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The Baby Boomer


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  • Machined out of stainless teel
  • Check out the 19lb Boomstick


Introducing the ultimate self-use IASTM tool: small enough to throw in your gym bag, big enough to do serious work on soft tissue.


The Baby Boomer may be half the size of its big brother the Boomstick, but it easily holds its own as a portable and powerful IASTM [Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization] tool. Coming in at 6lbs and 4oz, the Baby Boomer is machined out of stainless steel.

It features the same contoured end popularized by the Boomstick and allows for precise soft tissue work either as a self-use tool, or by another person. This precise radius is one of the things that sets the Baby Boomer, Boomstick, and PainPill apart from many other tools on the market, and makes it a favorite of clinicians, body workers, and athletes worldwide.


There are countless self-use functions for the Baby Boomer, and we identified a few of them in a a two-part infographic you can see if you scroll down. To download the HD version, click on each image. We are working on a version of the infographic for uses with a partner, and should release that shortly.


The middle of the tool is knurled with the same knurl type popularized by the Boomstick and PainPill, allowing for a shearing effect on the skin and providing a strong grip to the user.


Like all of our equipment, the Baby Boomer is manufactured in house at Kabuki Strength Lab using American steel.


Why the name "Baby Boomer"? Well, we asked our community to help us name this new tool and out of over 1100 submissions we thought this one was most fitting!  



Self-Use Infographic

Click each image to download full HD version.


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 Page 2:


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write one!


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  • What's the diameter of the Baby Boomer?

    The diameter of the Baby Boomer is 2 inches.

  • Hi! Can the Baby Boomer be custom ordered plated in the Nickel finish? Thank-you very much!!

    Unfortunately, the Baby Boomer only comes in the zinc finish.

  • I just purchased and received my baby boomer and have a question with regards to the finish on one end of the product. There's a hole that's treaded. I was under the impression that both side would be smooth.

    Hello,   That same threaded hole is there on the baby boomer, boomstick, and painpill. During the plating process, the items need to be hung from a wire and that hole allows a bolt to be placed in the end to hang by so that the entire product can be zinc plated. 

  • How long is the Baby Boomer?

    The baby boomer is 8" long 

  • Hello! I'm struggling to decide between the boomstick and the baby boomer. I'll mostly be using it on myself. Any suggestions please? Thanks, Ammo

    For self-use, we recommend starting out with the Baby Boomer and progressing to the Boomstick later on due to it's smaller size and versatility. Prior to the Baby Boomer however, many started out with the Boomstick and it works just as well. For bigger people, the Boomstick may be more effective simply due to the additional weight. Honestly, you can't go wrong either way.