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Join us at one of our 12 courses all over the continental United States, Canada, and Europe in 2020. Our in-house staff of educators and coaches currently teach two courses: Principles of Loaded Movement and Advanced Athlete Preparation. Check out the page below to learn more and see when we're coming to a city near you!

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Principles of Loaded Movement

Develop movement mastery and learn the foundational components that make up biomechanically sound, safe, and effective movement in barbell strength training in a lecture/workshop format with lots of hands on learning.

Advanced Athletic Preparation

In this lecture-heavy course you will learn the scientific foundations of exercise selection, programming methodologies, as well as the physiological and psychological components that make up effective training.

Course Overviews and Dates

The Kabuki Movement System is a curriculum of clinically-backed courses covering a wide range of interconnected topics around human movement, biomechanics, strength, and athletic development.  At a typical course, our coaching staff works with groups of up to 60 individuals in a lecture-workshop format, alternating between in-depth learning, hands-on floor work, and practical application in the gym.

Principles of Loaded Movement

We invite you to watch this short ~3 minute overview video to get a better understanding of what the Principles of Loaded Movement course involves and what you can expect as an attendee.

Our cornerstone Principles of Loaded Movement course is an interactive, in-person continuing education course through which attendees will develop mastery around the core barbell lifts and foundational human movement. We invite you to join the over 1000 individuals who have attended Kabuki Strength courses over the last 4 years by signing up for one of our upcoming courses spread throughout the US and Canada.

Together with other athletes, coaches, and clinicians – you will spend 16 hours over 2 days in a hybrid lecture-workshop format learning from and working hands-on with an experienced group of Kabuki Strength coaches. Outside of our public events; our skilled educators regularly present this curriculum to professional and collegiate strength & conditioning staff, as well as at professional conferences and events. Attendees from all professions and sports – and with differing goals - find incredible value in developing strength, resilience to injury, and gaining a better understanding of their own physiology and individual mechanics as it relates to movement.

You will be introduced and take a deep dive into our principle-based movement system as well as cover higher level physiology and biomechanics from a clinical, research-based perspective. Topics covered include spinal mechanics, breathing and bracing, foot strength and ankle mobility, and principles behind the complex relationships of hip, spine, and shoulder function.

Each lecture section is followed up with a corresponding breakout session that will have you working with a coach in a collaborative small group setting. Attendees will take the role of both demonstrating, assessing, and coaching correctives and drills – all under the watchful eyes of a Kabuki Strength coach.

After a short review, the second day of the course involves short lectures and demonstration of practical applications to barbell training after which attendees will individually squat, bench press, and deadlift. This practicum typically results in many “aha” moments of clarity for lifters who quickly develop self-awareness of their previous movement faults as well as an understanding of why those faults existed and how to
overcome them. It’s not uncommon for attendees during this second day to hit personal bests or lift pain-free after years of frustration and no progress.

Our mission for this course is to provide you with the education and tools necessary to achieve your goals – whether you are an athlete, coach, clinician, or simply curious to learn and grown in your knowledge and abilities. Correct, safe movement is foundational to our function not just as athletes, but human beings.

Sample Content:

Check out this playlist to get an idea on the type of educational content presented in the Principles of Loaded Movement curriculum. Hit the icon at the top right to load the full playlist of videos.

February 22-23

Austin, TX

March 14-15

Portland, OR

June TBD

Annapolis, MD

Sept 19-20

Los Angeles, CA

October 17-18

New York, NY


The Advanced Athlete Preparation course is designed for you to learn how to combine scientific training methods with a clinically based movement system to build the best training plans for yourself and those you coach.

You will find out what has made the Kabuki Strength Coaches so successful in developing elite level powerlifters while also working with professional and collegiate athletes.

Over the course of 2 days (16 hours) we’ll teach you how to manage and evaluate:


  • Periodization models for long term planning
  • Balancing potentiation and maintenance loading during periodized training
  • The Kabuki Strength exercise classification hierarchy
  • How to choose the best loading parameters to match athlete qualification
  • Simplifying frequency, volume, intensity, and other training variables
  • Systematically developing work capacity
  • Unique leverages and how to address motor coordination opportunities
  • Autoregulation including RPE, velocity, and what type of athlete should use each


Our mission for this course is to expose you to the methods and systems that have contributed to the success of our athletes and give you the tools necessary to make objective, purposeful decisions while creating training plans for yourself and those you coach.

Sample Content:

Check out this playlist to get an idea on the type of educational content presented in the Principles of Loaded Movement curriculum. Hit the icon at the top right to load the full playlist of videos.

May 23-24

Vancouver BC, Canada

July 18-19

Portland, OR

November 14-15

Burnsville, MN

coaches certification

Anyone who has attended both the Principles of Loaded Movement and Advanced Athlete Preparation courses are eligible to come to a Coaches Certification held once or twice per year at the Kabuki Strength Lab in Portland Oregon. The Coaches Certification is a way for Coaches, Athletes, and Clinicians to take the next step in their professional career and join a community of individuals who have invested in themselves and who want to support the growth of strength, movement theory, and S&C research.

When you attend a Coaches Certification you can expect a high-level review of the Fundamentals and Advanced courses while being exposed to new topics in athlete communication, buy in, and evaluation of new information from research and evidence.

Our biggest goal for the Coaches Certification is to bring new Coaches into our family who represent the Kabuki Strength brand. Along with joining a thriving community you’ll also be featured on our site as a Coach and have the opportunity to create unique content to be featured on our platform.

December 5-6, 2020

Portland, Oregon

Attendee Testimonials

"For 2 years I was struggled with returning to lifting after a shoulder dislocation. None of my resources within my clinical network were able to get me out of pain and certainly not back to lifting. Within a week of the KMS seminar I was out of pain and lifting what I had done 2 years prior! Better yet I knew exactly what the issue was and how to fix as well as substantially increased my knowledge that I will use as a coach and in my practice!"

- Dr. Donald Blake Berry, D.C 

"I learned more about how the body operates under load in 2 days than during the 4 years of my Kinesiology degree"

- Anthony Zhang 

"This course combines clinical theory with years of competition tested training through the lens of powerlifting. As a clinician, it was refreshing to see many tried and true concepts repurposed and utilized in novel ways that reached beyond the treatment room and into the domain of athletic development. Any athlete would benefit from this seminar, but for the movement specialist, it is invaluable when troubleshooting dysfunction. The KMS no-nonsense approach is crystal clear in its instruction. I apply the concepts in both the clinic setting and the gym on a daily basis."

- Dr. Roy Page, D.C., M.S., CCSP