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  • $27/mo Monthly subscription
  • $270/yr Yearly Subscription ($22.50/mo)

Have you ever seen Strongman on TV and wondered how those athletes got so strong?

Have you been competing for a while and want to take your abilities to the next level?

Are you finally ready to enter the realm of Strongman Training?

Ditch the old bro splits and SBD work and pick up a rock!

The Kabuki Strongman Team was designed for anyone interested in or competing in the sport of Strongman that wants to see what a real, evidence and results-based training cycle looks like. We will take you through contest preps and off-season protocols that will get you stronger, more conditioned, and athletic than ever before. If you aren't afraid of hard work, strap in and get ready for some tough Strongman training!


Train with a community.

Whether interacting with Kabuki Coaches or other Strongman Athletes, this team will foster a community of support, motivation, and practical knowledge. Connect with athletes from all around the world with a common goal.


Virtual Strongman Contests

At the end of every contest prep we will have mock contests across 5+ events. Post your results to the community for bragging rights and to motivate others to push themselves past their perceived limits.


Programming 7 days per week
Programming will consist of 4 lifting days, 2 conditioning days, and 1 very light/off day


Are you ready to join the Kabuki Crew?


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