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Whiskey & Deadlifts Scented Ammonia

  • This product cannot be shipped to Canada or Australia due to customs restrictions.


After Whiskey & Deadlifts rocked the lifting world, it was a confusing time for lifters in the weight room. They found themselves surrounded by whiskey bottles, ammonia bottles, and a plethora of other USPFALWRPSA-approved performance enhancers - and for what? There was no more room in their lifting bag for even a belt or a pair of wood-heeled lifters, much less the wide-assortment of China-made, American-flag colored wrist wraps and knee sleeves you saved 15% on with your favorite fitspo's discount code. #hustle


Introducing a collaboration between Kabuki Strength and the most powerful ammonia manufacturer in the world - Skull Smash. Our Whiskey & Deadlifts Ammonia combines the chemical, punch-to-the-gut kick of ammonia with the throat-warming and testosterone-boosting powers of American whiskey, all wrapped up in a small, leak-proof container. We guarantee you will make a tremendous number of incredible lifting friends* in the gym after you purchase this product and share with them.


If you take a whiff of this potent aphrodisiac and aren't immediately taken aback by the subtle notes** of oak, cherry, and tobacco - do you even whiskey bro? If this is you, please deload to this article on the top 50 whiskeys in the world and re-read Starting Strength.


  * Billions and billions of friends.

** This entire product description is satire and ammonia smells like ammonia.


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  • Can this product be delivered to Japan?

    I checked with our Shipping Manager and we have not been made aware of any limitations shipping the Whiskey and Deadlift scented ammonia to Japan.  Feel free to make your purchase when you are ready.

  • Do you ship to APO addresses?

    We do ship to APO addresses, but they have strict guidelines on package dimension and weight.  When you process your order online, our system will alert you if we cannot send the items you have selected to the address you have entered.

  • Is this shipped as a liquid or a powder?

    This is a damp powder.  Not a liquid.

  • Are you ship to México?

    We are able to ship to Mexico.  Please select the UPS shipping option upon check out.  Thank you!

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