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Cerberus Triple Ply Knee Sleeves

  • Add Weight and Reps
  •  Maximum Mechanical Advantage
  •  THICKER HARDER and MORE POP than Dual Ply

Cerberus Triple-Ply Knee Sleeves are designed to give your knees MAXIMUM support, compression and performance. Made from an optimum blend of high quality materials they are tough enough to handle anything you throw at them! The elasticated nature of our Triple Ply Knee Sleeves give a huge stretch reflex and bounce from a squat position enabling you to get more reps or lift more weight.

The three layers makes them thicker and harder than our dual-ply knee sleeves and will give you maximum mechanical advantage, coupled with the straight cut of the sleeves which also helps as they will actively resist flexion of the knee joint. The triple layers give very strong compression around the joints. This will encourage blood flow through the blood vessels, resulting in less pain and swelling during and after your workout or competition.


Ask a Question
  • Are the triple ply knee sleeves USPA compliant

    You would need to check the rulebook with your governing federation.  Approved products/manufacturers change each year, so we don't want to create any confusion.

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