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Official Whiskey & Deadlifts Socks

When we set out to make branded deadlift socks, we knew we wanted to make the best damn deadlift socks on the market. But we soon realized we know nothing about socks, or making socks. So we reached out to Strideline, a company from neighboring Seattle who has been making performance socks for over 8 years.
We really love what the guys at Strideline are all about, and we had a great time collaborating with them on this sock. After extensive testing involving much deadlifting and drinking of whiskey, we really do believe this will be the most comfortable and useful deadlift/training sock you will ever buy. Make sure to check out our other two designs - the Squat Face Sock and the Barbell Sock.
  • Knee high design
  • NEVER SLIP GRIP: Grippy yarns keep your sock in place at all times.
  • INVISIBLE TOE SEAM: No more toe bunching & pain from a rough, uneven seam.
  • AIR VENTS: Cushiony soft memory yarns learn to fit your foot improving the fit with each wear.
  • Keep your foot dry with Strideline's specialized Blend of TC Cotton, Microfiber Polyester, and StrideTec Compression Material.
  • Get a perfect fit everytime with Left/Right anatomical construction
  • Soften impact with a terry cotton footbed on the most durable sock on the market
  • Made by Strideline, a Seattle start-up founded in 2009 by high school entrepreneurs dedicated to making the most comfortable sock on earth.

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  • How do these socks stand up to bar knurling rub?

    They are pretty durable, but will fray over time.

  • Can you wear these at a USAPL Meet?

    You'd have to check the USAPL rulebook. Usually we would say "Probably", however the USAPL/IPF may have specific rules about equipment with branding on it, like our socks. 

  • Is it only one size?

    That is correct, they are one size fits all 

  • I’m looking for a good sock to squat and deadlift in without shoes. I know I can use any old sock but thought it would be wise to have a dedicated sock. The gym doesn’t allow bare feet. Can these socks be used “barefoot” for squats as well as deadlifts?

    Yes, these socks are often used for 'barefoot' squatting and deadlifting.

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