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Vintage Whiskey Tee

The combination of Whiskey and Deadlifts has become synonymous with Kabuki Strength, and we're proud of our association with a concept that has led to many PRs both here in the Lab as well as on deadlift platforms around the world.* This tee is one of our most-recognized designs--choose between the white on black or tan on brown color schemes and let everyone in the gym know which liquor and lifts are your favorites. Whatever colors you choose, you will be sporting one of the most unique and beloved concepts to come from Kabuki Strength to date. 

*wear this shirt while you’re deadlifting and you’ll PR by at least 25lbs every time.

 *when combined with a healthy dose of whiskey


Limited Edition Kelly Green: The new, ultra-limited edition Kelly Green Vintage Whiskey and Deadlifts Tee is perfect for St Patrick's Day, but we're stoked to wear this vibrant hue any day of the year. Upgrade your lifting wardrobe with this colorful twist on our classic nod to the best of combinations--heavy deadlifts fueled by just a little bit of whiskey.  Pour a shot of Whiskey and get ready to lift heavy--once this limited edition color is gone, it's gone for good.



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Sizing is based on Next Level Fitted T sizing chart.



Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write one!


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  • What material is this made out of?

    100% Cotton

  • when will you have more of this shirt?? whiskey and deadlift

    We should be all restocked with the Whiskey and Deadlifts shirts

  • Sir, What size chest is 2xl and 3xl..? I’m 52” chest...😃

    Here is a sizing chart for the base shirt for the whiskey and deadlifts shirt:

  • Love the shirts, just wondering how the sizes run before I buy a couple of them! Do they run smaller than normal or pretty average? Thanks for your time.

    You can use the Next Level sizing chart here to determine correct size. We find that they run pretty average to what people are used to wearing.

  • Wasn't there a Whiskey and Deadlifts trucker cap?

    We haven't/currently don't have a whiskey and deadlifts trucker hat for sale unfortunately.

  • UK shipping (again!!). Is International shipping (UK) $ 48.50 the best rate you can offer? I was all set to order my Whiskey and Deadlifts tee, but the price trebbled when S&H was added :

    You should be able to select USPS First Class International mail for around $25

  • Have asked before but received no response... Do you ship to the UK?

    Yes, we ship internationally! 

  • Do you ship to the UK?

    We do indeed ship to the UK! 

  • Any chance this will be made into a banner?

    I have forwarded the idea up my chain of command.  We will see!  Thank you for the proposal.

  • Will there be any more restocks or has the shirt been discontinued?

    They are due to be back in stock by the 15th.  We are just waiting on the order to arrive!

  • I was wondering if the Men’s size small would be equivalent to a women’s medium in this shirt? Or would a men’s small be similar to a women’s large? The women’s sizes in the brown color are sold out so I was thinking of purchasing a men’s size small. Thanks! Shara

    Hey Shara, 

    That is correct that the men's sizes are roughly equivilant to a size up in women's, they are just cut a bit differently. We should have more women's sizes restocked in approximately two weeks as well.