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Body Tempering was developed by Champion Powerlifter Donnie Thompson.
Body Tempering- Now
Disclaimer: Body Tempering is NOT rehabilitation (rehab), physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic or orthopedics; it has nothing remotely to do with medical practices, diagnosis, treating injuries and or body manipulation.  It is a highly anaerobic method of strength training only!
There is limited amount of SCIENCE to back up these claims. Right now it is only thousands of hours of experience from dozens of people that compile this information.   
Any use or modification of this equipment is at the sole risk of user.  Kabuki Strength assumes no risk of liability as a result of injury.


Theory behind Body Tempering

Body Tempering was developed by Donnie Thompson in August of 2014.  It started as a mistake and just kept growing.  We were hearing of great athletes succumbing to hernia surgeries due to severe muscle adhesions.  That is something we never wanted.  There was no way we were getting on the floor and flopping around on foam rollers.  We used KettleBells to diffuse abs and quads for years.  PCV pipe too.  These were very useful and worked well.  Then one day, Levi the Fireman was lying on the floor rolling his abs with a KB.  Donnie jokingly told him he would put the X-Wife (a 135lb steel cylinder) on him to roll his stomach out (the X-Wifewas and is a drop cut piece of solid steel, 5 inches in diameter and 24 inches long and 135lbs).  So with the X-Wife on Levi's stomach, he commenced to rolling it over his entire upper body.  He loved it.  So Donnie went next.  Then Joe, then Josh and then everyone else.  

This led to us trying it on our backs.  Then the backs of the legs.  Then chest and shoulders. And finally, the Calves!  It was brutal but it worked.  We all but stopped stretching prior to training.  If we missed a day, we got so addicted to being rolled that we started doing it everyday.  It never got to be too much.  We were all getting stronger and feeling better.  By October, two NFL Centers were using it daily and right before the games on Sunday! 

Simply put, the X-Wife diffuses (Dispersal) tissue and its crushing weight relieves tightness involving fascia, muscle, veins, organs and nerves. They aid in ridding toxins (toxins are strongly acidic, metabolic waste and molecules associated with inflammation but not limited to)  specifically from the fascia, veins and nerve encasement's.  Like a rolling pin kneading dough.  Body Tempering is the fastest way to feel good again. Trigger points and muscle adhesions cannot hold up to the method.  Nothing in the world even comes close to doing what the X-Wife can perform in seconds.

Where Does the Geisha Roller come in?

The Geisha roller is similar to the X-Wife and was developed in concert with Donnie to bring shippable version to market with improved features. 

Improved Features include:

  • Center relief for Spinous Process!
  • Internal Handles for improved ease and SAFETY in handling!
  • Doesn't require truck and trip to specialty steel yard!
  • Reduced Cost!
  • Control of final weight!


  • Spending an additional $3.60 on a bag of concrete (available at any home improvement store)
  • Mixing concrete and waiting a couple days to cure (comes with instructions)

The standard weight is the same as the X-Wife at 130lbs.  But it can be reduced by putting in less concrete if you chose or increased by dropping in scrap steel or weights into the roller before adding the concrete.  Final weight can be set from 50lbs-250lbs!





Ask a Question
  • I'm thinking about buying the print out of the X-wfie to make it myself. Would the specs/materials be easily purchased at Home Depot, or am I better off purchasing the X-Wife already made?

    Unfortunately you won't be able to find materials at Home Depot. You will need to work with a metal fabricator, welder, and machinist to make the X-wife as we designed it. All this would increase the cost considerably compared to the price of our X-wife. You would probably be better off purchasing the X-Wife already made from us. The print was intended for those customers who have easy access to fabrication/welding/machining equipment.

  • What is included when you purchase the Geisha Body Tempering Roller Print? Does it include the cylinder and instructions?

    The geisha roller print is simply a print to provide instructions in the event that somebody wanted to fabricate their own

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