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Kabuki Iron Plates



  • In Stock, Ships Within 1-3 business days
  • 45s affordably priced at $1.89/pound
  • American Made and Cast Locally in the Pacific Northwest
  • Carbon-Neutral Foundry - 100% Hydro/Wind Powered
  • Cast with 90% + Post-Consumer, Post-Military Recycled Steel
  • We don't sell 35s, stop asking.

     Order Notes

    • Simple Financing Available via Klarna
    • For facility or larger orders, please fill out this short form and our professional sales staff will be in touch shortly.
    • Orders ship UPS Ground or UPS LTL Freight with Lift Gate Service 
    • Local pickup available in Portland, OR- select at checkout.
    • There are no discounts on plates. All Plates are Sold in Pairs
    • Check for stock of discounted B-Grade Iron Plates - starts at $1.55/pound


    Specs and Info

    A fantastic addition to any training facility, Kabuki Iron Plates are a budget friendly option that will stand the test of time and consistently do their job to assist gravity in challenging the lifter, while looking mighty fine in the process. 



    What is there to a weight plate; what goes into one of the fitness industry's most common commodity? Production Quality, Location, Material Sourcing, Looks, and the blood, sweat, and tears required to keep pushing forward. Baked in a corrosion-resistant gunmetal black powdercoat, our plates are aesthetically pleasing in an "Old School Iron" throwback kind of way. A deeper lip allows for easier unloading and loading of the plates onto your favorite Kabuki Strength barbells :)



    Made in the Pacific Northwest

    Kabuki Iron plates are cast right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest by a small, regional foundry our team has partnered with. Made with 90%+ post-consumer recycled steel, Kabuki Iron plates also contain recycled munitions from military bases in the northwest. 



    The foundry is fully powered using sustainable, renewable energy sources including hydroelectric power from the Columbia River Basin and numerous wind farms. An ISO-9001-2015 certification ensures consistent castings and a high quality standard. 




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    Please fill out the short form below and our professional sales staff will be in touch with you shortly. To learn more about business sales, please visit our sales page.

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    Ask a Question
    • Is your plates center 1 inch or 2 inch

      Our plates are standard Olympic sized plates, so the center collar diameter is 50mm/roughly 2 inches.

    • Is it possible to pick up plates, in person, this Saturday or Sunday (9/18 or 9/19)? Thanks!

      Unfortunately, we do not have any plates in stock, at this time.  If you have an existing order that has not been fulfilled yet, please reach out to Customer Service at 

    • Silly question, they come in pairs when I am entering 1 in the quantities or do I need to add 2 for a complete pair

      They do come in pairs, so if you enter '1' you are getting the pair!

    • Could you make some 40KG plates? Hundos are a little much for me to whip around as I approach 60 ...and too much for the daughters in the house. () They'd be unique on the market () They'd be equal to 2x 20KG plates, but less wide on the bar for deads :)

      Unfortunately, we do not have plans to manufacture plates that weigh more than 45lb, at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

    • Do you have 55lbs or 35lbs sets of kabuki iron either regular or b grade?

      Unfortunately, we do not manufacture 35lb or 55lb plates.

    • Will these weights fit into the Olympic bar

      Yes, our iron plates are manufactured to fit a 50mm collar diameter.

    • I know the plates are not calibrated but how true are the weights?

      Weight tolerances are between +/- 3%.

    • When were you 25 pound plates be available

      We receive shipments from our foundry every 7-10 days, so we should have a restock late next week.

    • Do you deliver these amazing plates to the UK?

      We can ship our pairs of iron plates internationally via UPS's Worldwide Expedited shipping option.  However, we cannot freight plates internationally.

    • What’s with the $169.99 ‘extra charge’ in the basket?

      That sounds like an error, since it is the same price as the pair of 45lb plates.  Completely close the website and clear all cache and cookies from your computer, before logging back in.  That should solve the issue.

    • If we live near portland, can we pick it up in person to save on shipping?

      Absolutely!  Just reach out to Customer Service at and they can assist you with scheduling an order and/or a pick-up.

    • Hello Kabuki!, I hear nothing but good things about your company. I am in the market for a bar and some iron to which I decided on getting Kabuki! The electroless-nickel power bar is out of stock which is fine. However, the plates, I am wondering if there will be an another version in which the back are milled and therefore flush. They're not a deal-breaker for me, but I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I was wondering if I could expect QPQ (Quench Polish Quench) treatment on plates in the future. Respectfully,

      Thank you for your inquiry.  We don’t have any immediate plans for machined cast plates at this time, but it’s possible that we will explore that in the future.

    • Is there a long waiting for 10 pound plates

      Currently, there is not a long wait for dime plates.  We do have them in stock and they would ship within a week.

    • When will they be available

      Our foundry refreshes our inventory every 7-10 days.  As soon as the plates return from powdercoat, the existing inventory is added onto our site.  Feel free to sign up for the emailed alert here;

    • Can I do pick up? If so, how can I make sure my orders are for pick up only?

      If you are local to the Clackamas/Portland area and would like to pick up orders in person at our manufacturing facility, please reach out to Customer Service and they can create draft orders for you with the shipping costs removed.  They can also make the appropriate notes for our Shipping Dept to reach out to set an appointment for you to pick up your equipment when it is ready.  Customer Service can be reached at;  Please include your full name, address, telephone number, email address and a list of equipment you'd like to purchase.

    • Will there be 35 pound plates?

      There will not be 35lb plates.  : )

    • What is the diameter of the 10lb plates?

      The diameter of the 10lb/dime plate is 8.75 inches.  All plate diameter measurements are listed in the 'Specs and Info' portion of the product page.

    • Can I come pick up plates directly from you guys to avoid shipping?

      Many of our items can be picked up from The Lab, once the order is placed.  Please reach out to our Customer Service team at and they can create a draft order for you that does not include the shipping cost.  Then, when the product is ready, our Shipping Department will reach out and set an appointment for you to pick it up from our Operations building.

    • Will there be 100-pound plates soon?

      At this time, we do not have plans to create 100lb plates.  However, we will take that into consideration for the future!

    • I’d like to buy a pair of 25 pair of 10 and pair of 5. How?

      At this time we do not have 10's or 5's in stock.  25's are on the site, though!  We are not overselling this product and will only be selling the stock on-hand.  However, we do expect inventory to be released each week, so check our site next week and you will probably get lucky!

    • Can plates be sent to an APO address through USPS or would they have to be shipped UPS international?

      For the iron plates, our Shipping Manager said he believes he can ship them to an APO.  Just reach out to our Customer Service division at; and let them know how many pairs of which weight you'd like to order and the address.  We can create the draft invoice for you with the custom shipping quote and email it for review.  Thank you for your service!

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