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W.O.W. [Why Our Way] Grand Goals Straps

These are the straps used by Chris for his recent Grand Goals deadlift (1000lbs x3), and the straps he recommends as the best straps for deadlifters on the market. We are proud to be able to partner with the manufacturer of this incredible product and offer it to our customers and followers for retail price. 

W.O.W Straps are very durable and handmade in the USA to keep the quality to its highest. These straps are strong, yet simply engineered to offer you a lot more flexibility and comfort. They will not let you down. The key is the W.O.W Straps are made to stop the rotation of what ever you are pulling. (Targeting the Specific Muscles your Looking to hit) Thus making the need to re-grip less of a factor than the current straps on the market. In addition, it can be customized to your weight lifting style technique. W.O.W Straps have many different variations of wraps that can be performed, so you have choices. Choose the right way, OUR WAY. The W.O.W Straps will always offer you the most comfort, control and confidence in your workouts.


Dimensions: Approx. 25 inches (approx. 63.5cm)

W.O.W Straps Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Military grade cotton blend
  • 34 inches wide

Our Advantages

  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty from date of purchase
  • Less of a need to re-grip during intense training session
  • Stops the bar from rotation by locking bar in place
  • Proven to be the most comfortable lifting straps when compared alongside competitors
  • Multiple ways to use W.O.W Straps

Our Benefits

  • Takes painstaking pressure off wrist
  • Will help prevent ripped hands during training
  • Gives you the confidence to push your body to new levels of training, without having to worry about faulty equipment

Original #GrandGoals video:


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  • I'm not sure how to wrap the grand goal straps as in the pic. Do they come with instructions?

    They do indeed come with instructions. If you've already purchased them and need us to send you a copy of the instructions go ahead and send an email over to

  • Are the wow grand goal straps sold by pair or individually ?

    They are sold as a pair! 

  • Hi Kabuki Team ! Just wanted to ask you what were the delivery time for France ?

    Most of our international customers prefer to use UPS Worldwide Expedited Shipping, since that has most packages arriving within one week and also covers customs brokerage fees.  VAT and import taxes are the responsibility of the customer and UPS will collect those prior to delivery, if applicable. 

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