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Kabuki Tie Dye Tee

There’s something to be said for getting away from the basics and taking a risk. Maybe wearing a shirt that’s anything other than white, gray, or black is out of your comfort zone, but in the world of strength, being something more than you were yesterday means doing things you’ve never done. Start small but make a big (visual) impact by outfitting yourself with our limited run of tie-dye tees.



Whether you choose the redeye, cobalt, or concrete options (or better yet, all three), each one of our trio of tie-dye tees is eye-catchingly unique and branded with our unmistakable “Kabuki Strength” logo, making a statement no matter the angle. In the gym or out, stand apart from the crowd and dare to be different—be bold, be distinctive, and be jacked while you do it. 


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Ask a Question
  • Why is there no 3xl or 4xl sizes?

    This design was a limited run, so we have a finite amount of all sizes.  The largest sizes usually do sell out the fastest and we apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Is it pre shrunk?

    This shirt is not made of pre-shrunk cotton.

  • What is the material blend?

    This shirt is 100% cotton.

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