Kabuki Strength Bumper Plates | LB


Please read these important details first if you are buying plates:

  • US Customers only - we are not able to ship these plates internationally
  • If you are placing a plate order please DO NOT combine other equipment with the order as the shipping calculation will not be accurate, and we will have to invoice you for additional shipping charges. Please place a second, separate order for the other equipment.
  • If you are purchasing a smaller number of plates (by weight) they will ship via UPS Ground. There is a shipping option specific for bumper plates that you must select during checkout. 
  • If you are purchasing a large number of plates, LTL Freight is the most affordable option and you will be able to select it at checkout as well as see an estimated delivery timeframe.
  • 2-3 week lead time

Our budget-friendly bumper plates are made of high-quality virgin rubber with Kabuki Strength branding featuring our famous squat face. Plates are sold as pairs and price shown is for 2 plates. An excellent addition to any gym - home or commercial - our bumper plates are durable and will happily bounce over and over again for many a PR.

These plates are manufactured to IWF standards with a 450mm diameter and an inner collar diameter of 50.4mm to ensure a snug and seamless fit with your bars. They are built to within a 1% weight tolerance. 

Point of transparency:

Unlike all of our equipment, we do not manufacture our own bumper plates. For commodity items like plates, companies typically source them from a third party that imports plates meeting their specification and prints their custom branding. In fact, most of the US-based strength equipment companies you are familiar with don't manufacture their own plates. 

That being said, our plates are sourced from a third-party who is know for providing the highest quality bumper plates on the market. They are widely utilized by the top respected brands in the industry for this reason and stand behind their work as well as provide a great warranty against defects. We are proud to work with them and offer our customers high-quality Kabuki Strength bumper plates!


Set Breakdown:

 Set Weights Included
160b Set
2x of each 10lb, 25lb, 45lb
230lb Set
2x of each 10lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb
260lb Set
2x of each 10lb, 15lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb


Our 25-55lb plates come with a 2 year warranty. The 10-15lb plates have a 90 day warranty. 


      Ask a Question
      • How much do they smell? Bumper plates seem to go from "not much" to "who spilled four gallons of gas in the garage?" Thanks!

        These don't seem to smell very much! Definitley not a "four gallons of gas in the garage" type of smell :)

      • If I order, can I pick up from the lab? Shipping cost is just ridiculous. It’s almost as much as the plates and I want them! I neeeed them!

        Our bumper plates are shipped out of Charlotte, North Carolina using LTL Freight (UPS ground for smaller orders under 200lbs).

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