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Kabuki Load Measuring Device

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Introducing an industry first - the ultimate weight-room scale by Kabuki Strength!

  1. Measure band tension
  2. Measure chain weight 
  3. Weight your plates and ensure you are lifting what you think you're lifting   

Our device comes with 4 unique components, each serving a specific purpose in making this the ultimate load measurement tool for the lifter. 

Digital High-Capacity Calibrated Scale

  • 300kg/661lb capacity. If you have more band tension then this per side, then you are clearly from another planet.
  • Stainless steel load receptor.
  • Auto zero resetting/power off.
  • LED backlight, convenient to see in dark.
  • Quality integrated circuit and durable load cells.
  • Portable, versatile, accurate, reliable, and very easy to operate.


  • Sturdy metal handle allows for both hands to be used when using device for measuring band tension, chain weight, or just weighing plates. 

 Band Measurement Adapter

  • Adapter allows for proper radius for both bar and bar sleeve. Due to different diameters of the bar and the sleeve, this minor variation can affect tension readings and so you'll want to use the proper one for your use. If the band is placed around the bar itself, use the smaller diameter adapter, if it is to be placed around the sleeve, use the larger one. 

Plate Adapter

  • Fits into standard olympic plates and allows plates to be weighed in a flat position. 

Questions & Answers

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  • any specs about the accuracy of the device ?

    The scale is accurate to the tenth (1/10) of a pound and it's capacity is 300 kilograms (660lbs).

  • What type of batteries does this require?

    It runs on regular AAA batteries which are provided with the device.