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The Barbell Rehab Method Certification | June 25-26


Come join Dr. Mash live in Portland at Kabuki Strength for the 2-day Barbell Rehab Method Certification. Learn how to coach and modify the barbell lifts for clients with pain or mobility limitations. CEU approved by the NSCA, NASM, ACE, ACSM, AFAA, and for Oregon Physical Therapists and PT Assistants.  



Dates: June 25-26, 2022

Location: Kabuki Strength

Address: 9570 SE Lawnfield Rd, Clackamas, OR 97015

Times: 8am - 4:30pm


Day 1

Principles of Rehab and Performance

  • The 4-Step Framework for Training with Pain
  • What is Pain? Looking into the Science of Pain
  • The Foam Roller Trap: Optimizing Warm Up Strategies
  • Upper Body Programming Structure

Optimizing and Modifying the Bench Press

  • Bench Press Form and Execution Lecture
  • Modifications for Shoulder Pain
  • Bench Press Coaching and Demonstrations
  • Push-Up Pattern Reintegration Strategies
  • Finding Your “Arm Slot” on DB Bench Variations

Overhead Lifting, Modifications, and Shoulder Stability

  • Assessing and Restoring Shoulder ROM
  • Coaching the Overhead Press Lecture
  • Overhead Press Modifications and Regressions
  • Shoulder Stability Principles and Exercise Prescription
  • Overhead Barbell and DB Press Coaching Demonstrations
  • Ground Based vs. Functional Overhead Stability Class Breakouts

Horizontal and Vertical Pulling Patterns

  • Coaching the Horizontal Pulling Pattern
  • Modifying Shoulder Abduction Angles During the Row
  • Coaching the Vertical Pressing Pattern
  • Optimizing Scapular Position and Movement
  • Class Breakouts and Demonstrations


Day 2

Lower Body Programming Structure

  • Full Body vs. Upper Lower Splits
  • Optimizing RPE to Reduce Pain and Drive Performance
  • Manipulating Volume, Intensity, and Frequency

Training and Modifying the Squat Pattern

  • Coaching the Barbell Back Squat
  • Mobility Demands for Different Squat Variations
  • Changing Modifiable Factors For Back, Hip, and Knee Pain
  • Class Breakout: Finding Your Squat Stance
  • Squat Mobility and Core Bracing Drills

Deadlift Form, Variations, Common Problems and Solutions

  • Coaching the Barbell Deadlift
  • Common Technique Faults and Solutions
  • Deadlift Modifications for Back and Hip Pain
  • Class Breakout: Conventional vs. Sumo Deadlifts
  • The Bodyweight Hip Hinge: Coaching Drills and Strategies

Implementing and Modifying the Lunge Pattern

  • Coaching the Barbell/DB Lunge
  • Effects of Stride Length, Torso Angle, and Load Placement
  • Regressions and Progressions for Hip, Knee, Back Pain
  • Class Breakout: Coaching Cues and Demonstrations

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