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Official Banners


* International customers, as well as those customers shipping to Hawaii or Alaska *

Please email to place an order as those orders will require a custom shipping quote. 


Get our official banners and hang them proudly in your gym, garage, room, or office! Choose from the most commonly used branding and logos we have.  Use the dropdown above to pick a design.


* Banners are made to order at our banner manufacturing company.  Fulfillment may take up 2-3 weeks for production and shipping.  We thank you for your patience and assure you it will be well worth the wait!


Shipping will be via USPS


Rectangular Banners:

  • Classic 3x5
  • Grand Goals 3x5
  • The Lab 3x5
  • Anti-Fragile 3x5
  • Squat Face 2x3 (white or black)
  • r/HomeGym 3x4
  • Signature 3x5
  • Red Line 3x4.5

Square Banners:

  • Whiskey & Deadlifts 4x4
  • Classic Whiskey & Deadlifts 4x4
  • Barbell Stamp 4x4
  • Original Squat Face 4x4
  • Snake 4x4


For custom sizes please email us.

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Ask a Question
  • Do your banners come with metal grommets at the corners, to assist in hanging? Also, are they made of vinyl?

    Yea, they have grommets in each corner and are made of vinyl. 

  • Hey do you make a 3*5 of the barbell stamp? Most banners are 3*5 so was looking for a more standard size of this one...

    The Barbell Stamp banner must be square for the graphic to work, so it cannot be a 3x5.  However, if you email Customer Service, we may be able to customize it to be a smaller banner.  For instance, instead of the 4x4 size, we may be able to do a 3x3 size.  The cost would be the same, but they would need to create a draft invoice for you with the appropriate notes for our banner manufacturing company.  You can contact Customer Service @

  • What are the size of the banners? Does 4x4 describe the aspect ratio or is it truly 4ft by 4ft?

    That is the true measurement of the banner.

  • Ever plan to make one of the Kabuki Snake?

    Shawn, your idea is now becoming a reality!  Andrei will have one released on our website soon.  Thank you!

  • What’s the flag name of the one with the completely red circle in it?

    That's the "Rising Sun" design.

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