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Coach Joe Stealla using the black transformer bar



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Transformer bar diagram
foam core of padding fits snuggly into the synthetic leather pad cover and both can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement if necessary
 machine-knurled and bent the handles for maximum comfort and performance
Optional machine caps
Squat Bar with handles being used in  the gym

Ships in: 16-17 weeks


What industry experts say about the transformer bar

Dr. Kelly Starrett

Dr. Kelly Starrett is a CrossFit trainer, physical therapist, author, and speaker. His book, Becoming a Supple Leopard, was featured on The New York Times bestselling sports books list. He is a co-founder, with his wife Juliet Starrett, of MobilityWOD and San Francisco CrossFit, one of the first 30 CrossFit affiliates. Kabuki Strength products are available on the MobilityWOD store.

Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey is a world-renowed strength coach best known for his work with more than 100 professional baseball players who travel to train with him each off-season at Cressey Sports Performance facilities in Massachusetts and Florida. Eric has a master's in Kinesiology and has published over 500 articles, 5 books, and video content sold in over 60 countries. He specializes in applied kinesiology and biomechanics as they relate to program design and corrective exercise; maximal relative strength development; and athletic performance enhancement.

Dr. Stuart McGill

Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 32 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate back pain and enhance injury resilience and performance. He is a contributor to Kabuki Strength.



    The spring-pin mechanism allows for 6 positions with 30 degrees of variance between them.

These fixed positions replicate common squat movement patterns including:


    1. Hip Hinge - Ideal for good mornings and teaching hinge patterning
    2. Back Squat - Low Bar
    3. Back Squat - High Bar
    4. SSB - For use like a traditional safety squat bar
    5. Front Squat - Load counterbalancing similar to a front squat
    6. Goblet Squat - Similar to a kettlebell goblet squat

The second adjustment mechanism allows for modifying the position of the weight sleeve, or distance between the center of mass of the weight and the bar on the lifters back.

The color-coded label on the weight bracket, allows for easy changes to increase or decrease difficulty in any of the 6 common angle positions.
1. Easiest

2. Easy

3. Hard

4. Hardest

Work with your body, not against it. With the Transformer’s adjustable settings, you can cater to a variety of strength goals with just one bar.


  • Thank you for your patience as we scale production of this high-demand barbell. Our engineering and manufacturing teams in Oregon are working around the clock to deliver Transformer Bars to you as quickly as possible.
  • Due to high demand, ships in: 16-17 weeks
  • New Reduced Shipping Rates
  • Simple Financing available through Klarna at checkout
  • For business or team orders, fill out this form


  • Industry-first adjustable, multi-functional barbell allowing for 24 different squat variations with a simple spring-pin mechanism.
  • Athlete-engineered and endorsed by industry leaders like Dr. Kelly Starrett, Dr. Stuart McGill, Eric Cressey, and the Kabuki Strength Advisory Board
  • Trused and used by a vast range of professional and collegiate sports organizations, in clinical/rehab settings, and thousands of home gyms around the world
  • American-Made at The Lab in the beautiful Pacific Northwest
  • New Spring-Pin Adjustment Mechanism allows for quick angle changes without removing the weight bracket as in previous iterations of the bar
  • Improved sleeve design allows for quicker adjustment
  • Zinc-plated center bar, handles, and weight brackets for high corrosion resistance
  • Color-coded labels for quick positional adjustments
  • Wider 54" center bar for fitment with all racks
  • Branded pad cover

Bar Specs

Transformer bar specs sheet
Transformer Bar diagram. total bar length 90 3/4


Q: How long are the handles?

A: The handles come out 22 inches from the bar center


Q: I just ordered a transformer bar and what to know the recommend storage method?

A: It can be stored in a rack, or bar holder. Due to the black oxide finish being only mildly corrosion resistant it is recommended to be stored in a climate controlled dry area.


Q: Are the handles threaded on, or welded to the bar? I do a lot of Hatfield squats and always remove the handles of the SSB bar while doing them.

A: They are welded.


Q: What is the distance between the two handles? Any idea when these will be available again. Thanks

A: The distance between the two handles is 12 inches. There is a 1-2 week lead time.


Q: What is the distance collar to collar please?

A: The distance between the inside of each bracket is 51 inches


Q: Can you preorder the bar while the zinc finished bar is under production to ensure receipt?

A: At this time, zinc bars are not available for purchase due to extended delays at all of our zinc plating companies. We apologize for any inconvenience. However, the black powdercoat bars are available on our site.


Q: What is the size of the package / box?

A: 62.5 x 22.5 x 8 inches and 65lb 8 oz.


Q: Good Morning, I saw a black powder coat Transformer bar on IG and love it. Is this option available/ can I pre-order one if it is coming to production in the near future?

A: Keep your eye on our website over the next couple of weeks... Something new may be on the way...


Q: How much weight can be loaded on your Transformer bar

A: We've load tested it with over 1,200lbs. Also, there's this;


Q: ordering for a non-profit; high school. What is best way to purchase - transformer bar

A: Reach out to our High School Sales Consultant, Rusty Zysett. His email is;

Want to see the Transformer Bar in action? Book a demo today

One Bar, Endless Options

From the highest-level strength athletes to Hollywood stuntmen, the Transformer stands as a premier squat specialty bar that adjusts to meet individual training needs for superior results.

Trusted by Coaches, Athletes and Tactical Teams Nationwide

From all major professional leagues to hundreds of colleges and universities, to the men and women at the front lines. The Transfomer Bar is trusted by coaches, athletes and members of the tactical community across the country.



Anti- Fragile

Athletes from a variety of disciplines have turned to the Transformer Bar during the process of injury rehabilitation. Kabuki Strength’s own Coach Joe Stella chose the Transformer Bar as an integral tool during his recovery and return to competition following a double patellar tendon tear.

Made right here in Portland, OR USA

See our transformer bar go from being welded together at our on-site manufacturing facility, straight to the gym!

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It took awhile to write this review because I wanted to try each setting multiple times and have friends use it also. This bar eliminates knee and shoulder pain. I’ve had 3 shoulder/2 bicep surgeries and a bum knee. Using the Transformer bar it’s given me squats back comfortably and easy. The settings are awesome. It’s deceiving as well because you don’t need a lot of weight and it’s easy to change. I absolutely love my transformer bar and it was worth every penny!



I was a proud owner of the original Transformer Bar , the versatility from changing load across all settings was so handy. I saw great utility having this bar in the studio for all clients. What I really appreciate about this bar was the handles in front for all my clients who lacked the mobility to maintain a BB on their back thus taking a step back from having load placed on top of them from a free weight perspective. I cant wait to upgrade to the new updated version !



This bar is amazing. Absolutely worth the wait (lucky for new buyers, the wait is much less than it was last year!). It's just a genius invention. I love all of the positions it allows for, and look forward to using it every week. The quality is top notch. Couldn't recommend more.



I purchased the blemish version for the transformer bar and couldn't be happier. It's comfortable, versatile, and built with amazing quality. I highly recommend!



Being using an SSB for a while. Decided to purchase Transfomer bar, after seeing great reviews. But didn't expect how absolutely fantastic this bar is when training with it. So pleased I purchase it. I had one inquiry, regarding the bar, and my inquiry was replied to me promply and professionally. Great customer service. Can't speak highly enough about the quality and functionality of this bar. Absolute genius. Again all praise to all at Kabuki strength


"The Transformer Bar from Kabuki Strength is our upgrade pick for the best safety squat bar. The Transformer Bar is one of the most versatile specialty bars currently available and is done equally as well." - Coop



"I honestly love it way more than the SSB. The padding is more comfortable, the way the handles sit make it much easier to tighten the back and the adjustments give it a ton of utility." - bigcoachD



"This is a great bar, I would recommend it to everyone