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Aluminum Collars - Pair

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Note: Collars are sold in pairs.

Introducing our newest product - bulletproof aluminum collars machined out of a solid piece of aluminum and designed to hold more weight than you could ever lift. A few of our favorite little details and specs on this collar that we believe set it apart from others.

  • Tightened tolerances for the inner diameter of the collar, so the fit is absolutely crisp and perfect. 

Note: You may have to "squeeze" the collar apart when sliding on the bar for the first few times until it breaks in. This is completely normal and it will be easier to get it on and off after a while. Do not twist the collar onto the bar as this will cause the rubber inside the collar to strip out. 

  • Increased thickness of the rubber gasket that provides friction between the collar and the sleeve of your bar. This improves durability and longevity of the collar.
  • Less tolerance in certain areas (latch assembly) to decrease risk of stress fractures and long-term material wear. Certain manufacturers use tight-tolerances everywhere to have a better "look and feel", however often times this is counter-productive to the usability and longevity of the collar.

As a visual of how tight these collars are when clamped down - you can take a bar loaded with a 45lb plate, stand it on-end, and smash it against the ground and the collar will not budge. We're not's a video demonstrating and also showing a few other common collar types.

Stress testing the new Kabuki Strength aluminum collars vs. other common collars. Our new collars are just about the toughest and tightest collars you will ever find. Get them now on the Kabuki Strength store for $34.99. As an added bonus the box they come shipped in has a special offer printed on it! ••••• Link to product below and in profile:

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Collars come in 2 colors - black and fire orange. 

A quick tip about getting the collars on a bar easier! 

A quick tip about the Kabuki Strength collars! We know that it can be difficult to get these on a bar due to how tight the tolerances are, but did you know you can "click" them open by swinging the lever arm in the opposite direction? Makes it way easier to slide the collar on a bar! ••••• ••••• Thanks for supporting Kabuki Strength and helping make the world a better place through strength! ••••• #kabukistrength #kabukistrengthlab #kabukimovementsystems @kabukistrengthlab @mad_scientist_duffin

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Questions & Answers

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  • When might you expect the Aluminum collars to be back in Stock? Drooling.

    Collars are back in stock as of 3/1/2017

  • Will they fit on an elitefts ssb yoke bar?

    No, specialty bars like that one use a non-standard sleeve diameter and will not fit any regular collars including ours. 

  • Will these work with 1.9" diameter Rogue Axle Bar?

    The collars are designed to fit a standard barbell with a tight fit so anything larger diameter they will not work on 

  • Do they come in different sizes... mine don't fit my bar?

    They fit all standard machined bars if the bar is built to standard barbell specficiations which typically vary from 1.950"-1.975".  If its on the larger size in that range you may have to pull the collar open a little bit the first few times.  Our collars will fit everything in that range so if your bar is in that size and isn't fitting please contact our customer service.  Fabrictated bars and strongman equipment are usually all made with DOM tubing and if those are desigended properly they use 1.870"-1.880" tubing.  There are currently NO standard collars on the market for these fabricated bars.  We are currently in the process of bringing a purpose built collar for these bars and devices to market.  

  • How much do the collars weigh?

    13.4oz for the pair. 

  • How wide are the collars?

    The collars are 1.5" inches wide and together weigh 13 ounces.