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BarAux is a simple bar attachment accessory allowing for convenient and efficient use of training aids such as bands and chains. The BarAux ™ slides onto a barbell sleeve like a regular plate, and sits flush against the sleeve collar.




  • BarAux is sold as a pair (2x pieces)
  • Laser cut to a tight tolerance so that it can slide onto a standard olympic sleeve with a snug fit, preventing movement and bar damage
  • Only 1cm thick and sits flush against sleeve collar
  • A slight +10° up angle on the peg prevents bands from slipping off due to slippage and horizontal forces
  • Easily swap bands for different lifters
  • Attach chains using standard carabiner or hooks 
  • Powder coated for corrosion resistance

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write one!


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  • What is the length of the band holder peg?

    3.125 inches

  • What does a BarAux pair weigh?

    The pair of BarAux weigh 5lb.

  • This does not appear to be the same as the original version that was designed to screw into the Duffalo Bar? Are the originals still available?

    Unfortunately, we no longer create the version of the Duffalo Bar sleeves that come with the holes for attachments.  Instead, we created the BarAux attachments that are usable with all barbells.  I apologize that we no longer manufacture the previous type of attachments.  If you have specific questions regarding that version of the Duffalo Bar, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Department at