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Squat Face T-Shirt


Squat Face. It's the badge of honor that accompanies the exertion and intensity of a squat set. Everyone has one, and everyone's squat face is uniquely brutal. Perhaps that's the novelty and charm of the Kabuki Squat Face design; it celebrates an expression that is at once raw and authentic. There's no composing your squat face--no best angle, no perfect lighting. Your effort under the bar determines every line and bursting blood vessel on your face. Get your Squat Face Tee and celebrate yourself in your truest form--in the gym or out. 

Sizing is based on Next Level Fitted T sizing chart.


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  • Where are these made?

    The Squat Face t-shirts are currently 'Next Level' brand, which according to the tag are made in Nicaragua.  The shirts are printed locally to us in Portland, Oregon USA.

  • love the design. what is the weight of the shirt is it thin and a tri blend like the snake logo shirt your sell. Love it and thin shirts. :)

    The Squat Face t-shirt is a thicker cotton blend shirt than the Snake shirt.

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