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Krimson Ursus Shoe | Kabuki X Bearfoot


Very limited inventory available in a few sizes.

This was a limited edition shoe that will not be restocked in this color.  However, we may do another collaboration with Bearfoot in mid to late 2022 in a different color.  Stay tuned to our subscription newsletter & social media platforms.



Kabuki X Bearfoot Collab


Here's the drop everyone's been waiting for since we teased these a while back! Available only for a few days, this gorgeous limited-edition KRIMSON Ursus is the first official collaboration between Kabuki Strength co-founder and the Mad Scientist himself, Chris Duffin and his other brand, Bearfoot Shoes.


Available in low or high top and featuring an iconic embroidered Squat Face X Bearfoot Claw, these shoes will look very cool on your feet, we promise. And of course, the 'gram will love them, everyone will ask you questions,  and all that good stuff. Get them while you can, which isn't for very long! 



Think Differently About Shoes


What makes a good “barefoot” shoe? The two ideas might seem contradictory, but there is no reason why they can’t complement each other.


We believe that everyone should spend as much time barefoot as possible for health and performance purposes. However, there are a number of obvious reasons why people don’t want to go completely barefoot all the time.


Because of this, we are turning our attention towards creating a shoe. But we’re not just creating another ordinary training shoe. We are creating a perfectly shaped, natural feeling, ultra-minimalist shoe. And although we designed this shoe for strength athletes and strength training, the Ursus can be used in almost any application.


The further we've “advanced” in footwear, the less natural our shoes have become. Modern feet are nothing like the feet of our ancestors. It's about time we get back to our roots and make shoes that actually let our feet function like they are supposed to. Shoes should not cripple and atrophy our feet. They should provide the bare minimum of protection and let the foot do its job.


Our focus is on function first: a wide toe box, thin sole, and flexible materials. THEN we want the shoe to have a simple, classic style. Many minimalist shoes sacrifice one for the other. We gave the Ursus an uncomplicated design which looks good and complements the strengths of your feet.



Ask a Question
  • Are these going to come back in stock soon?

    The Kabuki/Bearfoot Krimson was a limited edition shoe and will not be restocked.  However, we may do another collaboration in mid to late 2022 with a different color.

  • I just got my first training session in with my new Crimsons. Do they stretch as worn more? Or I may have purchased a half size too small

    They Krimson Ursus to stretch a small amount, but you may want to reach out to Bearfoot's Customer Service directly at: customerservice@bearfoot.xyz and they can assist if you need an exchange.

  • Awesome shoe! Do you have plans to release them in black?

    We will not be creating a collab shoe in black, at this time.  However, black Ursus Bearfoot shoes can be purchased on the Bearfoot site directly; https://bearfoot.store/

  • The interactive Guide stated I’m a size 7.5 when I’m typically a size 9. I saw your comments telling people to measure their foot. When measuring my foot for size am I to measure from heel to longest toe?

    Correct.  Make sure you do NOT select 'fit to page' when printing the interactive size guide.  Be sure it is scaled to 100%.  Measure from the heel to the line in front of your longest toe.

  • When are you guys accepting new orders again?

    The Krimson Ursus was a limited edition shoe.  Due to the level of interest, we are considering another collab with Bearfoot in the future, but don't have a date set in stone.  We will release the information in our newsletter and on our Socials, if/when we are ready to do so.

  • I’m interested in a shoe since I’m forced to wear shoes in the gym while I deadlift and squat. But honestly what is the difference between the bearfoot shoes and and wrestling shoes? What makes bearfoot better?

    The biggest difference between Bearfoot shoes and wrestling shoes is the wider, more open toe box.  In Bearfoot shoes, you can actually spread your feet/toes and properly root to the ground during a lift - instead of the tight, binding feeling of wrestling shoes.  Overall, they can be very constricting and do not offer the flexibility and movement of Bearfoot shoes.

  • Are these exclusively for training or can they be worn out and about?

    They can absolutely be worn out and about.  Just be careful to not step in a puddle!

  • What time will these be available till on friday

    The shoes are available until midnight PST on Friday.

  • The interactive sizing guide says I'm size 14 but typically wear a 10/10.5 - is this right? I'm sure this could help others as well.

    You can download a PDF of the size guide here to print out. Make sure that the ruler on the guide is to scale with an actual ruler, and you can determine your size based on this as long as the scale of the sizing guide is correct.

  • How do the sizing of this run compared to Reebok or NIke. I cannot get the sizing chart to print correctly even when set to 100% scale.

    We do not have a process to compare sizing to other running shoes.  If you are having trouble with our interactive sizing guide, you can measure your foot with a ruler, and I will help you convert the measurement into our size.

    You can download a PDF of the size guide here.

  • Are these made in the current version of the Bearfoot shoe or the older version?

    The Krimson Ursus is designed with the current version of the Bearfoot Ursus.

  • I tried to print out your interactive shoe size at 100% and the the ruler scale is not at 100%. It was 23% less than actual, tried scaling it up and it still looked wrong. I measure by the brannock scale 10 1/2 in mens and wear a size 11 in most running shoes. Please advise in what would be the right size to order in this shoe.

    We do not have a process to compare sizing to other running shoes.  If you are having trouble with our interactive sizing guide, you can measure your foot with a ruler, and I will help you convert the measurement into our size.

    You can download a PDF of the size guide here.

  • Are these made in the USA?

    Our current version of the Ursus shoes is designed and manufactured with a combination of both the USA and Mexico

  • Shoes sizes vary by company would there be the opportunity to exchange in to small/ big? Would want the fitment just right.

    We generally accept returns and exchanges within a 14-day window of when the order is received by the customer as shown by the shipment tracking. We reserve the right to inquire as to the reasons for the return and/or exchange and determine if the customer has justified reasons for returning/exchanging their product. 

    Refunds can only be provided in the original payment method. If a customer no longer has access to that payment method, they will need to contact the bank or agency for the original payment method to claim the funds after the refund is sent.

  • If the shoes don't fit, will I be able to return them?


  • Do the high top versions of the new bear foot/kabuki limit ankle mobility very much? I’m sure compared to the low top version they will but was curious! I want the high tops since they look better but I wanted to double check there isn’t much restriction before ordering! Thanks in advance

    Depending on how you lace them, you could be a little restricted.  However, take a look at Chris Duffin doing everything he does in his and I think we can comfortably say that the high tops are not limiting.

  • Material. What material is the upper and the lower

    They are suede and the outsole is a very grippy rubber.

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