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The OG Kratos.

Vertical and horizontal flywheel training in

a single, stunning piece of hardware that's made

here in the Pacific Northwest.

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Fight inertia, not gravity.

Vertical and horizontal flywheel training in a single, stunning piece of hardware made at home in the Pacific Northwest.

"Spin baby, spin. Kabuki rolls a strike with Kratos, bringing eccentric training to the masses with a flywheel that combines vertical and horizontal movement in one gorgeous, American-made unit."

“One flywheel device, endless movement options, all the benefits of eccentric training–the Kratos is a hit. In designing the Kratos, Kabuki has really engineered the ultimate flywheel training experience.”

- Kelly Starrett

Doctor of Physical Therapy, New York Times Best Seller

Simple Financing Available

Pay over 6-18m or in 4 simple installments

Made in America

Handcrafted from High Quality Materials

Patent Pending Dual-Axis Design

Industry first horizontal/vertical integration

Wall or Rack Mount

Kratos includes a wall mount or standard 3" rack mount option for horizontal training. The wall mount securely fastens to studs or any other stable vertical surface. If you want to use a a power rack with standard 3" tube and 2" hole spacing, choose the optional rack mount bracket.

Beautiful Birch Base

Measuring 48" x 34", the Kratos base is the largest of any flywheel device without sacrificing portability and compactness. Perhaps even more impressive than this is it's CNC milled solid birch base, stained a gorgeous reddish-brown that complements the modern space.

Patent Pending

Kratos features a novel bracket system that allows for easy switching from vertical (base) to horizontal (wall mount or rack mount) training, an industry first. CNC machined, the hardware is satisfyingly precise in its fitment and use.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Watch the video to learn more about Kratos use and application from our VP of Athlete Experience Brandon Senn. For more information or product education, reach out to 

Rack Mount Compatibility


The rack mount version of Kratos fits most standard racks with the following common characteristics. If you are unsure about fitment, please email our customer service team via the red button below.


  • Standard 3" square tube rack
  • Standard 2" hole spacing
  • Standard 5/8" hole diameter
  • Unobstructed base
  • Simple Financing Available Through Klarna available at checkout, learn more below.
  • Wall mount version ships in 2 boxes, rack mount version ships in 1 box.
  • All accessories including selected belt ship separately.
  1. Wall Mount OR Rack Mount Bracket (choose one)
  • Wall Mount includes tube, wall mount anchor, and remote anchor loader.
  • Rack Mount includes standard 3" hole spacing rack mount anchor, remote anchor loader, and deck anchor. Compatibility Details
  • Belt Squat Belt OR Front Squat Harness by Spud (choose one) (sizing)
  • FREE Angles 90 Grips
  • Medium and XL Flywheels (purchase more here)
  • FREE 6 months of access to Kabuki Education's Video Library
    • Kratos Exercise Videos

    Clicking add to cart will prompt you to select additional Kratos accessories and tools. They can also be viewed as a collection here.

    We are happy to offer simple financing through our partner bank Klarna. To take advantage of this payment option, simply select it at checkout. Learn more here.

    Option 1: Pay in 4 interest-free installments

    Option 2: Traditional 6 or 12 mo financing. A 0% interest * option is available when order is paid in full within 6 or 12 months, pending approval.


    * Interest will be charged from transaction posting date at 19.99% APR if not paid in full by end of 6 or 12 month promo period.



    Kratos is a world-class flywheel training system that puts a new spin on getting stronger

    Kratos is a world-class flywheel training system that puts a new spin on getting stronger.

    Free Angles90 Grips

    The most versatile accessory you'll own

    Precision Manufacturing

    CNC,Laser, and 3D Printed Parts

    Effort In = Effort Out

    How hard can you push it?

    Accessories included, and it's the good stuff.

    Choose from a belt squat belt or front squat harness, included with your order. And did we mention we're throwing in a free pair of Angles 90 grips?


    Expand your Kratos movement and training options with accessories by the best in the game.

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    Sold out

    Sold out

    Sold out

    Kratos FAQ

    Common questions on proper use and training methodology. Do you have a specific question? To submit a question or view previously answered customer questions, go to the Q&A section on the Kratos add to cart page.

    What is the difference between the Kratos and other flywheel training devices?

    While there are many popular flywheels on the market, the Kratos is the only flywheel that integrates vertical (base) and horizontal (wall or rack) training options in a single unit with easy transition between training vectors via modular anchor points on both axes. It is also the only unit of its kind to include a large, non-elevated base (48" x 34") and a modular vertical post in a compact, mobile unit.


    These potent combinations allows for ease of use, greater flexibility in application, and a much larger exercise variety that can be performed than other, significantly more expensive flywheel units

    What's included with Kratos?

    Each Kratos unit includes the following. Please note options and make your selection when adding the product to your cart.


    1. Wall mount tube OR rack mount bracket (choose when adding to cart)
    2. Medium and Large flywheel
    3. FREE Belt Squat Belt OR Front Squat Harness by Spud Inc (choose when adding to cart) ($90 value)
    4. FREE Angles90 Grips ($50 value)

    More details about what is included in-box and with your order can be found on the Kratos add to cart page.

    What is the maxIMUM force/weight I can achieve?

    The max force you can achieve on the Kratos is completely dependent on how much force you can put into the flywheel. How much force you produce is the force that will be delivered back to you. Flywheels can theoretically generate infinite forces, and are restricted only by physics and material limitations.

    What is the difference between the medium and large flywheel?

    The larger flywheel will require a larger amount of initial torque which means it also needs more torque to slow it down. The smaller flywheel requires less torque to produce rotation but also makes it harder for it to reach a higher point of stored energy. A smaller flywheel may be better for conditioning or metabolic training whereas the larger flywheel may be better for traditional strength work.


    You can purchase additional flywheels for Kratos here.

    What are some common ways to incorporate Kratos flywheel training into a strength program?

    For hypertrophy and strength training the Kratos can be used to generate metabolic stress via time under tension or it can be used overload of the eccentric portion of movements which will produce greater mechanical tension. For injury recovery the Kratos can be used as a strategy to reintroduce load to tendons or specific segments of movement.

    Is the Kratos a substitute for traditional barbeLl training

    The Kratos is not a substitute for traditional barbell training. A barbell cannot do what the Kratos does and the Kratos cannot do what a barbell does. Together they form a very effective system for loading the body.

    Should I always be generating maximum force when training with the Kratos?

    No you should not always generate maximum force. You should vary your effort based on the intended outcome of your training plan.

    Are there any programming or coaching options for Kratos?

    Upon purchase you will be sent a starter exercise index to teach you different movements. Comprehensive Coaching Services are available from our experienced strength coaches.

    Where is Kratos manufactured?

    The Kratos is manufactured in Portland, Oregon.

    Will Kratos be compatible with my rack?

    The rack-mount option for Kratos fits most standard racks with the following characteristics.


    • Standard 3" square tube
    • Standard 2" hole spacing
    • Standard 5/8" hole diameter
    • Unobstructed base

    Manufactured using precision CNC machining, laser works, and 3D printing techniques - the Kratos is engineered to functional perfection. A patent pending modular adjustment mechanism allows for quick switching from a horizontal plane to a vertical movement plane, or vice versa.