Duffalo Bar [Cosmetic Blemish]

NOTE: These are discounted Duffalo Bars that we cannot sell at retail price due to minor cosmetic blemishes and imperfections. The bars are 100% structurally sound and fully functional; the only issues are minor aesthetic imperfections (scratches, blemishes, discoloration). Some bars have mismatched sleeves (ex. zinc bar with black oxide sleeves)

NOTE: Please Select UPS for shipping! USPS will not take products of this length and will ship via UPS regardless.  

NOTE: For more information on plating options click the "Plating" tab at the top.


Brand Kabuki Strength
Product Weight Bar: 55 LB
Attachment: 4.7 LB
Length 96" (Total Bar)
Steel Type 195 KSI Steel
Other Specs 19.5" Sleeves
Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushings
2000LB Load Capacity
Attachment point for accessories (Industry First)
Manufactured United States of America (Portland, Oregon)


The Duffalo Performance Squat and Bench bar is the ultimate bar for squatting and bench pressing, correctly, safely, and for performance. We honestly believe that outside of competition, every lifter would benefit from using the Duffalo Bar vs. a standard barbell. This is a bold claim to make, we know, but we hope you'll continue reading on as we explain. Use the tabs above for more information.


Included with your purchase: 

  • 100% off initiation and 1st month free to Kabuki.MS with your order! A $60 Value!
  • Tons of additional videos to Move Better, Train Smarter, and Get Stronger




Our proprietary bends allows scapular retraction and also reduce stress on the easily irritated Bicep tendon in the shoulder.  It does so while eliminating the counter productive center peak on similar bars. Reducing direct strain on the bicep tendon plus allowing increased back rigidity and proper joint centration through scapular retraction are incredibly important.  Additionally our bar improves the ability to improve core stability and conversely improves lumbar stability.

This bar is AMAZING!!!  Wrist and shoulder feel great, weight is right in the pocket (over center of gravity) which reduces lower back strain and puts everything on my muscles I'm training as intended!
- Stan RHINO Efferding - Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder
My primary goal purchasing the Duffalo bar was to get a piece of equipment for our team of 40 lifters to use to lessen stress on the elbow during the squat for lifters that have struggled over and over with elbow pain and wanted another option closer to a low bar squat. I was initially hesitant. Our last buffalo bar was poorly made, bendy, whippy, and no one on the team used it for the two plus years we've had it. Since we've gotten the duffalo bar our lifters are using it throughout the week to lessen strain on the elbows or take a break from low/high bar squats. It's made incredibly well, incredibly heavy duty, and delivering in every way we were told it would and more. It's benefitting our team from beginners to the most seasoned all-time top lifters in their respective weight classes and now we need another bar soon because everyone seems to want to use it on team squat days.
JP Price - 1000lb RAW Squatter

All of this adds up to removing pain, injury risks, and allows you to focus on the lift.  Over time and you will see increased performance and increased longevity of your lifting or athletic career. 

If you train the squat in your athletic development this bar is a must!  Even if you compete in barbell sports requiring a straight bar you should be using this bar up till the final weeks of training for a meet to preserve your shoulders.

The Duffalo bar is THE primary bar we use in training with out team and I highly encourage its use year round up till the final 3-4 weeks prior to a meet.

- Donnie MR3000 Thompson - Champion Powerlifter and Movement Guru


Our proprietary bends optimize the wrist angle when held in the pressing positions.  This positioning cues proper joint centration in the shoulder while also improving both lat and scapular engagement. Despite the increased ROM of the press users report significantly reduced (eliminated) shoulder pain while gaining increased training effect from the additional range of motion.  The improvements in joint centration as well as both lat and scap engagement, grooves the correct pressing patterns, automatically ensuring the proper engrams are programmed.  

This bar is AWESOME!  It is so comfortable on the the shoulders I love it!  I use it for for my heavy work and my speed work I love the bar so much.
- Ryan BENCHMONSTER Kennelly - World Champion Bench Presser
The Duffalo bar allows me to push the envelope without trashing my shoulders.  It has been key to my training to return to the platform after shoulder surgery.
- Rob Luyando - World Champion Bench Presser
I very rarely fall in love with new equipment but I'm in love with this bar! I might just have an affair with it.  It has numerous uses and has immediately made an impact on my performance.
- Leroy Walker - Champion Raw Bench Presser

I simply won't use any other bar than the Duffalo bar to train with for myself or my athletes given the choice. In combination with the ShouldeRok it has been a 'Game Changer' in this Olympic training cycle.

- Reese Hoffa - 3x Olypmian in the Shot Put

Jesse Burdick and Chris Duffin discuss the Duffalo Bar for Squatting

Jesse Burdick and Chris Duffin discuss the Duffalo Bar for Pressing
More Info
  • Only bar of its type designed specifically for SQUATTING & PRESSING
  • Heat Treated & Cold Worked High Strength Alloy Steel (30mm) - No bending or premature knurl wear - 195 PSI tensile strength high quality American steel
  • Fits your back like a glove! With our proprietary multi-radius bend (low or high bar) Try it for front squats as well!
  • Fits the backs of both large and small lifters better than any bar we have tested
  • Longer sleeves for stacking weights - 19.5" and 96" total length
  • Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushings
  • 55 pound bar weight
  • 2000 pound Load Capacity
  • INDUSTRY FIRST - Attachment point for accessory Handle/Band Hook/Chain Hook



Plating increases risk for crack propagation and reducing the strength of your Duffalo Bar which is why we prefer to leave the bar in its bare finish to maximize strength.  Our bare finish is, however, Chrome in appearance due to the heat treated and cold finishing under which the bar is processed.  We do understand that some user's live in very humid environments.  This item is for the plating only, add it to the order for your Duffalo Bar

Electroless Nickel- This is a premium finish. Nickel Plating is used in engineering applications where high wear, corrosion resistance, and hardness are needed.  Nickel plating is both more cosmetically appealing than stainless steel as well as significantly more corrosion resistant in like products than stainless steel! Nickel plating is more durable than chrome and will retain it's warm, mirror smooth polish for years until worn through.  In our application we believe Nickel plating to be both superior to Stainless steel in Cosmetic Finish, Corrosion Resistance, Surface Hardness, as well as maintaining the desired strength and material characteristics of our bar.  We really believe if you are going to go with plating this is the option to go with. 

Clear Zinc- The same corrosion resistant coating as the Shoulderok. Shiny and bright on arrival with a hue that varies from bluish to brownish. As the bar is used this coating will develop dull, gunmetal grey patina. Least expensive and most durable.

Black Oxide - Black oxide or blackening is a conversion coating for ferrous materials, stainless steel, copper and copper based alloys, zinc, powdered metals, and silver solder. It is used to add mild corrosion resistance, for appearance and to minimize light reflection. We particularly like the gunmetal black finish it gives to the Duffalo Bar. It just looks badass in our opinion!









Shipping a 55lb barbell (especially one that is not straight) is pretty challenging and not very cost effective. We've worked hard to negotiate better rates with our carriers and we think you'll be happy with the $ amount you are charged for shipping.

(we recently re-negotiated our shipping rates due to increased volume thanks to customers like you. As a result, you will see a savings of around 50% on shipping for heavier equipment like this product)

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Questions & Answers

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  • Which coating on the buffalo bar will prevent rusting?

    The clear zinc and electroless nickel finishes are both extremely corrosion resistant and shouldn't rust. The black oxide is but to a lesser degree. Clear zinc and EN are both plating finishes where the black oxide is actually an oxidation that they apply to the bar. It's recommended to oil the bar from time to time to seal the finish in and it will stay nicer over time that way. 

  • Do you ship to Scotland in the U.K.

    We do ship there. As noted on the product page for the Duffalo bar however we are unable to send it via USPS and can only ship it via UPS (worldwide expedited) being the cheapest option generally. 

  • Does this bar fit kg Olympic plates . I know it fits pounds

    Yes, it's a standard diameter sleeve for an olympic bar. It should fit regular plates as well as competition olympic plates. 

  • does the bar sit fairly well on regular j hooks?

    The bar definitely works just fine in regular J hooks. We use it in racks like this often and the only thing is that it has a propensity to slide to one side or another and can be adjusted before putting it on your back. If you have the style of J hooks that swing out to one side and pull straight out, if you swap the side of hte rack they are on (so that the hooks would swing in toward the center of the rack before removal) they will tilt and perfectly accomodate the curve of the duffalo bar

  • Can I avoid shipping charges by picking up bar in person?

    Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to stop by The Lab and pick up their order in person! If you do so, wait until you get here and we'll place the order for you manually. 

  • Are there any black duffalo bars ready for shipment ? If not when will they be ready ?

    Black Oxide bars are plated on an order-by-order basis. After you place your order it may take between 1-2 weeks for us to get the bar plated and shipped out to you. 

  • Hey Chris! I've been contemplating this bar for a while now on my squat and bench. However, is there any application for military press or deadlifts?


    There are absolutely military press applications. I've personally used it for that reason and find that you get the same shoulder centration effect. The deadlift, less so. It would put the wrists in position that would actually be the opposite of what it normally does and have unpleasant effects up the chain. 

    Hope this helps,

    Brady Cable
    Kabuki Strength Coach
    Operations Manager

    Agreed it is great for military press and incline pressing!  It is used quite freqently for both.  Some people use it for rowing as well by hanging chain weight in the center to make stay in the downward postion.  This will improve scapular rectraction and range of motion in that movement.  But for deadlifting it would not provide an advantage other than being similair to doing a small block pull.  If the hands are to far out it would also negativily affecte the wrists as Brady noted.  Orlando Green does like to use it for single arm deadlifts however.


  • Is it good for Olympic style ass to grass squatting also. Mainly see people using it for low bar squatting.


    The Duffalo bar can be used for all types of squatting. High bar, low bar, front squats, ect. The curve of the bar sits well over the traps and still reduces stress on the shoulder joint while minimally changing the way the bar loads the body compared to a straight bar.

  • Do you guys ship to Melbourne, Australia?

    We do ship to Australia, however we can't send the bar via USPS priority mail international as they do not take items of that length. In order to ship to Australia you would need to select UPS worldwide expidited shipping.

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