and does the platform come with the more versatile Wall mounted version ?

        The platform measures 48" x 34" and the wall mount and rack mount version of the Kratos both come with the platform.

      • Max amount of plates that you can load on it /

        It will handle 4 plates and is expandable to 8.

      • Any development discussion around adding a sensor/app to track force as I see in some other industry competitors? Is there any product on the market I can use in conjunction with this out of the box to track these so I don't have to wait on 2.0?

        The addition of force-sensing capabilities is in discussion, but no launch timeline has been established.  However, there are a couple of manufacturers that sell force-reading carabiners that can be put in line with the upper pulley.

      • I have a Rogue RM3 rack. Will the rack mount fit?

        The rack-mount won't work on the RM3, because that rack uses 1" hardware.  The good news is that Kratos will be designing a rack mount for 1" hardware in the coming months.  However, if you would like to purchase one before that, one option is to use ratchet straps to attach the Kratos to racks/support posts/etc.  We have done that in The Lab at our facility and it works great!

      • This product looks amazing. How low/high do ceilings need to be for it to fit? I have low clearance in my workout room, just 77 inches from the floor to the ceiling. Also, once secured, does the wall mount place much force/strain on the wall it is mounted to? Is a wooden beam behind drywall in a home sufficient, or is that going to cause problematic strain? Thanks! Ryan

        77" is plenty of vertical height.  The lowest we would recommend is 74".  The wall mount will place a load on the wall (much like a flat-screen TV).  The standard 2x4 behind drywall is more than adequate to manage the force.  The vertical mount is designed to distribute the load across the entire 72".  

      • Do you have any stores in Seattle that demo the Kratos? I'm interested in purchasing but would like to use it first. Alternatively, are there returns if I'm not satisfied?

        Unfortunately, we do not have any brick and mortar stores that carry the product.  In order to return the product for a non-manufacturing issue, you would need to pay return shipping and as long as it arrived in good condition, you would be refunded for the cost of the product.

      • Still very confused about the wallmount vs rack mount. A good majority of people have 3x3 racks with 1 inch holes spaced 2 inches apart. A lot of people will also not want to drill into the wall. For these people which model would be most versatile in terms for strapping to the rack or to a pole? Can the wall mount be used against the rack or a pole?

        The wall mount is the most versatile, since it can be used on any rack, or on a pole, or taken with you.  All that's needed is a set of ratchet straps.

      • Is it possible to demo a Kratos unit?

        Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to demo a Kratos unit.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

      • Has there been any thought to make the base at the end opposite the the flywheel beveled? The bevel would allow a greater mechanical advantage when performing rows and horizontal presses. I have been doing these exercises for years with Free Motion cable cross and functional lift. The ability to brace the foot and or feet allows significantly more stability which if I understand how the resistance of the flywheel feels would be a great training feature.

        There has been some thought into adding an option to allow the user to elevate the foot.  Provisions have been made in the design to add an attachment that can accommodate that kind of functionality.  Thank you for sharing the idea...  Stay tuned

      • Any plan for developing a monitor?

        There are no plans for a monitor at this time.

      • Greetings, I am confused with the wall or rack options. Which of the two brings you the tube and the base? Is there an option to put a longer tube for people who are more malt? Is there a way to tie the cable to a barbell so that I can bench press? Thanks

        Selecting the wall mount provides the separate tube that attaches to the wall.  There is not a current option for a longer tube at this time.  It is possible for you to create a harness to allow a bench press. Our recommendation is to perform a single-arm press standing up. 

      • Do you have a picture of a rack mounted kratos?

        The product is so new that we don't have a ton of pictures yet, but they are coming.  Until then, here is a video of Chris explaining how to use the Kratos on the rack mounted unit; https://youtu.be/nM-K26sgiuc

      • How many wheels can be loaded and what size are the wheels

        It will handle 4 plates and is expandable to 8. 

        Size (Weight) Inertia (kg*m^2)

        XL (11.94lbs) = 0.0617
        L (8.3lbs) = 0.0297
        M (5.88lbs) = 0.0149
        S (4.16lbs) = 0.0074
        XS (2.65lbs) = 0.0066

      • What are the platforms dimensions?

        The platform measures 48" x 34"

      • Is there any way to mount it on a 2x3 rack upright?

        It's possible to mount on the 3" side of the rack, if the spacing is 2" and the pin size is 5/8".

      • Will the rack mount work with the Rep Fitness Power rack 5000 v2? (1 inch holes)

        Unfortunately, there is not currently an option for a rack with 1" hardware.  

      • With rehab can you use bfr training in conjunction with the unit or is it too intense?

        The Kratos offers an absolutely incredible interface with BFR and will work in a rehab setting, as well.  Because the weight is based on user effort input, it ends up being self-regulating and will keep the intensity in check.  If concerned, use a subjective measure of effort on either a 1-5 scale or the common RPE (rate of perceived effort) 1-10 scale.  A simple tool is RIR (reps in reserve) leaving say, 3 or 5 reps left in the tank, for example. 

        Live Better Through Strength

        Chris Duffin

      • So I'm confused about wall mounted vs rig. The picture shows a self sustainable system

        The wall mount option is a self-sustainable unit that relies only on a wall or post to secure the wall mount.  The rig mount is intended for those that have an existing 3x3" rack with 5/8" hardware.  If you're in doubt I suggest that wall mount. 

      • What is the minimum vertical clearance for either mount option? Will this work in 80” or lower ceiling space?

        Minimum clearance for the wall mount is 75".  The rack mount will work on any height that you can fit the rack into.  80" is enough room for the wall mount. 

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