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Whiskey & Deadlifts Tee

Drinking and deadlifting: insane or ingenious? While we all know the many pitfalls of alcohol consumption, we also know it has its perks, and Kabuki Strength's own Chris Duffin has tirelessly experimented with ingesting small quantities of alcohol during his deadlift sessions in order to reap the benefits of liquid courage. Indeed, while there may be no scientific research to back the performance-enhancing effects of taking a shot of whiskey before a deadlift set, the fact that Chris Duffin hit multiple PRs and huge lifts while doing so could serve as strong anecdotal evidence in favor of it. 


In celebration of whiskey-fueled PRs we bring you this Whiskey and Deadlifts ringer tee. Combine a classic t-shirt style with this eye-catching plate, whiskey, and tumbler design and you have a perfect homage to a mainstay in Kabuki Strength culture. Select your cut and color and wear our ringer with pride!


Make sure to check out the original Vintage Whiskey & Deadlifts Tee.


Men's Cuts

  • Printed on Next Level 3604 Cotton Ringer Tee
  • Colorway #1: Natural with Black Collar and Sleeve Band
  • Colorway #2: Black with Natural Collar and Sleeve Band
  • Sizing Chart:

Women's Cuts

  • Colorway #1: Natural with Midnight Navy Collar and Sleeve Band
    • Printed on Next Level 3904 Ladies Cotton Ringer Tee
    • Sizing Chart:
  • Colorway #2: Vintage Black
    • Printed on Bella + Canvas 6400 Women's Relaxed Jersey
    • Sizing Chart:

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write one!


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  • Where are these shirts made and printed?

    The Whiskey and Deadlift ringer t-shirts are currently 'Next Level' brand, which according to the tag are made in Nicaragua.  The shirts are printed locally to us in Portland, Oregon USA.

  • What shirt is the one to order if I want the black shirt with cream collar

    That shirt is called the black ringer.

  • Can you label which color is which shirt on the actual design? I am having a hard time figuring out which mens shirt is natural and vintage. Thank you.

    I apologize for the confusion.  The word 'natural' refers to the color and is an off white/cream shirt.  The word 'ringer' refers to the different colored collar and sleeves.  The 'vintage' shirt is all one color, but unfortunately not in stock at this time.

  • Are the women's shirts the only one with the option to not have the arm and collar rings? Or do the men's come in all black as well? Thanks

    Yes, the women's shirt is the only version that does not have the 'ringer' look to it.  However, I will see if we can off the design in all back in the future!