Principles of Loaded Movement | OCT 5-6


Principles of Loaded Movement

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Day 1:
Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Blvd, Building C
2nd Floor, room C235
San Francisco, CA 94123
Day 2:
San Francisco Crossfit
1162A Gorgas Ave,
San Francisco, CA 94129


October 5-6 2019
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm

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Kabuki Principles of Loaded Movement is a course designed for Coaches, Clinicians, Athletes, and anyone who wants to improve their strength and resilience to injury. When you attend this course, you will be introduced to our principle-based movement system with practical application to barbell training. You will learn higher level physiology while discovering how to get the most out of your individual leverages.

For Coaches, you will begin to bridge the gap from clinically based movement theory to practically applying the skills and principles every day in the weight room. For Clinicians, you will take a step out of the rehab/treatment world and be exposed to the things most important for improving biomechanics in a performance-based setting. For athletes and strength enthusiasts you will begin to develop an eye for movement and take a deep dive into your individual motor mechanics.

Over the course of 2 days (16 hours), our coaching staff will take you through a 50/50 breakdown of lecture and practical application so you can learn the skills and practice them with immediate feedback from the seminar staff. Day 1 covers our movement principle system with breakout drills in-between lectures. Day 2 is a practical application to barbell training where we will train the squat, bench press, and deadlift to show you how to actually use the movement mechanics you learned on day 1.

Our mission for this course is to provide you with the education and tools necessary to achieve your goals and build our community of individuals who want to make the world a better place through strength.


 "I learned more about how the body operates under load in 2 days than during the 4 years of my Kinesiology degree" - Anthony Zhang 

"For 2 years I was struggled with returning to lifting after a shoulder dislocation.  None of my resources within my clinical network were able to get me out of pain and certainly not back to lifting.  Within a week of the KMS seminar I was out of pain and lifting what I had done 2 years prior!  Better yet I knew exactly what the issue was and how to fix as well as substantially increased my knowledge that I will use as a coach and in my practice!" - Dr. Donald Blake Berry, D.C.

“This course combines clinical theory with years of competition tested training through the lens of powerlifting. As a clinician, it was refreshing to see many tried and true concepts repurposed and utilized in novel ways that reached beyond the treatment room and into the domain of athletic development. Any athlete would benefit from this seminar, but for the movement specialist, it is invaluable when troubleshooting dysfunction. The KMS no-nonsense approach is crystal clear in its instruction. I apply the concepts in both the clinic setting and the gym on a daily basis.” Dr. Roy Page, D.C., M.S., CCSP® 

"Kabuki Movement Systems is for everybody. Regardless of your education and experience in the gym as a strength athlete or as a strength coach, unless you are a closed minded fool, you can pick something up from this workshop. You can bet your ass he drops nuggets of knowledge that are pure gold. As a strength coach who has been to 7 DNS courses and countless other workshops, I can say, that Chris gave me 2 years of trying to figure out cuing and how I can apply certain concepts to my athletes in those two days. The impact the course has already had on my lifts, and the lifts of my athletes after just the first day of me applying KMS principles is profound. As strength coach who is in the trenches of training every day, it is clear how powerful this course truly is!" - Bobby Congalton, Strength Coach and owner of 1RM Performance. 

What you will learn

  • How to coach and cue the core lifts based on operational mechanics vs peripheral observation
  • How to use loaded movement patters as a full movement assessment
  • How to then modify and apply corrective movements for performance
  • Special exercises for developing weak areas or firing pattern issues
  • Innovative Re-patterning and soft tissue techniques with Kabuki Strength tools


San Francisco Crossfit
1162A Gorgas Ave,
San Francisco, CA 94129


October 5-6 2019
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm

Hotel Information:

Multiple affordable options near the facility.

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  • Does this seminar qualify as CEU's for NSCA CSCS?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer CEU credits through the NSCA or another governing body.  We chose to have our courses be included in our Coaches Certification which the NSCA does not approve of, since it's outside of their organization.  You may petition the NSCA after completing the course to credit you, but we cannot issue CEUs directly.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Are you offering CE’s for chiropractors in your California seminar?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer CEU credits that have been pre-approved by any organization.  However, you may check to see if our course would fit within the parameters of the CEU's needed for your governing body, previous to taking the seminar.

  • Will there be discussions on breathing and how to improve posture and ribcage flaring during this?

    Absolutely.  Breathing and correct body mechanics under weight are a significant portion of what we cover during Principles of Loaded Movement.