Duffalo Attachments


An Industry First!  

Our bars came with an attachment point built into the collars.  Now you can quickly and easily load and change both bands and chains.  Eliminate the hassle of dealing with having to get the bands or chains correct first before loading plates, or having to move them every time you need to change weights!

Our easy mount works on Monolifts, Power Racks, and most Bench Presses.  Once you install them you should be able to leave them on all the time if you choose.

While the primary use is for bands and chains they can also be used on squatting for lifters with more significant shoulder mobility issues who can't reach a straight bar or a Duffalo Bar.

With the attachments the bar weighs 28 KG.



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  • How do you.maimtain the have.the most expensive.coating

    The nickel finish on the duffalo bar shouldn't require any special maintenance, however if you do just want to wipe it down and clean it, windex and a microfiber rag tend to work well for removing oil/smudges in the finish. 

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